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Topic: New Here 2
Message: Posted by: Illusions4Life (Nov 28, 2002 10:43PM)
Well I tried this yesterday and with the updates to the board it was wiped out. So here goes again. I am looking forward to sharing and learning many things from all of you at this site.

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Nov 28, 2002 10:49PM)
Well welcome again then. That shouldn't happen again, hopefully. Hope to catch you around, we were just in Missouri in September and will be there again in Janurary.

Message: Posted by: Illusions4Life (Nov 29, 2002 08:47AM)
I see that you will be in Jefferson City. That is about 4 hours from where I live. Would love to make it up to see you but doubt that I will. Thanks for the welcome.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Nov 29, 2002 08:48AM)
Once Again! I say Welcome Friend Jim!

And dont forget to make yourself known in the Our New Arrivals Forum.

God Bless! '

I look forward to your participation!

Message: Posted by: Andrew (Nov 29, 2002 05:59PM)
Welcome aboard, Jim.

I don't know how much you'll learn from me, but there are many here that have tons of knowledge which they gladly share.

Christ's Blessings....