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Topic: New York Coin Magic Seminar: Volume One Coins Across DVD
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Feb 27, 2006 11:35PM)
I just posted my review of the New York Coin Magic Seminar: Volume One Coins Across DVD at http://www.coinvanish.com


Message: Posted by: fbnc (Feb 28, 2006 08:51AM)
Thanks for another great and well written reveiw Dan,
very helpful.
Message: Posted by: h_A_Z (Feb 28, 2006 11:31AM)
Thanks Dan. It is a 2 DVD set right? Since the title states that it is Volume 1, when is Volume 2 going to be released?
Message: Posted by: David Nelson (Feb 28, 2006 01:20PM)
Actually, the two DVDs are in one package. Dan probably only made it through the first DVD since there's a lot of material.

I'm not sure if it was the best marketing decision for the coin guys but they put all this material on 2 DVDs in one package for $55. I'm sure that L&L would have made a 3 volume set out of this much material so this is a considerably better deal.

Message: Posted by: CALENIG (Feb 28, 2006 02:29PM)
Thanks Dan, great job.Just placed my order today,Looking forward to its arrival in Wales Uk.
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Feb 28, 2006 03:51PM)
It is a two volume DVD set. I reviewed the contents of both discs. I believe they call it Volume 1 because they plan on making more DVD volumes on different topics.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Mar 1, 2006 06:35AM)
We packaged it as a 2 DVD set in one box to make it a better buy for consumers - why pay $70 for two boxes, when you can get them together for $55? They are available by going to http://www.newyorkcoinmagic.net . Thanks for your interest.
Message: Posted by: Sean W. Burke (Mar 1, 2006 09:12AM)
Any reason why Mike Gallow and David Roth Links on the website don't work Michael?

Message: Posted by: CALENIG (Mar 1, 2006 02:21PM)
That would be great news if there are more volumes to come. Any comments on this Mr Rubinstein?
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Mar 1, 2006 10:02PM)
Hey, everyone! The website is still under construction, and hopefully once the Seminar info section is done, they will work on each person's product page. Mine went up, but has to be redone as it is too small, not complete, and doesn't have the prices. The important thing was to get the Coins Across DVD section PAYPAL buttons and info up and running, and this seems to be OK.
As for further volumes, another one is in the planning stages to be filmed this spring, on an even bigger topic. We are already thinking that it will need to be packaged in separate boxes, due to the enormity of material we want to put into it! As with Vol 1, we will have effects, bonus material, discussions, and more! But we are a little ahead of ourselves, since Vol 1 has just hit the stands. Right now it is just available through our site. Looking forward to reading your comments, as we are quite proud of this project!
Message: Posted by: Loz (Mar 25, 2006 03:44AM)
Just received the DVD.

Am extremely pleased. Being quite familiar with David Roth and Michael Rubenstein, it was particularly fun to finally see Messrs. Latta and Gallo do their stuff. Some wonderful techniques and routines by Geoff (my favourites being Spectator Coins across and a trick with 3 coins) and M. Gallo (Han Ping Chienless, B.O.B. and Sliding Eagles).

As for Kainoa, I've been holding back from reviewing his awesome material (Coins on edge and other booklets) as I want to keep it to myself. It is so useful to watch him perform his rather knucklebusting methods. My own knuckles are bleeding, but I'm getting there (nearly got my fingertip muscle pass sorted out!). I have learnt so many techniques from Kainoa, and then, inspired by his routines, proceeded to put together rather simpler presentations than his own.

There's something very valuable in watching several world coin experts perform the same basic effect in different ways. Not only do you see how much personality and presentation alter an effect, you also get a real handle on the types of problems faced in such a routine and how each of these guys solved it.

Well done everyone involved - one of my favourite coin DVDs, and a classic.
Message: Posted by: neonsolen (Apr 7, 2006 06:13AM)
This set is awesome. So many good routines to chose from. I specially like the stuff from Latta.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Apr 16, 2006 01:01PM)
Thanks to all for your great comments. The website, http://www.newyorkcoinmagic.net, still the only place you can buy this DVD, has fixed all of the glitches. In addition to ordering the DVD, you can register for our seminar on June 10th, outside of Philadelphia (site of Seminar 2), and go to each of our product stores. Stores are still under construction, but hopefully all will be ready in a week.