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Topic: Technicolor Sponge Ball Routine
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Feb 23, 2006 12:47PM)
Hi all,
Does anyone remember a few years ago when a magician was marketing a color changing sponge ball routine with above mentined title I think? He was going to stop selling it and had a discount for Café members, and when you pm'd him, if sent you the link to the video for free. I had the link on my computer at school where I taught and I forgot to get it off before summer break-at which point it was cleaned off the computer.

Now I am in search of this magician's name or info on the routine if anyone remembers it, and the search engine being down doesn't make it very easy to find stuff on it. I would appreciate any info. I do know he used it in restaurants as that was on the video.

Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Feb 23, 2006 03:28PM)
Chad ,I went to google and I followed the advice of listing the item followed by a colon followed by magic Café.
Technicolor Sponge Ball Routine: magic Café
this yeilded the above result.Glenn
Message: Posted by: Chad C. (Feb 23, 2006 09:48PM)
Thanks for the info!
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Feb 24, 2006 03:32AM)
I was not really fond of that routine but after watching Al Goshman his routine with different colored spongeballs was quite good. You might want to start there.

PM me if you want to know what the props are.