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Topic: Special Offer - What A Deal!
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 6, 2006 05:02AM)
I've noticed that most of the special guests in these things have some kind of 'Special Offer' to celebrate their time here.

Well, as we just found out that somehow we got nominated as 'Lecturers of the Year' for this year's Magic Castle Awards, I thought we should offer something appropriate. The lecture we were nominated for was '24 YEARS OF LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ELLIS' so I'd like to offer Forum readers the following deal:

Order '24 Years' on DVD direct from us: [url=http://www.magicunlimited.com/new_page_1.htm]Click here![/url]
and I'll throw in a free trick 'The Tim Card Poker Deal' (normally $11 - FREE!)

The DVD retails at around $35, we have it for $32 post paid to anywhere in the world.
(By the way, the DVDs we sell are "burned" professionally by Orsino Images, if you want "pressed" copies you need to see your favourite dealer). Plus we'll sign it for you if you're so inclined, just let us know how you'd like it made out when you order.

Plus, I'll even throw in a refrigerator magnet of Sue-Anne as 'Jeannie' *g*
Message: Posted by: Sue-Anne Webster (Mar 6, 2006 05:32AM)
I can't BELIEVE you threw in a Jeannie magnet, Tim! I'll throw in a photo of Tim as "Teenage Magician of the Year" too (that's over 25 years ago) - they make great dart boards!
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 6, 2006 07:33AM)
Hmmm.. with my 'Copperfield hair'...

I'll add a genuine crocodile tooth ready to wear as a necklace. (I know, you were all hoping for a kangaroo scrotum, but it's a good bit of Australiana nevertheless!)

So, '24 Years' DVD + Tim Card Poker Deal Trick + Jeannie magnet + awful picture of me + Genuine Steve Irwin style crocodile tooth all for $32 post paid but only until March 12!

Don't delay, order yours.... today!
Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Mar 6, 2006 02:22PM)
Hi Sue-Ann, Hi Tim

Just wanted to thanks you for the nice offer! I just ordered the special Price Combo from your Page.

All the best from Switzerland

Chris and Vanessa
Message: Posted by: revlovejoy (Mar 6, 2006 02:27PM)
I ordered the DVD (now I've got em all!) but didn't see a spot for the aforementioned combo pack. So should I email somewhere to make sure that the Café special is applied?
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 6, 2006 02:30PM)
All you need to do is order the '24 Years' DVD as per normal from our site before the 12th, and we'll throw everything in! ;) If you do want anything signed though, just send us an email saying so when you do your order.
Message: Posted by: IT Magic (Mar 6, 2006 03:39PM)
Sold, I wanted that DVD and although I have since played around with a jonah card, I still remember you showing me the Tim Card trick at Emily's charity night and it rocks, was planning on buying both, now just gotta buy 1.

You'll be hearing from me ;)

Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 6, 2006 03:41PM)
Onya Brendan!
Message: Posted by: IT Magic (Mar 6, 2006 03:55PM)
Wow, you really are here, that was one quick reply.

Do you think you might sell more if you include the cat on roof pics of Sue-Anne?

Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 6, 2006 04:07PM)
I do! I think she looks amazing in those shots. But I don't think Sue-Anne would be too happy about it! ;)
Message: Posted by: IT Magic (Mar 6, 2006 04:20PM)
We all think she looks amazing in those shots :) What a lovely bonus feature it was.

Seriously tho', after many short chats on the phone I am really looking forward to meeting Sue-Anne in person.

Sue-Anne, you could make a fortune doing telephone answering machine messages, the friendly and "up" attitude comes through in your voice.

Gotta go write a real question for you now, as soon as I think of one that is.

Message: Posted by: Sue-Anne Webster (Mar 6, 2006 04:41PM)
No... Sue-Anne won't be too happy at all...:)

I nearly fell over backwards when Tim and Ben swanned in one evening after editing and showed me the gallery on the DVD with those "Kat on a hot tin roof" photos. They were done because an arts photographer friend of ours knew I had a black PVC outfit I use for when I saw Tim in half with a real chainsaw.


That chainsaw comes in handy sometimes. O might get it out.
Message: Posted by: IT Magic (Mar 6, 2006 04:43PM)
Well you look stunning in them Sue-Anne, nothing to be embarrassed about. Perhaps best I meet you without the chainsaw tho'

Message: Posted by: Mogwai II (Mar 7, 2006 04:54AM)
Before you send it out: Please sign mine! Thanks a lot!
My order was placed through my friend Vanessa de Vries.

All the best
Message: Posted by: Talarspeed (Mar 7, 2006 05:32PM)
Just ordered this DVD! Can't wait for it! And of course, the other goodies!
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 7, 2006 06:56PM)
Talar, it's in the post and on it's way to you as I type!

Do you really live in 'Rabbit Cross Cove'?

What a cool address for a magician!
Message: Posted by: Elly May Drudge (Mar 10, 2006 03:46AM)
What's the idea discounting MY DVD!!??

Why don't you discount that 'Ellis in Wonderland' one, or 'Runaround Sue-Anne'???

I think mine is selling quite nicely without YOUR help Mr Ellis.
Message: Posted by: Danny Archer (Mar 10, 2006 06:28PM)
I have booked thousands of lectures and I have seen a lot and I would have to say that EVERYTHING from Tim and Sue-Anne is fabulous and worth every penny ...

Just today, Gregory Wilson and I were discussing Tim's excellent cell phone effect ... many great effects are in these notes and Dvd's ...
Message: Posted by: Sue-Anne Webster (Mar 10, 2006 08:00PM)
Thanks Danny. You know, Danny's a GREAT person to get advice from!


Seriously tho' - if we don't use the tricks on the video all the time, then we use them often. We know they work in the real world, and we wanted you to have fun learning them. We wanted to really give you good value for money.
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 10, 2006 09:58PM)
AND... if you're ever looking to do a lecture tour of the USA...

Message: Posted by: MField2000 (Mar 11, 2006 05:40AM)
A generous offer. I just placed my order.

Thanks, Tim and Sue-Anne.

Matt Field
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Mar 11, 2006 10:49PM)
Thanks for the great offer! Saw your lecture in Beaverton, Oregon and was impressed!

Now in Alaska... move not related to the lecture.
Message: Posted by: Sue-Anne Webster (Mar 11, 2006 10:58PM)

I'm glad you reassured us!

Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 12, 2006 01:31AM)
"Now in Alaska... move not related to the lecture."

Well you wouldn't be the first if it was... ;)
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 12, 2006 04:19PM)
Offer closes in 6 hours and 40 mins!

"Don't D'lay, order D'Day!"