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Topic: Introductions
Message: Posted by: MagicalChris (Jan 14, 2002 09:26AM)
I came upon the trick "Your Name Here" and thought it would be a great way to introduce yourself at tables.. because you are introducing yourself AS a magician by making your name appear on the tag.

anyone have any thoughts or ideas for other good icebreaker tricks?

-chris :nod:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jan 14, 2002 09:43AM)
The name tag idea I purchased about 15 years ago, it is not new. It sounds better than it plays. I think it is a nice idea but too slow as an opener with no real interaction.

I couldn’t be bothered constantly pinning and unpinning the badge, it soon got relegated to the drawer of no return :)

Most tricks can be icebreakers after you have explained who you are and what your function is, but preferably the quicker they are and if the spectator experiences the magic (it happens in his/her hands or to something he/she is holding) the better.

Message: Posted by: MagicalChris (Jan 14, 2002 05:26PM)
quite true.. but because, as far as I know, it re-sets easy, and you could just use it as an opener at some tables and the rest just keep it with it just saying your name.. then just do the trick when you feel it is right.. It just seems like it would be a great way to let them know Who you are and why not tell them what you do by showing them visually with the patter? then go into the next trick.. do it at a moderate speed then just go into a spongeball routine.. then close with a hitter!

any other comments on this?