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Topic: Three Odd Card Revelations
Message: Posted by: Josef K (Mar 14, 2006 06:20AM)
Subject of today - cards and the unveiling of them. Enjoy or discard at will... :)

#1 Heavy Prediction.
Ask a spectator to pick a card. She does. Now ask her to stand on a scale. Well, ask her again, assuring her that the secret of her weight will not be told... Even you won’t know because the kilos or pounds or gnowhas (or however you measure mass in your country) on the scale have been cunningly encrypted. She gets on the scale and the wheel spins and then comes to rest. When she looks at the scale she sees that there are not numbers, but cards. And of cause her ”weight” exactly matches the card she previously choose.

#2 Lip Balm Elevator.
Maybe the card could appear inside an empty Chap Stick (is that the right word?). You know, the type that works like a lip stick. Or maybe inside an empty lip stick... This is nothing fancy, but I just like the image of the rolled up card rising out of the tube when you twist it! Maybe it could be engineered to work like a bill tube, where a signed card could be loaded.

#3 Belly Up Prediction.
Start to pull up your t-shirt, saying that the name of their selected card will become visible. You make them expect that something will show under the shirt, but in fact the card will appear in the pattern of the t-shirt – the fold you make when pulling it up creates a new image which reveals the name of the card.

Josef K
Message: Posted by: Caleb Wiles (Mar 14, 2006 07:43AM)
Just so you know, the lip balm idea has been used before. Check out Mark Jenest's Miracles While You Wait DVD. The effect I'm referring to is called Chaptrick.

Message: Posted by: Josef K (Mar 14, 2006 07:53AM)
Ok, thanks for the info (and I'm not that surprised it was already used!)
Message: Posted by: kaibab (Apr 13, 2006 08:26PM)
Mark Wilson uses a chapstick tube in a variation of Grant's Million Dollar Mystery with the "missing" half bill being discovered in the tube. The tube, black with a white cap doubled as a magic wand.