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Topic: Don Driver's Building A Tip Bally DVD
Message: Posted by: Ryan Matney (Feb 20, 2006 05:09AM)
I just got hold of Don Driver's new "Building a Tip Bally" dvd and I can say that it was really worth the wait. It's been a long time coming but it's finally here.

Street Magic/ Busking has become more and more popular over the last few years. But the information on stopping and gathering a crowd is scarce. If you can't build a good size tip, you won't get fat hats! This is the first step toward successful busking. On this DVD Don is teaching a very old but little known bally that will stop people in their tracks. This bally has only been passed from one pitchman/carny to the next and you could only learn it if you were 'With it.' I can't believe Don is teaching this but I'm glad he is!

The DVD is homemade and to the point but Don is giving away valuble information here. This is a proven bally that attracts people like a magnet. Don used this same bally in Las Vegas for years to stop large crowds of people every night! It really works and if you follow the advice on the DVD exactly, it will work for you too.

Production is similar to Don's Svengali Pitch DVD. First Don explains the bally and how and why it works. Then you get to see Don on Hollywood Blvd performing the bally for real people. This is amazing in itself, starting with nothing and in under two minutes Don has Hollywood Blvd nearly blocked off with people!

Next you see Zachary Strange performing the bally in a difficult busking situation and still drawing people in. Zachary then gives an interview talking about applying the bally to busking and how he has adapted it. He gives away a lot of great, valuble information here.

Don then comes back with some final words and advice. As a bonus he also throws in a sight gag that anyone can use in any type of performing situation.

This is a great chance to learn a proven, money making, time tested technique to build a tip (get an edge) from one of the few people around that know how to do it right. It's a piece of history for that reason alone. What more can I say, you can use this at trade shows, fairs, festivals, sidewalks, anywhere.

Best of all, the dvd is only $25.00 and it includes a write-up of the bally. It is only available from Don Driver's website. http://www.dondriver.tk Incidentally, this bally works great with the Svengali pitch and Don is offering a deal right now on his website for BOTH dvds! Thanks for giving up the goods, Don!
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Feb 20, 2006 11:14AM)
Great review Ryan.

I too have seen the DVD. I think it's EXCELLENT.

Folks, this is a great tip building method. Don builds a HUGE tip out on Hollywood Bvld. A tip that any busker, street magician, or pitchman would envy. Zach Strange also builds a good tip under tough conditions using the method. Believe me, this will stop people. He had me hooked just watching the explanation of the bally. People are gonna stop and watch. What you with them or to them after they stop is up to you. But, if you want to get them to stop,look and listen, believe me, this WILL work for you.

Another thing about this DVD. Like Dons other production (The Svengali Pitch DVD) this is a totally unique and original product. There is nothing like this on the market. This bally/tip building method has been around for sometime and has never been taught to buskers and street magicians. It's been used by pitchmen and tipman building tips for jam auctions etc. But it is gold for the street performer, because as I said before..They will stop, they will watch, they will be YOURS!!

I'm not a busker or street performer, but I appreciate how tough it is for street workers to build a tip. And I know what a good tip looks like. Forget much of what you've heard on this site and others about building an tip. Don't stand there like a clown banging your wand on your table, trying to get people to notice you. Get this DVD and learn a PROVEN method of getting people to stop and watch what you are doing. Get noticed, get an edge and get a big fat hat. That's what it is all about!!

Great product Don!

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Feb 22, 2006 09:03AM)
Thanks Guys,
I see we have two threads reviewing my new building a tip DVD.I would perfer any other reviews that come in use only this thread,thanks.
Thanks again,and have a good one,
Message: Posted by: Steve V (Feb 22, 2006 12:58PM)
Not only is the information of great value it is a record of what is becoming a lost art. I appreciate Don making these available to the magic community. Others have praised, rightfully so, this dvd but I want to add that it is facinating watching the dynamic of the tip as it builds. You have to get someone to stop to get things going and this shows how to get it done. Another great offering by Don Driver.
Steve V
Message: Posted by: bropaul (Feb 24, 2006 08:26AM)
Ok Don I ordered and received your DVD. The only advice is that you should use a padded envelope. My case was cracked, but the information was there.

I was heading out the door to go pop some shows down at my pitch and stopped by the mail box and there it was. There was also a package that I didn't want to take with me, so I came back home and dropped it off. I had a couple of extra minutes and so I popped in your DVD and watched it. I WAS HIT BY A BRICK IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. This information was a jackpot.

I putted to work just thinking about the possibilities. When I got there, I thought I'd just try it and see what would happen.

I've been drawing nice crowds, but have been having trouble getting them in close and drawing that nice tight edge. This bally stopped them, brought them in and after 3 shows my hats were up a third.

