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Topic: Very Slow
Message: Posted by: magic hands (Nov 22, 2002 04:36PM)
Hi..I notice the pages are getting very slow..
There are 45 people on and this page took 10 sec. to load..

I have a pent.3 plus DSL..Everything else I go to on the internet posses no problems.

Is it maybe all the Info. On the pages now?
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Nov 22, 2002 05:55PM)
It's a combination of things - number of users online, the size of the database, and number of sql queries required to generate the page. Two of the three we can't do anything about - we are currently working on rewriting some of the script functions to reduce the number of queries required to generate the pages.

There are other reasons why the page load time may be slow, and I believe this may be what's been happening the last couple of days. I've noticed a slowdown in the network connection, which would account for the slower page load times. Again, this is something that is not under our control - we just have to grin and bear it until the connection gets better. At these times, we also notice an increase in errors on the Café, probably related to server timeouts due to the slow connection.

I've got an AMD Athlon Thunderbird processor, and a cable internet connection, and it's been slow for me too the last couple of days.