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Topic: Impromptu Self-working Favorites
Message: Posted by: tgplano (Apr 13, 2006 01:53PM)
I've done a search and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

So many self-working or tricks involving "simple" sleights involve an extensive set-up or a gaff. I'm looking for this type of trick that is either totally impromptu or involves a very simple set-up. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: jcigam (Apr 13, 2006 02:01PM)
"Degrees of Freedom" in John Bannon's new book is self-working. The set-up (if you can call it that) is simple and definetely worth it. I overlooked this effect because it seemed like something I wouldn't be interested in but I used it a couple of weeks ago and people love it.

Jered S.
Message: Posted by: Jeff Corn (Apr 13, 2006 02:01PM)
Aldo Columbini has a 3 DVD set out on impromptu card magic called Impromptu Card Magic. My personal favorite is Daryl's Untouched.
Message: Posted by: cramias (Apr 13, 2006 02:51PM)
On the subject of John Bannon, his "Power of Poker" requires a very simple setup and is an amazing effect.

Overkill by Paul Harris also fits this category, though it requires one card from a deck of a different color.
Message: Posted by: DomKabala (Apr 13, 2006 03:04PM)
"Iconoclastic Aces" in "DMF" is a nice impromptu effect. "Discrepancy City Prediction" in Bannon's "Impossibilia" is also a good impromptu effect. "Time Machine" by Steve Freeman in "C.C.Vol.III" is a great impromptu effect. There are many to choose from. Good luck!!
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Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Apr 13, 2006 03:23PM)
Emotional Reaction by Dai Vernon

All the best,

Message: Posted by: RickyD (Apr 13, 2006 03:30PM)
One of the first books I got when I started into card magic was Karl Fulves' [i]Self-working Card Tricks[/i]. While some of his tricks require a bit of a setup (like a small stack of cards on top or on the bottom of the deck), the most complicated "sleight" required is the use of a key card (of course, I don't really consider that a sleight, but you know what I mean.)

One trick from it that requires absolutely no setup, no sleights, and no "numbers stuff" or counting is "Any Deck, Any Time". Neat little trick. Packs a decent punch, if you play it right. Probably my favorite from that book is "Quick as a Wink". If you perform it as described, it requires a little bit of setup. You can get around that if you rework it just a bit, though.

I've also heard good things about Bannon's stuff. I have one of his books ("DMF") on order, but I don't have it yet, so I can't comment from personal experience, but everyone I know seems to think it has some good stuff in it. (Realize, though, that it's not [i]all[/i] self-working or impromptu magic. Only certain routines in that book fall into that category.)
Message: Posted by: Nathan Kranzo (Apr 13, 2006 03:48PM)
That Fulves book is great. Full of great routines that fit this crieria.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: NeoMagic (Apr 13, 2006 04:08PM)
Something from another Fulves book which I especially like is The Memory Expert (Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic, pp.27-28). A neat effect that requires no prior setup. It can be briefly described as follows:

A volunteer thinks of a number and remembers the card at that number. The deck is given a complete cut. You look through the deck to memorize the order. The spectator names his card, say the KH. Immediately you say, "The KH is 22 cards [or whatever] down from the top." It is. Now the volunteer divulges his thought of number. Say it was ten. You reply, "The tenth card is the 8D." And it is!
Message: Posted by: budzy (Apr 13, 2006 04:10PM)
that's It in Wilfred Johnson's magic tricks and card tricks.

Message: Posted by: Talarspeed (Apr 13, 2006 06:35PM)
Somebody help me with this one. It is by Lennart Green. He bases the patter on Numerology. Basically you write down a prediction. A deck is shuffled and the spectator pulls 13 cards forward face down. This is narrowed to 3 and then a final card which will match your prediction.

I saw this on Best of The Best by The International Magician's Society.

Does anyone know the name? This is my favorite with a borrowed deck.
Message: Posted by: Chicagomagi (Apr 13, 2006 11:15PM)
Try taking a look at Harry Lorayne's "The Magic Book". It has several great self workers; I like the Drinker and the Gambler personally as well as his Poker Deal. But also has wonderful instruction on basic sleights and great tricks using nothing more than a Jog Shuffle Control or a DL or a Glide, etc. Really powerful stuff with very rudimentary handlings.

BTW, I second the recommendations for any of the John Bannon material - Dear Mr. Fantasy or Impossibilia. Great books but not as "sleight-lite" as the Lorayne book I mentioned above. Bannon's books contain more sleight heavy material than they do the self workers.

R Shane, the moderator of Online Visions - http://www.online-visions.com, has a book of self workers that looks really incredible called Automata. I don't own it but check out the .pdf sample (there's a link at the top of the Online Visions home page). Cool thinking and presentational material even though Shane is more into Bizarre magic.
Message: Posted by: late night diner (Apr 13, 2006 11:39PM)
I like a few of the above mentioned impromptu card tricks: Untouched, Power of Poker & Discrepancy City Prediction.

