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Topic: Tony Clark's Bottle Thru Body/Table
Message: Posted by: TOM WIESE (Mar 28, 2006 03:28PM)
Would like to hear from anyone who us currently using Tony Clark's "Bottle thru Body/Bottle thru table. I just recently received from The Trickery Magic Shop Tony Clark's gimmicks (3) and companion DVD. It turns out I already had several of these gimmicks as they are the same as the gimmicks that come with Kevin James' "Perrier with a Twist". Anyway, interested in anyone's thoughts about the Bottle thru Table and/or Bottle thru Body routines done on a close-up walk-around basis. I could use any pointers or suggestions pertaining to these routines.
Message: Posted by: roham92 (Jul 17, 2006 12:53AM)
Its a pretty good routine but I perfer using the routine for a bottle through table rather than a bottle through body. It depends on your style though, it dpends who I perfrom it for that I'll use it as a bottle through body but its also great for a bottle through table.
Message: Posted by: magiclee71 (Aug 24, 2006 06:34PM)
Can someone confirm if bottle through body gimmick is the same as Glass Mirage? I just got The bottle through body today and am excited to play around with it.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Full Deck (Sep 14, 2006 05:41PM)
I'm currently performing this effect in my set. I perform it as a bottle thru body and bottle thru table. When I perform this in a strolling situation, I do it as a bottle thru body, and when in a restaurant setting, I perform it as bottle thru table. I usually open with a coin in the bottle routine, then pass the bottle thru the table.

Full Deck
Message: Posted by: smitty (Feb 23, 2007 08:59AM)
I don't mean to sound in ANY WAY negative about this, but, the first time I watched the demo, I 'SAW' right through it. Pardon the pun. The more Tony did it, the more obvious it became, and the less I enjoyed it. Also VERY angly.

My kids even figured it out right away.

In the 'right' situation, it would be a KILLER. Won't give it a bad review, as the reactions on the demo can't be argued with. The spectators are 'stunned' to say the least.

But, too angly for me. For those who purchase it, ENJOY!

Message: Posted by: bond19 (Feb 27, 2007 11:47AM)
Fay Presto (a British lady magician) has been using the bottle through table as her signature piece for years...so I guess this trick MUST work just fine. Try a search on Youtube for a video clip.
Message: Posted by: bond19 (Feb 27, 2007 11:49AM)
Here's the link of Fay Presto performing the Bottle through table... (it starts with the invisble deck then a TT and bill routine).

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 28, 2007 06:46AM)
Bottle thru Babe (as I like to call it) is very angle dependent and does not bear repeating (as Smitty pointed out, it can become obvious). If you watch your angles and do it as a one off then it will play very well in a close-up walk around situation. I might perform it once at the top of the party and clearly note who is standing around me. Then I might close with it using a very different bottle if possible. That way it might throw off anyone watching from across the room that saw it earlier. Depending on the time spread and the size of the crowd, I doubt if I’d do it more than three times. Again, I’d make sure that I was against a wall or even in a corner (more or less).

Interestingly, the Neilson gimmick usually throws off anyone guessing the modus operandi of the trick. I would expect any one conversant in magic to see right through both this bit and the bottle thru table. If Smitty and his kids saw right through this then them would see right through the bottle thru table.

The real strength to this (and the bottle thru table) is the seeing the bottle at the last second and the surprise of it vanishing (to appear on the other side of a solid object).

I’ve not used the trick in a walk around situation. Frankly there are just too many good strong tricks I’d rather use that I can repeat and are not so angle dependant.

However, in the right venue with the right presentation this little trick is very good. I do use it fairly regularly. I use this trick as almost a throwaway gag for my “bike run” venues (yes I'm a dirt ball biker!).
I have been performing at the beginning and/or end of several “Bike Run’s” events (Poker Run, Freedom Ride, Rolling Thunder, etc.).

I tend to perform it against the bare midriff of a pretty girl. Luckily today’s fashion for younger girls is showing a bit of midriff. I call it "Bottle thru Babe!" If the audience isn’t watching the girl, since I am calling attention to her belly button then I haven’t picked the right one!

I start with a cold and wet bottle and no paper. After getting some byplay touching the bottle to the belly I wrap it in paper (the reason the bottle is wrapped - duh!). Then the trick is done quickly according to instructions.

I then move to an even stronger penetration trick to stop people from thinking about the bottle trick. I use the girl in my Iron Garrote routine (search the Café for that one).

The girl ends up with a flower and the bottle.

So far, I haven’t played it for a younger group (kid show). I used to think that it would probably play very strong for kids. Now, after Smitty’s comments about his kids, I wonder. I’ve also never even considered it for a walk around situation for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Feb 28, 2007 07:09AM)
B-19, many thanks for the link showing Fay working. I must admit the simplicity of her routines had me smiling (an invisible deck for goodness sake!)! She really controls her audience! I was amazed (really) at her handling of IT close-up and using spectator’s hands for “proving that nothing was holding the floating bit of paper (bank note?). Her presentation of the bottle thru bit was one of the best I‘ve seen (and I‘ve seen a few!). I like the way she plays it as a slow penetration complete with the sound of the bottle hitting the floor. Sweet!! In all that clip was a perfect example of the old adage of “it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!” and she does perform it very well indeed! Thanks again!!
Message: Posted by: smitty (Mar 2, 2007 11:34AM)
Yes Bond19, THANK YOU for that link. GREAT performance for sure. Like I mentioned earlier I'm NOT KNOCKING this effect in ANY way. I have the "greatest" respect for Mr. Clark.

Perhaps I've just been involved in magic a few too many years, (since 77 - well actually earlier, but seriously since 77) lol, and sometimes see through things too easily. I don't like that actually. I LOVE being fooled. When I'm fooled 'bad', it makes me feel GOOD when I can then figure out a technique to accomplish the trick, as I am 'not' very creative.

I won't say anymore about the Bottle thru 'Babe', ( I like that Mr. Murphy) to avoid any possibility of exposure. Like those who perform it on here say, IT PLAYS WELL. I won't argue that.

I think I like the Bottle thru Table much better. I'd be willing to perform that for sure. That looked great, with the 'slow' melting through the table.

Perhaps my only comment on this would be, how in the world did Criss Angel perform this with 'NO' cover over the bottle, except his hand being around the bass. I've watched that OVER AND OVER and have NO clue. My only guess is a s.......e, or g..... b.....

But, I'm not going to try and guess. Right now I am on a 'Cap/Coin thru Bottle' rampage, LOL. Trying VERY hard to create a 'Signed Cap thru Bottle', or SCB for short.

If anyone on here has ANY ideas, I'd love to correspond through PM with you.

Happy "Bottle thru Babes" everyone, lol