Now I can't wait until I put the time into it and get it to evolve into what it really can be. Just that first day showed me the potential and I know I'm only using about 40% of it's true value at the moment. I'm writing and working on it and will be out there today laughing inside as I watch them stare at Washington's little eye getting ready to blink.

All I can say is THANKS! It's in the show and will be there as long as I'm on the streets doing what I do. If your Svengali Pitch is anything like this, I don't think I could handle that much money in my life.

Thanks for sharing Don, you're a gem.
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Feb 24, 2006 12:54PM)
Hey BroPaul,
I agree, I got Don's DVD the other day, popped it in the DVd player and watched it twice, once for show and then the secodn time with details.
Great Stuff Don!
Thanks for a well done video.
And I thought Merlin stopped them in their tracks!!!!
Message: Posted by: ScottL (Feb 25, 2006 10:36AM)
Just got my Svengali Pitch and Building A Tip DVD's today from Don (Just ordered 'em Monday. Great service!). Woo Hoo! Killer stuff, Don!

Both the pitch and the bally are easy enough to learn that even I can do it, and make money with it! The only way possible to NOT make money with this info, is to just never leave your house. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can go out and do it!

Seriously, the info that Don gives you on both DVD's is worth WAY more than he's charging for it. I highly recommend them both to everyone.

Hopefully I'll catch up with Don at the Wisconsin State Fair this year and watch him live and in person (Yeah Don, I know I've been saying that for the last couple of years. This time for sure! Hehehehehe!)

Message: Posted by: Paddy (Feb 28, 2006 08:38AM)
Here is my comments on the DVD:
I ordered the DVD and received it last week. Well I watched Don do his bally to gather a tip and thought it "might" work. You can tell that sometimes I am not the sharpest knife in the house.

I went out on Sunday because it was barely warm enough to busk and I wanted to try Don's bally. HOLY ****!!!! Might work? It is like a *** miracle!! people appeared out of nowhere! They stayed to watch the show (which was only about 15 minutes long) and they put money in the hat!!!

I pulled in US$50 for one show!!! I mean I followed Don's advice, I did use my own words like Zach Strange suggested, and IT WORKS!!!!

Buy the DVD, use what you learn, it paid for itself in the first 15 minutes I used it.

You guys know that I am not one to give a lot of praise unless something deserves it. This does!

Message: Posted by: Wayne Whiting (Mar 7, 2006 07:12AM)
I got Don's Svengali Pitch tape about 15 months ago. I spent most of last summer pitching the decks at street festivals in Oregon. Some of the festivals went real well and at some of them I barely made rent and travel expenses. I found that where I did well drawing a tip was almost effortless. There were so many people wall to wall all you had to say was "boo" and you would have a crowd ready to watch and buy. Other festivals were not that well attended and drawing a tip was more difficult. I would get discouraged, sit down and talk to the guy in the next booth.

When I first heard that Don and Whit were going in on a DVD on how to draw a tip, I knew this was something I wanted. Unfortunately, Whit had many things on his plate and he finally just handed everything to Don and let him run with it. We have waited for almost a year to get this information, but it was worth the wait. I have no doubt that this will work. Just to prove his point, you get to see Don do this on Hollywood Blvd. When he starts there is no one within 15 feet from him. When he finishes there must be a tip of 75 people. It is somewhat hard to tell because the camera has to pan the audience to get them all in.

Thanks Don! First pitch is in three weeks. Couldn't ask for better timing!
Message: Posted by: Review King (Mar 7, 2006 10:01AM)
Don has done it again! This DVD is a must have if you want to see a real pro working on the street and gathering a crowd. The DVD is inspirational!!!

Message: Posted by: The Great Dave (Mar 8, 2006 06:49PM)
I just got my set of Don's Building a Tip and Svengali Pitch. Ordered it Monday, got it Wednesday. Great service! The set is fantastic... I have watched it twice and am still amazed. The one sentence where Don explains how long the pitch should be for todays audience was a golden nugget. The written material for the pitch that comes with it was a great way to have a rehearsal document. On the video in the live pitch at a street fair just getting underway, Don sells 7 units in 20 seconds. Not bad for a few minutes of work. This set will pay for itself the first time out. And the historical value of it is priceless. Great material. Excellent value. Thanks Don...

