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Topic: Mentalists take note! New release from Leaping Lizards Magic
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Mar 5, 2006 04:06AM)
-------------[i]NEW BOOK!:[/i]-------------
[b]Mind Candy - Quietus of Creativity Volume 2[/b]

Written by Dean Montalbano
Published by [url=http://www.leapinglizardsmagic.com/]Leaping Lizards Publishing[/url]
For ten years [i]LOST.....[/i] back now, but just for a while. [b]Quietus Of Creativity, Volume 2, MIND CANDY![/b]


Contined herein are over [b]50 original effects[/b] and presentations for the Psychic Entertainer or Mentalist. As in the previous Quietus of Creativity book, this book is [i]limited[/i] to [b]500 copies[/b], or 365 days from The official publishing date of [b]February First, 2006[/b].

Mind Candy is over 150 pages of material, some never before published. This is a glossy hard cover book filled with clever, off beat, actually performed mind
reading material. Dean Montalbano had vanished from the magic field for over 10 years, having been widely published in magzines such as Genii, Linking Ring,
Tops, Magigram, MUM and more- this material was lost! But now it is back for a limited time in this format.

[b]Each book is Signed and Numbered[/b].
[*]How often do you hear an ad for a magic book say, "This one effect ALONE is worth the price of the book." Well, we could certainly say that several times over. Consider this: What would you pay for an effect where instead of bending spoons, you bend WRENCHES?!
[*]How about an effect where a deck of cards is hurled into the audience and random spectators merely THINK of a card that they catch... the performer is able to name those!
[*]A randomly selected cassette tape among hundreds ends up correctly predicting a randomly selected card, using an ordinary cassette player and ordinary cassettes!
[*]A Russian Roulette effect using Deadly Snakes!
[*]All this and more in MIND CANDY!

The price? [i]ONLY[/i] [b]$55.00[/b] Plus Postage

Still not convinced? Get a FREE Sample by [url=http://leapinglizardsmagic.com/mindcandysample.pdf]Clicking Here![/url]