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Topic: A pleasure to join you!
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Sep 20, 2001 09:56AM)
Hello! I am happy and excited to be a part of this community. I am a full-time pro from Idaho (!), and I love to talk magic. I look forward to seeing this board grow and evolve.


Scott F. Guinn

Great Scott! Itís Magic!
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Sep 20, 2001 10:28AM)
Great to have you here, we look forward to your contributions.


:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 20, 2001 03:17PM)
Welcome aboard Scott, we look forward to your contributions to our magic community!

Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Sep 28, 2001 10:29AM)
Great Scott!

So nice to have you on the board!

Steve Landavazo :)
Message: Posted by: Jim Davis (Nov 9, 2001 11:24AM)
Scott! You are a busy man, and you can be in more than one place at a time! Now that's magic!
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Nov 9, 2001 11:42AM)

Welcome greatscott, just wanted to say hi!

Your contributions are great and have really meant alot. :nod:

Thanks for being an important part of the

magic here at the "Magic Cafe"


Mya :angel: