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Topic: Promo Shots
Message: Posted by: ChristianR (Mar 29, 2006 05:56PM)
Hello! I am interested in doing a promo shoot. I do not need a photographer but need ideas on what (if anything) should be in it. All thoughts welcome.
Message: Posted by: DanielSteep (Mar 29, 2006 06:22PM)
I think it depends on who your audiances are and what you do .
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Mar 31, 2006 10:04PM)
YOU should be in the shots. A good photographer will capture your essence.
Message: Posted by: DoomPenguin (Apr 1, 2006 12:05PM)
You should be doing whatever it is you like to do. If card magic is your thing, try out posing while holding a card fan or doing a card waterfall. Maybe take a shot of you preforming your favorite trick, to a spectator, or by yourself.

Another thought: in photos, you can get away with the more angle-sensitive tricks/illusions. Maybe tinker around with some of those if you'd like.
Message: Posted by: Williamanon (Apr 1, 2006 05:11PM)
You do need a PRO photographer who shoots magicians.

And what are the shots for? Posters? Billboards? Marquees?
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Apr 5, 2006 04:03PM)
Although pouting, glowering, dark looking pics seem to be popular with magicians I can tell you that the paying public responds better to a 'happy' looking performer. Smile. Make sure you smile. Unless of course your character is a pouting, glowering, dark performer. If that's the case pout, glower and look grim. But, why someone would want to hire someone like that is a mystery to me.

Try this...go to the Clean Comedians web site...http://www.cleancomedians.com/...and any other BOOKING agency that shows pics of performers and see what they are doing? Note the pic of Adam Christing on the home page....imagine what he would look like without the smile? Would YOU hire him if he looked like he just pooped his pants or had hemoroids? I don't think so.

Again, go look at what other SUCCESSFUL performers are doing. What do most of them look like in their pics? Do the same. Best,
Message: Posted by: MikeRaffone (Apr 7, 2006 09:51PM)
On 2006-04-01 18:11, Williamanon wrote:
You do need a PRO photographer who shoots magicians.


It depends. I tried this and ended up with better shots at home with my digital camera. If take the shots with your own camera you can take all the time you need to get it right. With a professional, you are limited to one or two hours you paid them for.

if you use a live animal, it should be in at least one of your photos.
Message: Posted by: magicdave777 (Apr 26, 2006 12:23PM)
Unless your are actually "doing" magic in the pic then forget silly props. In other words, I think making something levitate is ok. But don't take your picture while fanning cards or holding a rabbit. Lame.