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Topic: Busted red mugs?
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Dec 1, 2002 09:20AM)
Since we have returned to our beloved red mugs they don't seem to be working. Mine have been unchanged for two days. Operator error perhaps?
Message: Posted by: ddyment (Dec 1, 2002 02:01PM)
I have the same problem... since 28 November, once a mug becomes red, it remains that way indefinitely.

... Doug
Message: Posted by: Gene (Dec 1, 2002 02:26PM)
You probably have duplicate Café cookies on your computer. The best thing to do is find the cookies and delete all of them. This would mean the mugs wouldn't start out right, but they should act right on subsequent visits.

To do that, search your cookies folder (C:WINDOWSCookies - assuming you use Windows, of course) for files "containing text" themagiccafe.com/forums, delete the files found then clear your cache (Temporary Internet Files).
Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Dec 1, 2002 03:12PM)
That did the trick Gene. Thanks man!