Best Wishes,
Message: Posted by: markjens (Mar 13, 2006 02:01PM)
Hey gang, it is finally here! There is a good reason that everyone has been looking forward to Don's products. Guys have been telling him for years that he should put out tapes and stuff, but he's been adamant that he isn't interested in cashing in. He has now reached a point in his life where he wants to leave the world of magic and pitch some evidence that he was here. Well guys, he has done far more than that. If you have any interest in making some money on the pitch, Don is to pitch what Oxford is to dictionary. Oh, and the fact that he gives you more for your money than just about any other video you've ever owned doesn't hurt, either. I feel completely confident that if Don wanted to, he could easily include the guarantee that if you purchase any of his systems, you will - YOU WILL - get the money back the *very* first time you go out on the street. Turns out, there are way too many guys who would take advantage of the guy, but believe me, you'll get it back. This one is a two thumbs up, easy. He delivers.
Message: Posted by: pgh-mike (Mar 15, 2006 01:59PM)
I got the DVD's the other day...great stuff! It's stuff you can use in the real world.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Mar 22, 2006 09:49PM)
I got my Building a tip dvd and all I can say is wow! Drawing an edge and turning that edge into your crowd is one of the hardest things to learn as a street performer.

This build cuts all the BS and works sure fire every time. It has been in use by Jam auction workers for years and I know Don learned it at least thirty years ago working a joint in Las Vegas. This thing has been honed over the years to a razor sharpness that will work every time sure fire.

Try this out and watch the crowds stop dead in their tracks. If you can't build a crowd with this information you need to have your pulse checked because you are probably dead.

Because Don self produced it and cut out the fancy bells and whistles in most commercial DVDs the price isn't a bargain it is a steal. I wish he would jack the price up just to keep the circulation of this stuff to a minimum.

Watching Zack Strange rope in a circle show sized crowd after just hearing Don do the pitch once was the strongest proof that this thing is sure fire.

If you are a street worker or just interested in the history of the pitch you need to own a copy of this DVD. It stands as a shining testament to the fact that my pal Don Driver is "with it".

Great, great, stuff!


Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Mar 31, 2006 10:56AM)

Just a friendly reminder. The weather is starting to warm up and I'm sure all the Buskers and Street Workers who have been inside all winter are chomping at the bit to get back out there and go to work.

If you haven't done it already, now is the time to pick up a copy of this DVD. Start the year out right!! If you want fat hats from Spring, through the Summer and right in to the Fall...Then you want this Tip Buiding method. You have got to believe me... This WILL stop them, you will build better tips and you will make more money.

Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Apr 3, 2006 03:41AM)
Anyone here used this in the UK?

Would love to hear how the British public react to it.

Many thanks,

Message: Posted by: T.House (Apr 9, 2006 12:00PM)
I received the DVD and watched it for the first time yesterday. It is absolutley fascinating! This certainly does appear to be a goldmine for street performers. I do have one question, however. At one point Zachary mentions that some people in the audience sometimes get annoyed when you do not do exactly what you said you were going to do (those with the dvd will know what I am referrring to). Have any of you encountered this? If so, how did you handle it?

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 9, 2006 01:17PM)
Hi T House,
I know Zack said that in the DVD. I've been doing this bally for many years and never had this problem...NEVER.Perhaps Zack isn't squaring it up right at the end.

He did come up with a great hat line at the end that should not only square it up,but help in getting a "fatter hat" I'm sure you know the line I'm talking about.

Thanks for your order...REALLY ! I wish you Fat Hats,

Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 11, 2006 07:09PM)
Just ordered both dvd's and am looking forward to seeing them. I do have one question for Mr. Driver. Can the building a tip be transfetted to building a crowd for say a trade show? or even in my case to pitch my banking services?
Message: Posted by: walking_liberty (Apr 11, 2006 09:39PM)
This DVD is amazing. I almost feel like I should've payed more for it. Thanks Don!
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 11, 2006 10:05PM)
I know it works for trade shows...but banking? Seems like the "marks" just line up for bankers anyway.
I got your order today Gman and it will be out in tomorrows mail,first class.Thanks.

I think so to Walking Liberty so send more money....Thanks for your order.
Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 12, 2006 06:58AM)
Thanks Don. The position I am in for banking is that I walk a grocery isle talking to customers of the store we are in and sometimes we set up a table and well for some reason they don't seem to draw a a lot of people to the table. So I thought maybe the things I will learn from your DVD's will at least help me to draw a crowd and then do some effects and while doing those pitch the services of my bank.

Can't wait to get the DVD's.

Thanks for the response.

Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Apr 12, 2006 03:05PM)
I just watched the DVD and I have to agree....IT ROCKS! If you want a scripted way in which to build a crowd that's clever and frankly, pretty darn easy, then you owe it to yourself to buy this. In the parlance of magic it is the 'Real Work' by a pro who knows what the heck he is talking about.

You aren't going to learn any 'tricks', but the secret of pulling together a crowd so you can work the street, etc. is invaluable. Highly recommended. Best,
Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 13, 2006 05:25PM)

Not looking for tricks got plenty of those. Just looking for a way to gather the crowd in a grocery store.

