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Topic: Linking Rubber Bands
Message: Posted by: MarkusC (Nov 25, 2002 02:50AM)
I've found Crazy Man's Handcuffs to give the most bang for my buck in terms of effort and reaction, but I found an effect where the bands actually do link. It's [outdated link].

As I'm a big fan of learning from video/DVD, does anyone know which one teaches this performance?
Message: Posted by: David Fletcher (Nov 25, 2002 03:50PM)
If you found it on the magicsmith web site, they should be able to help you find the video.
Message: Posted by: streetbro (Dec 1, 2002 01:35PM)
Dan Harlan's Rubber Band Magic volume 1 teaches it. :subtrunk: :bluebikes: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Dec 2, 2002 02:29AM)
Dan Harlan's video does not teach you that routine found in Magicsmith. He only teaches you how to link and unlink the bands.
For a permanently linked rubberband effect, check out Scott's book "Magishing My Way". There is a bonus routine "Really Linked" by me. PM me to find out more.