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Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 12, 2006 02:03AM)

ONLY READ THEM IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THE QUIZ, WHICH IS LOCATED HERE: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=154534&forum=194&0

1 - Which one’s not a magician?
A: Cary Grant
B: Jason Alexander
C: Jerry Lewis
D: Steve Martin

ANSWER: C Jerry Lewis

2 - Which one wasn’t born in Australia?
A: Charles Waller (Benalla)
B: Murray (Melbourne)
C: Maurice Rooklyn (England)
D: Jean Hugard (Toowoomba)

C: Maurice Rooklyn (England)

3 - Which one’s not a Herrmann?
A: Adelaide Herrmann
B: Compars Herrmann
C: Felix Herrmann
D: Carl Herrmann

D: Carl Herrmann

4 - Max Malini’s real name was Max Breit, his middle name was?
A: Nelson
B: Katz
C: Sprat
D: Liepzig

B: Katz

5 - Which trick wasn’t invented by Dai Vernon?
A: Triumph
B: Travellers
C: Twisting The Aces
D: Out Of This World

D: Out Of This World (Paul Curry)

6 - Which one isn’t female?
A: Dell O Dell
B: Fluke
C: Mysteria
D: Mystina

C Mysteria (Bert Powell)

7 - Which is not a real name?
A: Lance Burton
B: Eugene Burger
C: James Randi
D: David Williamson

C: James Randi (James Hamilton Randall Zwinge)

8 - Who was known as “The Charming Cheat”?
A: Martin Nash
B: John Scarne
C: Erdnase
D: Tony Giorgio

A: Martin Nash

9 - Who is not a member of ‘The Flicking Fingers’
A: Manuel Muerte
B: Nicola
C: Thomas Fraps
D: Jorg Alexander

B: Nicola (Nikolai Friedrich is though)

10 - Who invented the appearing cane?

Russ Walsh

11 - Who invented trick Card Warp?

Roy Walton

12 - Who invented the Zombie Ball?

Joe Karson

13 - Who invented the Mismade Girl Illusion?

Chuck Jones

14 - Who invented the Six Card Repeat?

Tommy Tucker

15 - Who invented the Cigarette Thru Quarter?

Pressley Guitar

16 - Who was the self proclaimed ‘The First Lady of Magic?’


17 - Growing up in the 1960’s, his real name R. J. Potash didn’t quite work. What name is this card expert now known by?

Ricky Jay

18 - Who called himself ‘The World’s Coolest Magician’?

Rudy Coby

19 - Born Quintino Marucci, he once used the stage name ‘Tony Foolem’. What name did this Italian/American master of misdirection end up using?

Tony Slydini

20 - What was card legend Ed Marlo’s real name?

Edward Malkowski

21 - What is the full name of the close up magic convention known as FFFF?

Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic

22 - Who wrote the book ‘Polished Polish Prestidigitation’?

Johnny Thompson

23 - In 1848 the Fox Sisters created a series of spirit rappings on which the religion spiritualism is based. Which one of these three is not a Fox sister: Margaret, Kate, Karrell.

Karrell Fox

24 - He wrote the most famous course in magic, but what was Dr Tarbell’s first name?


25 - Houdini made 6 movies in the 1920’s. Name one.

The Man From Beyond
Haldane of The Secret Service
Terror Island
The Soul of Bronze
The Grim Game
The Master Mystery.