I can't wait until I get the dvd's.
Message: Posted by: TannerJade (Apr 19, 2006 05:54PM)
You will truely not be dissapointed with this purchase! It is top notch material here ;) I can guarentee that, as well as anyone else who has this! Honestly, you are soon going to be building invisible walls that will stop A LOT of people!

I will try to write a full review as soon as I can :)


Tanner Jade
Message: Posted by: Cashetta (Apr 21, 2006 11:03AM)
Got a quick question -
I have a comedy magic show in Provincetown beginning mid-May that runs five nights a week and in order to get people inside it is necessary to bark outside the theater 2 hours before the show. Would I be able to use the information on here to attract attention and get people to buy tickets?
For the record I perform in drag and can easily be seen :)
There's just a lot of competition and I need to get an edge over the other show in my time slot on the streets.

Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Apr 21, 2006 11:30AM)
On 2006-04-21 12:03, Cashetta wrote:
Got a quick question -
I have a comedy magic show in Provincetown beginning mid-May that runs five nights a week and in order to get people inside it is necessary to bark outside the theater 2 hours before the show. Would I be able to use the information on here to attract attention and get people to buy tickets?
For the record I perform in drag and can easily be seen :)
There's just a lot of competition and I need to get an edge over the other show in my time slot on the streets.


Cashetta, it will stop people. You'll build a tip. But it would be up to you as to how you would "turn" the tip and get them into the theater. But you will get people to stop and watch what you are doing. Don used the bally to get people into the auctions. So yes, you could use it to stop people and get them into the building.
Message: Posted by: Cashetta (Apr 21, 2006 12:37PM)
that's what I need to know.
Just ordered it
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (Apr 21, 2006 12:52PM)
Another one sold over there! Don, just hold on to my 15% for now.;)
Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 21, 2006 08:19PM)
If you haven't yet received your copy of the DVD...

What Are You Waiting For?!!

Just got the DVD yesterday and watched it twice. Don and Zach will both draw you with the bally demos. The instructions both on the DVD and written are well thought out. Whit did an excellent job on the taping and editing.

Kudos to Don having to put up with a break dancer next to him...but your crowd was big. And Kudos to you Zach...having to put up with both the fog and that fog horn. I would have taken a baseball bat to the horn. However, you didn't let it bother you and drew a huge crowd.

And the best part is the price -- you can't beat it.

Can't wait for your next DVD Don.

Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 24, 2006 04:03PM)
Quick review.

I got my DVD in, and I was chomping at the bit to watch it. I've REALLY been looking forward to seeing this video after reading all the positive reviews. However doing shipping the DVD had slipped out of the case and was scratched up really bad. Sadly I wasn't able to watch the DVD past the one minute mark.

I want to say one thing before I go on though. The issue with the DVD in no way is the fault of Don's. Everything was packed solid, I just ended up having bad luck. These things happen sometimes, I just happened to be the guy with bad luck.

I wrote Don a message regarding the situation, and literally within ten minutes he called me up and offered to send me a replacement DVD.

Now I want you to think about the service that you get with most people that you order things from. Most are ok, and I've never had any serious problems, but Don was AMAZING! While I was on the phone with him he wrote out my address on a new package, then gave me some personal tips, and a contact number of someone he knew in my area (New Orleans) who could help me get started busking. Before we got off the phone he had my new DVD in the mail.

Think about it. You have a complaint, and within ten minutes the guy selling it has it resolved for you. That is service. I have never been treated so well in my life by ANY supplier, and I'm not just paying lip service here.

On another note, the DVD did come with some supplimental material that I was able to read, and after getting the gist of it I have to say that this WILL work. I'm certain that using the material there shouldn't be any problems gathering a nice tight crowd. Heck, not a crowd, this stuff will build a WALL of people.

Not just that, you can order with confidence from Don. Thank you again Don for being so kind, and treating me so well, and releasing this information to us. I will say this, due to the kind way I was treated, the next thing I'm planning on ordering is his Svengali Pitch DVD. In fact I think I'll just order everything he comes out with from now on, just because I like to support people who have the combination of good service and quality products.

P.S. My phone just rang. It was Don again, telling me that the postman just picked up my DVD and that it's on it's way. I know I've been repeating myself, but who else gives service like that?
Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 24, 2006 09:04PM)
When it comes to customer service there are a few companies that can learn a lesson or three from Don. He is definately a man of his word. Slimfrinky, you'll enoy both of the dvd's.
Message: Posted by: Slimfrinky (Apr 24, 2006 10:14PM)
After talking to Don on the phone, I know I will. There are certain people that when you talk to them you can simply tell that they are upstanding people. And Don is definatly one of them. As cheesy as it sounds, I did order the Svengali Pitch DVD for one reason. I wanted to support Don. I feel that good customer service should be rewarded, so I did in the only way possible. I became a repeat customer.

