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Topic: Favourites
Message: Posted by: AndyChil (Nov 29, 2002 01:34PM)
What's your favourite gospel magic trick and why?

Just starting out in magic, so would be interested ....

Message: Posted by: Illusions4Life (Nov 29, 2002 07:17PM)
Without a doubt my favorite trick is the dollar bill in a lemon. I use it to close out my gospel shows, and bring a strong evangelical message dealing with Christ living in your heart.

I would be glad to explain further if anyone is interested.

Message: Posted by: DougTait (Nov 29, 2002 11:16PM)
1. Professor's nightmare to show how we immediately see the differences in people, (3 different lengths) but how God see us all the same and wants us to see each other through His eyes (all ropes same length.)

2. Lota Bowl to demonstrate that God's love for us never runs out, that we can always go to Him and He will provide for us.
Message: Posted by: AndyChil (Nov 30, 2002 01:44PM)
Both sound really good.

As a teacher, I am trying to include a little magic in the assemblies I do and linking it to a Christian message as much as I can. Frustrating part is that I have to preface any Christian bits I say with "This is what Christians believe ..." or "As a Christian I believe..." to keep me the right side of the law! :rolleyes:

Andrew :dance:
Message: Posted by: Andrew (Dec 2, 2002 12:34PM)
Hi Andrew.

I like to perform the Snowstorm, but I use red paper(though our sins be as scarlet...) which I tear up and dip into water (washed in the blood of Christ) and then fan the wet, red paper into white "snow" (...they shall be as white as snow.)

Take care,

Another Andrew
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Dec 2, 2002 06:26PM)
Hi Andy,
Good to see more new postings in this area of the Café!

Let me suggest "pen thru bill"... once pen is thru the bill explain that we are a little like this dollar bill (before asking Jesus into our hearts) with a hole in it. The longer we go through life without Christ, the more we try to fill the empty spot in our heart or soul. But when we receive him or ask him in we are made whole just like this bill when I pull the pen back through, etc... you get the idea, there are many different ways to go about it and things you can say when presenting it this way.

I have done this before groups and on stage at churches even and it is effective.

Merry Christmas! (I love this time of year and saying Merry Christmas to people)