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Topic: What are some good clubs to join?
Message: Posted by: redlinewes (Nov 25, 2002 01:58PM)
What are some good clubs to join were I can learn.I think some clubs you have to know someone to get in and I don't know anyone.or you have to have so much experience. I tried to do a search here but my browser must be messed up it wouldn't search.thanks stay safe wes
Message: Posted by: what (Nov 25, 2002 02:20PM)
I know of the IBM(www.magician.org) which is a Worldwide Organization and SAM (www.magicsam.com) is based in the U.S. organizations which have local clubs. in my area, there is an IBM Ring. These clubs meet monthly to discuss magic. I believe the SAM clubs do the same.
There is also a "Mail Order" club called the International Magicians Society (www.learrnmagic.com). The sell instructional videos which range from beginner to intermediate and cover various magical topics. They do not have any local clubs.

Last September, I joined myLocal IBM Ring. I was, of course required to perform a trick on my first visit. I performed my new Cups & Balls. I am not a great performer yet, but the simple act of showing my magic to other magicians yielded a couple of very concrete tips which will improve my magic in general. I recommend joining a local club.

I hope this helps
Message: Posted by: David Fletcher (Nov 25, 2002 03:48PM)

Check with your local magic shop. they should be able to direct you.

Have fun!