Another favorite in this category would be Dai Vernon's Out of Sight, Out of Mind.
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Apr 13, 2006 11:45PM)
Whassup by Daniel Garcia. I love this ! I use it all the time in bars.
impromptu cap in bottle effect. it is oh so easy to do and the reactions you'll get are awesome. it's in his Next notes.
you should really consider looking into this.

Message: Posted by: joseph (Apr 14, 2006 05:25AM)
I also like Overkill by Harris....great effect...
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Apr 14, 2006 07:26AM)
Designed For Laughter from Royal Road is a killer effect with no set up and all you need to pull off is a glide.
Message: Posted by: scorch (Apr 14, 2006 09:35AM)
Yes and speaking of Royal Road, Gray's Spelling Trick is pretty awesome and all you need is a key card glimpse. I consider key cards to be in the category of self-workers since there is no sleight of hand required. Also Mountebank Miracle from the same book.

You could do a lot of miracles with a "self-working" force like the cross cut force.
Message: Posted by: hadit (Apr 14, 2006 09:42AM)
Card Warp - one tiny bit of prep and your ready to floor 'em
Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Apr 14, 2006 09:54AM)
"pre - configuration" on mark eldsons "before I forget" dvd
Message: Posted by: Erdnase27 (Apr 14, 2006 10:19AM)
Devestation on Geoff Williams Miracles for Mortals vol.2 absoulutely fries them.
Message: Posted by: wunceaponatime (Apr 14, 2006 10:35AM)
Aldo Colombini's Predeckability is a great self working effect.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Loh (Apr 14, 2006 10:38AM)
Further Than That
Message: Posted by: tgplano (Apr 14, 2006 03:51PM)
Thanks for all of the suggestions. There must be more. In another thread of "Favorite Self-Working Card Tricks" there are three pages of tricks listed. Here there is less than a page.
Message: Posted by: Paul H (Apr 15, 2006 02:48AM)
A couple of good impromptu self working effects based on the 21 card trick are the 21 card trick outdone, (I have the version on volume two of Gerry Griffins 'Complete Card Magic' DVD) and Andrew Wimhursts 'How to cheat at 21' on his Card Artistry video. Another great self worker is Sal Piacente's awesome 4,5,6 packet trick from Vol 2 of his DVD Lecture Notes, and its completely impromptu. I also very much like Meilechl's 'Impossible Count' card mystery, another easy to do impromptu self worker that is totally mysterious to the layman. The link is provided by Meilechl himself on the first page of his excellent 'links to past tricks' in the secret sessions section.


Paul H
Message: Posted by: Mago Gregorio (Apr 16, 2006 07:44PM)
Best of the best and quite self working is Out of the world , Curry, Lorayne, Colombini, Ammar version, which can be found in M Ammar ETMCM
Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Apr 16, 2006 11:13PM)
Interesting - I received, as contributions, three modern 21-Card Trick ideas for BEST OF FRIENDS, VOLUME III. Actually, I received more, but three will eventually appear in the book. HARRY LORAYNE.
Message: Posted by: Anabelle (Apr 17, 2006 05:16PM)
Jim Steinmeyer? There are some awesome things in there. How about the Lennart Green dvd?

Message: Posted by: Paul H (Apr 18, 2006 02:42AM)
I also greatly appreciate Harry's 'Out of this Universe' especially when two selections are included, one black card and one red card. Each is replaced and lost in the deck only to re-appear with the black card amongst the reds and the red card amongst the blacks. I either use an impromptu OOTW first to get into position or Harry's entertaining approach described in his 'Close Up Card Magic'.


Paul H
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Apr 18, 2006 05:33AM)

Another favorite in this category would be Dai Vernon's Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Umm...in what sense in OOSOOM "self-working"? It requires pinkie breaks, double undercuts, an overhand shuffle count and a glimpe.
Message: Posted by: redheadjuggler (Apr 18, 2006 08:22AM)
I'm not sure if Bill Tarr invented the trick, but I found it in his "Now you see it, Now you Don't Notebook." Its call "three card coincidence". I've been useing it for years. Its completely impromtu, self working and killer, I do mean killer. My favorite part (like many selfworkers) the wrk is all done by the spec. So they feel like they have all the control and then in the end they have nowhere to go as far as an explanation.
Look it up,
Message: Posted by: syd_uk (Apr 18, 2006 08:46PM)
If using a card from another deck counts, then [url=http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=635]Revolver[/url] is a good effect. The only sleight is an Ascanio spread.

'Cross Twist' from Art of Astonishment also gets great reactions.

But you really can't beat an impromptu version of 'Out Of This World'.

Message: Posted by: Rennie (Apr 18, 2006 09:33PM)
Impromptu self working, check out:
The Card Magic of Nick Trost and Effortless Card Magic by Peter Duffie..
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Apr 22, 2006 01:23AM)
Bannon's Timely Departure is outstanding and it's easy to do.
Message: Posted by: MueCard (Apr 22, 2006 02:41AM)
Not mentioned up to now:
Message: Posted by: weapon (Apr 23, 2006 12:04AM)
Lennart greens numerology... case closed
I havent seen a stronger self working effect..in my opinion!
Message: Posted by: Clark (Apr 23, 2006 12:18AM)
Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Trick series is the best resource I have ever seen for the type of routines that you are looking for. Too many great tricks in those pages to even start to name them.

