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Topic: The reason behind The Stupid Games
Message: Posted by: Tim Ellis (Mar 12, 2006 04:05PM)
I have been amazed with the reaction to the Stupid Games, and very pleased too!

Some of you will recognise the purpose behind them, and if you say MagicSports... you're right!

The first stupid game was like a 'warm-up' exercise, to get everyone in the mood, to teach us all how to play together, to take turns and to see what we can achieve if we don't "block" each other.

It's the same concept as warm-ups you'd play prior to a 'Theatre Sports' session where a ball is passed quickly from player to player as they stand in a circle.

I do like the way you all added words to each letter once you decided to go backwards. That showed that you were ready for something more challenging.

In real life you can do this with the ball too, pass the ball from person to person and each time someone catches it they have to say a word starting with the next letter of the alphabet. The faster you throw, the faster your brain has to work. You exercise your mind and it really does help train you to think much quicker on stage.

The Stupid Game II added a magical element to the game by helping us all to learn the Si Stebbins stack. A little harder perhaps, but I think we all know it now.

Try it again some time with different types of stacks you'd like to learn.

The Stupid Game III is where it has gotten really interesting. We're actually playing a MagicSports game, CARD STORY, live and internationally with a virtual deck of cards.

CARD STORY, as Spadesy mentioned in the MagicSports thread, is a great way to introduce yourself to MagicSports. You can be sitting home alone, grab a deck of cards, shuffle them up and play it. You can train yourself to think quickly, improvise and be creative!

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, whether playing it at home or with friends, sometimes the funniest moments are the mistakes. You don't always have to play it just for laughs either. You can create a really dramatic or moving story with a deck of cards just as easily.

Once we finish off in here - in only 7 more hours - I hope some of you will take these ideas and continue to play them, to start The Stupid Game up again in other sections of The Café, to play CARD STORY at home or with friends at your magic get togethers, and to print out the rules of MagicSports and start playing them regularly with friends.

Oh, and if you didn't see them before, take a look at the MagicSports Creativity Cards. Try them out and tell me all about it!