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Topic: Nathan Kranzo's Outside the Box DVD
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 22, 2002 05:11PM)
In the last year or so I've been hearing the name [b]Nathan Kranzo[/b] in certain magic circles, and most the comments and observations have been very good. Though I have never seen Nathan perform live, or had the pleasure of his company, I was very curious about his work and have been looking forward to eventually seeing him perform. :nod:

Well someone must have been reading my mind, because just like [i]magic[/i], a copy of Nate's latest dvd arrived in my mailbox. That said, I wasted no time in taking a good look at the material and have written my thoughts and opinions on what I've seen. Enjoy. ;)

[b]Outside the Box by Nathan Kranzo[/b]


This is the second dvd I've seen that is produced by the folks at MagicSmith, and it appears that Chris Smith is making more improvements all the time. Special note should be taken about the menu system, which allows the viewer to watch the entire disc, or pick between [i]performance only[/i] segments, or just watch the explanations. Very nice, especially if you want some of your non-magician friends to take a look.

The box and packaging is standard, nothin' fancy here, and the titles/effects are listed in the same order as they appear on the disc. :)

The disc has ten effects, all of which were shot in a studio setting. There is no [i]live[/i] audience, but there is an unseen assistant that does help with a trick or two. :)

Here is a quick overview of the material itself:

[b]Queen Routine:[/b] A nice routine that ends with the Queen transforming into a card that was freely selected by the spectator. Fun to watch, but will take a bit of work to pull off. Nice.

[b]International 3-Fly:[/b] Seems like everytime I turn around, [i]another[/i] version of the [i]3-Fly[/i] effect appears on the magic scene. Thankfully the handling that Mr. Kranzo offers is actually a good one, and is well within the reach of the average coin worker. You will need a [i]special[/i] set of gaffed coins, but I think purchasing such a set would be worthwhile, even if all you ever do is perform this effect. I like. :)

[b]Double Sandwich Revelation:[/b] Nathan explores an old plot dressed with a lot of fancy [i]eye candy[/i]. Not my style, but may well appeal to you.

[b]Hot Sauce:[/b] When I first read the description, my first reaction was a small yawn. However, after trying this out a few times, it has become my personal favorite from the disc. It's quick, simple, and very strong for a lay audience.
For those of you working in a restaurant, this will prove to be a great walk around item. Very cool.

[b]Backasswards Travelers:[/b] Another take on a very old plot, that is very easy to do. If you currently perform a Travelers type effect, this may not interest you. But, for a newcomer, this will be very appealing.

[b]Peak Vanish:[/b] Being a magician, I saw this one coming a mile away. Nothing new or revolutionary, but to a lay audience, this could play well in the right hands. Worth a look.

[b]Jumbo Coin Vanish:[/b] The title pretty much says it all. A jumbo coin is shown and vanished. I wasn't impressed, but this may be just the ticket for you.

[b]Credit Card Vanish & Recovery:[/b] This is a nice bare-handed vanish and appearance of a credit card that will also work with a business card or drivers license. I would recommend using this in the context of an entire routine, as opposed to it being the [i]only[/i] effect. Fun to do. ;)

[b]Volcanic Coin:[/b] I found this to be a lot of fun. Besides, anything with fire is [i]always[/i] a good attention getter with lay people. Nice.

[b]Coin Through Silk:[/b] Another old theme here, but I can see this playing very well. Nothing fancy, but has a lot of opportunity for good presentation premises.

The video quality of this disc is excellent, as is the sound. My only real complaint here is the continued use of a [i]single[/i] camera. While viewing the performance only segments, several lay people were under the impression that Nathan was doing something [i]sneaky[/i] as the camera moves from him to the assistant. Not the end of the world, but I did find myself explaining that nothing [i]dirty[/i] was happening.

In conclusion, I venture to say that this is a worthwhile offering. If you want to impress your magic friends, this is not for you. However, if you're working in the real world, there are several good items here, and I suggest you take a look. Recommended :)

[b]My rating:[/b] [img]images/Reviews/3.gif[/img]

Available through MagicSmith or your favorite dealer.
Suggested retail is $30.00

You can contact Nathan Kranzo directly at: oznark1@prodigy.net
Or visit the MagicSmith site: [url=http://www.magicsmith.com]Click here![/url]