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Topic: Working with loops
Message: Posted by: zutallor (Nov 24, 2002 01:09AM)
Hey All

Well I'v been trying to work with loops and was just wondering how you guys would have the loop around your wrist and then move it up towards your fingers without making it seem too obvious. It looks like if you are reaching for something on your wrist seems sorta fishy. I was also wondering what a good book would be on loops would be. Thanks alot!
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 24, 2002 12:09PM)
Either perform this at a discreet, unseen moment prior to starting your routine, thus not raising suspicion


Make the action an integral part of the routine. There is an example of this in Issue #3 of AM/PM. You can order this issue at [url]www.AMPMmagazine.com[/url] The routine is called "Something".

Hope that helps,