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Topic: identifying these flourishes...
Message: Posted by: sigivert (Dec 1, 2002 12:33AM)
I'm not even really a flourishy guy and not even sure if most of these video clips are still available... but quite some time ago I saw some clips on Steve Fearson's site showcasing some of his friends doing some work.

The first was this insane looking flourish by Tony Picasso, where he had a deck, you saw his hands start moving around in a blur, and he had packets of cards IN-BETWEEN the fingers of both hands (not like Sybil, think piano card trick) with a packet between. never seen anything like it.

The second was from a guy named David Ren Jenkins where he had 6-8 signed cards, I believe, had someone shuffle, he took the pack back, separated the deck into about two equal halves between his hands, and started to do some of the most beautiful slow type flourishes simultaneously with both hands, consisting of one handed cuts and revelations, both hands mirroring, with him eventually revealing all the cards. My hands cramped just watching it.

Does anyone at all know what I'm talking about?
Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Dec 4, 2002 07:53PM)
Hey bud,

Not sure about the second one (sounds impressive though) but the first cut may be the Paul Draylin cut. Jeff McB's art of card manipulation teaches it on vol. 3 as well as Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse.

Message: Posted by: femur (Dec 6, 2002 02:54AM)
There are a few flourishes in the 'Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes' (by J. Cestkowsky) that qualify for the description you give.

Check http://www.flourishman.com for the source (he gives a table of contents).
Message: Posted by: Lonnie Dilan (Feb 4, 2003 04:14PM)
I remember them. I have not seen them for a while. I doubt you will ever see Tony's clip again.

That was some nice stuff.