Plus it never hurts to have more knowlege, and who knows? Maybe someday I'll want to give pitching Svengali Decks a shot. It sounds like a combination of fun, hard work, and money in the bank. Don't see anything wrong with that. And from what I've heard of Don, his stuff is nothing but top of the line.

I'll be waiting by my mailbox for both DVD's... :)
Message: Posted by: geemack (Apr 26, 2006 04:40PM)
Thanks, Don. Two thumbs up.

And yes, the Svengali Pitch DVD is good stuff, too. Don Driver has spent his life on the inside of the business and gives you the advantage of his experience. Even if you're not busking or pitching, you'll probably find ways to apply the concepts presented in this material.

Message: Posted by: gman (Apr 27, 2006 07:21AM)
Geemack I totally agree. I don't do busking nor pitching. I do use some of the Svengali moves in my work. Example: when talking about my bank as compared to others...I say...Like this deck of cards most people think all banks are the same (as I say this I run the deck showing the key card which in my case is the 4 of clubs), here hold the 4 of clubs, but not use we ....at this point the person holding the key card will look at the card and say it isn't the 4 of clubs. I take the card back and say again but not us just like this deck of card we are totally different (then I run the cards showing all different).

Have fun with the dvd's.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (May 4, 2006 07:35AM)
Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the kind words.There is a thread at Side Walk Shuffle on this DVD.


Thanks again,
Message: Posted by: johnra (May 5, 2006 05:51PM)
This DVD is Fantastic if you use the method described then you will quickly pay for the DVD multiple times. This is a must have for street performers. If you don't have it I strongly suggest getting it.
Message: Posted by: Vandy Grift (May 12, 2006 07:52AM)

There is a thread at Side Walk Shuffle on this DVD.

Message: Posted by: DavidEscapes (May 13, 2006 09:03PM)
Its been said before here. But this, and everything else Don puts out is quality. No, the filming's never great, this is home produced stuff, no slick edits or neon lit credits. It is of little importance, its the info that counts, not whose holding the camera. As long as it is pointing at Don, then the lesson is about to begin :)

I don't do any magic, but use Don's techniques from this and his previous stuff in drawing a crowd for escape & sideshow gig's. It works. In fact I could see it working for anyone who needs to draw a crowd for anything. I might just use his methods to help start up that cult I have been thinking so much about. Don, I am hoping your next DVD will focus on turning the tip.... errr.. I mean, helping the gullible marks... sorry... the lucky people... to benefit from the quality product on offer ;)
Message: Posted by: markjens (May 17, 2006 01:04PM)
Hey Slim,
You have learned what literally hundreds of people around the world already know. You can spend money with Don and get great product and more than your money's worth. If you go just a bit further and contact him in order to pick his brain or clarify a few things, you will get a friend for life. Don is so much more than the product he sells. The real product is Don. He is the real deal. He is honest (man, that word comes out hard when you talk about busking, doesn't it?) he is real, and he cares. Take a look around at the places where you normally spend your money and give them a test. Do they not only deliver the product, but service that tells you they care? Don does that and more. I began as a customer of Don's some time ago, and I ended up with a great friend. The man has a heart as big as any I've ever seen, and there are a few young folk in magic who can attest to that. Long after Don has gone on to his eventual reward, there will be people carrying on the magic that he gave them. I can tell you this, in the final equation, Don gives a whole lot more than he gets. You're not risking money with Don - you WILL come out ahead.
Message: Posted by: guido (May 18, 2006 10:13AM)
Just sent my order for both DVD's through Paypal. Looking forward to get them very soon I hope.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jun 21, 2006 01:10PM)
Hey guys,
David Walker and myself will be at FAB magic in Colon Mi Aug.1-5 .We will be doing a free lecture on the pitch and I'll talk some on building a tip.

Its going to be a fun 5 days,hope some of you will be there.

Message: Posted by: Ray Carter (Jul 13, 2006 01:51PM)
I just recently got both his Dons DVD's, and must say, this one is prefect. Its the prefect way, to draw up a crowd. I think I told Don, that I was planning on using it when I'm in VA, this weekend. If I didn't, Don I'm going to use it this weekend. haah. And hopefully, make a little money. Thanks again.

Message: Posted by: Review King (Sep 17, 2006 11:59PM)
It's a fantastic learning DVD on how to draw and hold a crowd!

Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Sep 21, 2006 12:19AM)
Don is a class act. It is a pleasure to know him and an honor to be known as a friend of his. You will not go wrong with this DVD or his "pitch" DVD. He is truly the best. I just wished he still lived in the Nashville area.

