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Topic: Review of Abbot's Encyclopedia of Rope Magic?
Message: Posted by: Rajat Mittal (Nov 23, 2002 06:31PM)
I've heard good things about this book. I was looking for some insight about the nature of the contents. Specifically, the mix between impromptu/prepared material and gaffed/ungaffed stuff.

Also some general information on the quality of the tricks...
Message: Posted by: dchung (Nov 23, 2002 08:14PM)
This book is just great. It has stuff of all kind, gaffed, ungaffed, etc. And if you want to start rope magic, this is the book to learn from. It's dirt cheap and has some really stellar effects. The fact that Encyclopedia is in the title should tell you that it's loaded with all kinds of effects. If I remember correctly, there's even 2 chapter on cut and restored: one for impromptu and one for prepared.

This book is just fantastic. And for about 10 bucks, you absolutely cannot go wrong.