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Topic: Announcement from Lou Leventhal...
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Mar 11, 2006 04:36AM)
[i]Everyone[/i] who has purchased or reviewed Lou Leventhal's [b]Ring in Racquetball[/b] loves it. It is not an inexpensive prop, but that is because it is [i]handmade[/i] by [b]Malloy Modern Magic[/b] of the finest materials. The equipment looks and works beautifully and is made to use in the real world.


This would look beautiful on the shelf of the discriminating collector, but it is made to blow people away in performance. As [b]Bill Palmer[/b] says; "Lou has a winner with this one!"

[b]The Magic Café[/b] members can get a special deal through the month of [b]March 2006[/b]. If you order [i]directly[/i] from [b]Lou Leventhal[/b], he will give [i]FREE SHIPPING[/i] to all Magic Café members
in North America. In addition, $100 of the shipping costs will be deducted from Magic Café members who order from overseas.


Although the trick is extremely well packed when shipped, we [i]strongly recommend[/i] that you consider ordering the ATA case as well. It will protect your
investment for years of use on the road.

For more information, check out Lou's website at

[b]Lou Leventhal[/b]
[i]PHONE:[/i] [b]1-877-777-5587[/b]