Keep it up my friend.

David Williams
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Oct 20, 2006 08:59AM)
Hi Guys,
I have an announcement to make. http://www.magicpitch.com is now the exclusive distributor for both of my DVD's.You can still go to my site,but all the orders come from magic pitch.

Thanks for all of you that have bought my DVD's and all the kind words you have said about them.


P.S. David,I just moved back to Lebanon Tn. I'll see you at the halloween show on the 28th.
Message: Posted by: KV Magic (Jan 5, 2007 07:18PM)
Okay. I just received this DVD today as a late Christmas gift (Thanks "Santa"!)

But I do have one big complaint... I didn't have anywhere to go this weekend to use it!

For the record, I ordered Don's Svengali Pitch DVD last year. This last summer I spent Saturday mornings and early afternoons at flea markets pitching decks. Thought I had ordered enough for the summer, but had to reorder the first week of July!

Now I receive the Building a Tip DVD and IT'S WINTER! I'm going nuts thinking of where to head out!

But when I do, I will post the results here.

Don't delay, order this DVD NOW!

Message: Posted by: Brane (Feb 1, 2007 03:39PM)
ANOTHER Don Driver "Building A Tip" fan! Got the DVD today - and have watched it carefully twice so far. I'm not looking to pitch, but am interested in crowd gathering techniques. This is pure gold! Zach Strange's comments at the end are well worth thinking about, too. I hope Don gets convinced to put out more material like this - I'll buy anyting with his name on it, pretty much. Well, maybe not a banana peel . . .
DO spend the $ for this underpriced wisdom!
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Feb 11, 2007 10:53AM)
Hi Brane,
I see you joined the Café just to put up a review,how nice of you.Glade you liked it.

Have a great day,
Message: Posted by: John C (May 12, 2007 09:17AM)
Nice! I haven't worked in the street but will in the next few weeks. Don's DVD on getting the crowds is so easy and can't lose! You can't. It WILL work.

There's very little memorization once you understand the concept which takes a little more than 20 seconds. Maybe less.

It's just great. It gets right to the point too. No dancing canes and sparkley stuff in the beginning to tell you how great the production company is. You know, the stuff you can't forward past.

Anyway, gotta go. Thanks Don!

John Cesta
Message: Posted by: JoeJoe (May 17, 2007 06:48PM)
Let me start off by saying that when I ordered this DVD I already knew the dollar bill bally, in fact I've heard it a few thousand times and already knew it by heart. But I had always heard it for a jam auction ... and not from a busker. And as a street performer, I knew the jam auction version simply would not be a great way to start a street show - so I ordered Don's DVD wondering how he would be able to make this pitch work for a street performer. I will confess, I really expected to be let down...

... but Don Driver delivered the goods, no question about it what-so-ever! He threw away all the crap, took out the 'too good to be true' promises, and shortened it to just the key points. There is no easier pitch to learn, this is rock solid information worth a small fortune!

The DVD itself has no fancy covers or flashy artwork ... Don Driver is obviously not a graphics artist. That's because Don has been too busy drawing crowds - you could buy another product with fancy artwork ... but those products could never come close to the content on this DVD.

I know others here at the Café have wondered how great this bally really is, and some of the statements thrown out seem just too good to be true (ie: drawing a crowd in the snow for example). But I've seen this pitch for years at a flea market with a jam auction ... and I have never seen it fail to draw a crowd. Only once have I ever seen it fail to manifest into an auction (meaning there were not enough kickers to make it worth while, a kicker being someone willing to spend $100).

Message: Posted by: Velvet-rhino (Jun 17, 2007 10:01AM)
I purchased both the Bally tip and the Pitchman video, and All I cpould say was WOW. I will say that I have been doing close-up for about 10 years, including some small trade shows and street fairs.

These 2 vidoes really made the the work look easier. they are broken down to the bare bones and key points to really make you succsesful.

For the past 6 months a friend of mine has been after me to come to the flea market and work in his booth. It was not something that I was looking to do. However after getting the Bally Tip video I figured that I would just see what happened. IT WORKS! I would get a crows and turn it to him. It even worked when I thought nobody was watching. Now I am looking to possbly get a booth for myself and do some pitch work. AWESOME STUFF DON!

These videos are loaded with lots of gems and nuggets that can take you far. Fantastic, videos. Don I hope you do not mind if I discourage others in my area from buying these as I would much rather keep all the potential punters to line my pockets :)

Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Jun 22, 2007 01:34PM)
May I just ask, whats a bally
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jun 22, 2007 02:31PM)
A Bally is a bunch of double talk to grather a group of people to busk to or sell to...or what ever you would like to do to a group of people once you have them.

