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Topic: Vent nasal voice
Message: Posted by: AndyChil (Nov 29, 2002 01:52PM)
Hi all,
Could do with some help on my vent voice.
My natural voice is quite but not to deep and my natural vent voice is becoming more and more squeaky by the day!
At a recent workshop, someone suggested trying a nasal voice. Could someone help me out with how to do this please? Have tried to "just do it" but it's not really noticably different to my normal voice!! :)

Message: Posted by: harris (Dec 3, 2002 03:49PM)
Try placing your tongue at the roof of your mouth and using the sound,


Also try to find a working or retired vent
in your area. Personal touch is helpful.

Message: Posted by: Budihaha (Mar 7, 2003 01:52AM)
Try humming using nngg (like bees/flies sound) then add vowels like nnggaa and else. If you have mastered this, try to speak with that nasal voice.

Hope this helps!