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Topic: The Art of Astonishment
Message: Posted by: Bartman311 (Mar 3, 2006 09:26AM)
I saw a "new" version of Paul Harris book, and I was wondering if the "new" edition is worth buying, because I can get a hold of a copy of older edtions for about half the price... what do you think? is this boook worth it?
Message: Posted by: dannyhaze (Mar 30, 2006 11:33PM)
The Art of Astonishment Vol 1-3 is the largest collection of work by Paul Harris yet to be released. I would definitly pick them up as it is much easier to buy 3 books than go around searching for all the material. You will probably save money too!
Message: Posted by: Rennie (Mar 31, 2006 08:55AM)
Not sure what you mean by "new" version..All the Art of Astonishment books should contain all the same information regardless of the copyright date. I have all three as well as all of Pauls earlier works...Unfortunately many of the items in AOA are repeats from the earlier works. However all of the stuff is great, repeats or not..