Its knowing what "double talk" to say to accomplish this.
If you go to http://www.magicpitch.com you can watch a clip of my Building a Tip DVD.

And do feel free to order one while your there.

Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Jun 24, 2007 11:33PM)
Ah, thank you very much
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jul 27, 2007 09:33AM)
No problem,glade to help.

Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Aug 3, 2007 07:03PM)
I got the DVD, and it's great.. A lot of DVD's out now are 90% sharp camera work, graphics, smooth transitions, and 10% useful information.. This tape is RAW, and contains nothing but great information to get started making money asap... The svengalli deck is easy to use, so the tricks are easy to learn.. but the secret to making the thing work isn't the tricks at all, but the pitch itself.. The pitch isn't hard to learn.. I suggest watching it over and over until it feels natural to go right into it when you pick up a svengalli deck... I just got my stock of decks in and I'm gonna be hitting the flea market for the first time on Sunday.. I'm very excited, and I will post another review after my first day..

A++++ Excellent DVD

Thanks Don!!

George Gilbert
Message: Posted by: G.Gilbert (Aug 3, 2007 07:06PM)
Also forgot to mention, Don helped me out while I was busking at the Ocean.. He was stickin for me, and at the end of my sidewalk show he walks through my edge and says "Don't be so *** cheap put some money in the kids hat", and some other things.. It was great, and it worked... Hehehe
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jan 13, 2008 08:59PM)
Hey George,

You have to speak up,I teach this in my DVD.I had fun that day.

Thanks Don
Message: Posted by: Guardian452 (Feb 10, 2008 11:13PM)
Holy crap

when I got this from don (took 2 days) I IMMEDIATLY popped it into my dvd player and pressed play
right when I started watching I KNEW WHAT I WAS WATCHING WAS FROM AN EXPERT
don teaches this bally very well and goes over EVERYTHING VERY IN-DEPTH!!!!


out of 5 stars I give it 7
its a great dvd, he goes over everything you need, you see it IN ACTION, and it WORKS.
Message: Posted by: Danny Borneo (Feb 11, 2008 10:35AM)
Don is a genius at what he does and anyone who is doing any kind of busking, street performance, etc. etc. etc......then you are doing a great injustice to yourself by not purchasing this dvd.
Message: Posted by: MichelAsselin (Mar 31, 2008 10:43PM)
I have two of Don's products. Don is old school; the personal touch, quality service, diligence in delivery. There were issues when I ordered Building a tip. Once Don got involved, everything got fixed.Immediately.

Order with confidence. Don is a great guy.
Message: Posted by: andolini (Apr 3, 2008 04:49PM)
I also have two of dons dvd,s Svengali pitch and building a tip. both of them are great.Don is a great guy and puts out great products. Great customer service Thanks don.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Apr 28, 2008 09:12AM)
Thanks Danny, Michel and andolini,glade you guys liked it.

Have a good one,

Message: Posted by: chrusa (May 27, 2008 02:07PM)
I have a question.

My cash supply is low right now and I want to learn how to pitch Svengali decks. Will I be successful at this buy purchasing the Svengali dvd and not the building a tip?

The second question is how much impact the building a tip will have on Svengali sales in a flea market type environment where people are already there and I don't necessarily need to draw them to me?

The third question is does the Svengali DVD give you any info on how to draw a crowd?


Message: Posted by: DonDriver (May 30, 2008 09:44AM)
PM you

Message: Posted by: Scott Compton (Jun 1, 2008 09:53PM)

I just ordered this DVD, as well as the Jam Auction DVD. I can't wait to get them!

Message: Posted by: J.Robert (Jul 1, 2008 04:50PM)
Just finished watching the Building a Tip dvd. I must admit that before reading through this thread, I was a bit skeptical. Why promise the Tip that you are going to do an effect for them that you aren't going to do? Why not do something that you can actually follow through with at the end? Obviously, after reading through all these posts and seeing the Tip that Don and Zach gather, it does work. I hope to try this out very soon! -J.R.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jul 5, 2008 11:24PM)
Hey J.R.,

Please do report back.

Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Jul 8, 2008 02:15AM)
Someone in a previous post in this thread asked if this will work in the UK. Well.. I just got the Building a Tip disk, and the Svengali Deck disk - but we're here to discuss the Tip. I'd say this would work in the UK, even though the currency is the once mighty USD. The smallest value UK note would be 5 pounds sterling, about 10 dollars. So the speil would have to be modified slightly to fit with the UK cash system.
But - I don't think it would need to be changed at all. The use of dollar bills in a demo in the UK would perhaps attract even MORE attention than local currency. That's what I'm going to go with when I get up and running with this.
Similar applies to the Euro, where the smallest bill is a 5. And I just don't think that a 5 pound note, or a 5 euro note is as impressive looking as a dollar bill.

