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Topic: anyone know what happened to the klamm-magic site?
Message: Posted by: MrX (Dec 2, 2002 07:47PM)
I was about to order the Klamm Pocket Organizer but the site seems to be down. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Jim Robinson (Dec 3, 2002 04:00PM)
It is up now.

For the pocket organizer go to:

[url=http://www.klamm-magic.com/cgi-bin/web_store.cgi?cart_id=5526231_9819&keywords=CU001&exact_match=on]This location[/url]

Message: Posted by: MrX (Dec 4, 2002 08:23AM)
Thanks Robinson!

Just ordered mine!
Message: Posted by: ArtMagic (Dec 4, 2002 01:04PM)
I had the same problem. I have ordered from them in the past, but couldn't locate them on the web a few days ago.

Glad they're back!