Can't really fault the content of both DVDs - you'll have to apply yourself, but you really couldn't wish for a better instruction/instructor.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the different currency aspects?


Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jul 8, 2008 08:10AM)
US ones would work great in the UK I think.Maybe you could just use green paper cut to the size of paper money.What do you think ? (the US ones would be better,but if you couldn't get them...)

Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Jul 8, 2008 08:54AM)
I don't have a problem with the dollars. I always keep a stock of US cash - usually they get spent on stuff from the US, where some dealers don't accept credit cards or Paypal. Steve Dusheck, for example.

It's not worth using dollar substitutes - and you wouldn't be able to use some of the lines about the characters on the bills.
Many of the folks here have strong connections with the US - having worked there, or have relatives there..

Thanks for a swift delivery, incidentally - I'm the customer from Ireland - and the discs arrived in 5 working days - great stuff - I'm on my 4th vewing!


Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Aug 21, 2008 11:27AM)
"It's not worth using dollar substitutes - and you wouldn't be able to use some of the lines about the characters on the bills.
Many of the folks here have strong connections with the US - having worked there, or have relatives there.. "

DCB Did I miss something ? You say its not worth using dollar's than say you couldn't use the "lines" is you didn't use them.

Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Dec 14, 2008 06:00PM)

I'll get back to you on this point..regarding the lines... I'll get back you... it's apolitical thing, maybe..


Message: Posted by: sescarny (Sep 9, 2009 04:24PM)
I just got Don's building a tip dvd when I had the honor of meeting him at the Syracuse fair in NY on Friday, 9/4/09. It was not only a great time sitting and talking with Don, but his dvd's are simply amazing! When I worked at World of Wonders, we would sometimes use the pitch shown on his dvd to build a tip, but the details and explanations he gives are so much more in depth than I had ever realized! If you are even remotely interested in learning more and better ways to draw HUGE crowds around you, then you'd be wise to get Don's dvd's!!! Thank you my friend for such an awesome lesson!

Ses Carny
Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Oct 14, 2009 06:36AM)
Sounds like I couldn't translate this to German Huh? My act is restaurant close up and some stand-up in small clubs here in Bavaria. I go on as an Englishman but have to use Dinglish for some audiences (Deutsch and English mixed).

I worked the streets of Regensburg this summer with some success but not what you would call "big hats" this was due mostly to my crap act at the time but I have since refined it. I am now looking for ways to attract an edge and this sounds great. Is this something I can work on and tailor to my personality and use of language, or is it tried and tested English scripting?
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Oct 14, 2009 11:40AM)
I know it works good in english.It can work anywere but you have to be able to THINK for yourself and know how to adapt to your situation.If you can do this than buy it,if you can't to this than don't buy it.

Message: Posted by: Tim Dowd (Oct 15, 2009 02:28AM)
On 2009-10-14 12:40, DonDriver wrote:
...If you can do this than buy it,if you can't to this than don't buy it.


Great Hat Line ;)
Message: Posted by: ChrisD (Dec 1, 2009 08:53AM)
Just got my copy in the mail. Just like it says on the cover, it's a no frills stright to the point DVD packed with valuable information.

You get 3 shots of the bally in 3 different situations: Don's demonstration for the camera, Don in Hollywood and Zachary Strange in Santa Monica. This gives us more ideas on how to apply this to different situations.

Currency is an interesting topic. Here in Taiwan the smallest bill we have is $100, then $500 and $1,000. The hundred is red and the thousand is blue. Locals are not used to seeing green bills and since they spend hundred dollar bills turning one dollar into ten dollars does not have the attraction it does in America.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Dec 18, 2009 12:31PM)

Use red paper and tell the tip you are going to change paper into 100 bills.It dosen't matter what you are doing on the ground as long as you are doing something....they'll stop.

Message: Posted by: RogueMD (Dec 19, 2009 02:43PM)
This is a very "real world" educational video. Kudos to Mr Driver.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Jan 11, 2010 01:56PM)
Thanks Rogue...I try

Message: Posted by: mikethemagician (Feb 28, 2010 09:19PM)
Great DVD! Just great! Don is such a genius, I would have never thought about using such a method like this to attract people and I was really suprised at how many people were actually stopping with it. If you want to get a crowd quickly this is the way to go, so simple too, I don't think I have ever seen a crowd gather so quickly on the streets. Don is awesome! He is great at teaching and goes into great detail. Good work Don!
Message: Posted by: Kyoki_Sanitys_Eclipse (Sep 27, 2016 09:12PM)
Just want to say I got this and love it. Now I'm working on my own twist