Message: Posted by: tbaer (Apr 23, 2006 07:58PM)
Bob Solari's premonition is a good self working card trick.
Message: Posted by: ziatro (Apr 23, 2006 08:25PM)
On 2006-04-14 10:42, hadit wrote:
Card Warp - one tiny bit of prep and your ready to floor 'em

Hardly self working.
Message: Posted by: rannie (Apr 23, 2006 09:11PM)
Aldo Colombini is coming out with a new book filled with self working card tricks. One of my effects called "THIS IS THE CARD" will be in it.

Rannie Raymundo
aka The Boss
aka The Manila Enforcer
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jun 12, 2006 04:43PM)
What a motherlode of helpful information in this thread! There is more than anyone could posibly use or learn in a lifetime.
Message: Posted by: scorch (Jun 12, 2006 08:12PM)
Harry Lorayne's Impromptu Out of This World is one of my all-time favorite impromptu self-workers.
Message: Posted by: joeKing (Jun 13, 2006 08:46AM)
My favorites include:

Overkill (Paul Harris)
Untouched (Daryl)
Message: Posted by: SPINE (Jun 13, 2006 08:51AM)
Dream Card a.k.a. Untouched
Gemini Twins

The latter of these two leaves them stunned pretty good.
Message: Posted by: Mago Gregorio (Jun 13, 2006 01:52PM)
Does anybody know where may I find Numerology by Lennart Green as mentionned by Weapon ?
Message: Posted by: James Alan (Jun 13, 2006 09:57PM)
There are some other self working tricks on Green Magic Vol 7. Some of it requires pretty extensive set up, others don't.

Also, check out the Fooler Dooler series by Daryl. 90% of the stuff is impromptu and uses only basic sleight of hand.
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jun 14, 2006 01:10AM)
My favorite "impromptu" effect is my own "Thought Of Card At Thought Of Number (Sort Of)", which I have posted here someplace. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Hansen (Jun 14, 2006 02:15AM)
Lennart Green's "Eye of Stonehenge" gets my vote. No set-up and only one simple glimpse and you have a truly mind-boggling effect.
Message: Posted by: Marc Frese (Jun 14, 2006 02:25AM)
Eye of Stonehenge yeah this rocks!!!

The best Self-working trick!!!!
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Jun 14, 2006 04:13AM)
On 2006-06-14 02:10, dpe666 wrote:
My favorite "impromptu" effect is my own "Thought Of Card At Thought Of Number (Sort Of)", which I have posted here someplace. :devilish:

LOL :) When will you be releasing "Thought of, sort of!" ??
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jun 14, 2006 06:34PM)
It is already posted here on the Café.....someplace. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Jun 15, 2006 04:18AM)
On 2006-06-14 19:34, dpe666 wrote:
It is already posted here on the Café.....someplace. :devilish:

Aha - found it - very nice!! Thank you.

It's here if anyone else is interested (scroll down)

Message: Posted by: sohaib (Jun 15, 2006 06:31AM)
Roger, I'd love to check out your effect, but for some reason I can't access it.
I'm given the following message:
"Sorry, you do not have access to view the topic in this forum."
Message: Posted by: sohaib (Jun 15, 2006 06:36AM)
Here are my favorites, in order:

4,5,6 Packet Trick
Gemini Twins w/ duplicate cards
Lazy Man's Card Trick
Message: Posted by: sohaib (Jun 15, 2006 06:40AM)
Sorry, I mean dpe666's effect
Message: Posted by: karbonkid (Jun 15, 2006 07:37AM)
I second the Steve Beam books. They are a powerhouse of self working and easy to do magic.

I also second the mention of a version of 'prefiguration' by Larry Jennings, although the handling mentioned earlier was from someone else.
Message: Posted by: M Pitcher (Jun 20, 2006 07:49PM)
One for the Money, a GOLDEN selfworking trick by Bill Goldman, you can get it on DVD by Bob Kohler Magic and it is also in Bill's lecture notes, it soooooo good !
Message: Posted by: giulio1971 (Jun 22, 2006 10:14AM)
And what'about IMPOSSIBLE by Larry Jennings ?
Message: Posted by: scorch (Jun 23, 2006 12:25AM)
I've never liked Impossible. All that counting and spelling. Even (or especially) when Jennings does it, it's pretty boring. Sorry if that's blasphemy but it's true.
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Jun 23, 2006 01:42AM)
On 2006-06-15 07:31, sohaib wrote:
Roger, I'd love to check out your effect, but for some reason I can't access it.
I'm given the following message:
"Sorry, you do not have access to view the topic in this forum."
Aha! You have to wait until you have made 50 posts my friend. :)
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jun 23, 2006 01:44AM)
On 2006-06-23 01:25, scorch wrote:
I've never liked Impossible. All that counting and spelling. Even (or especially) when Jennings does it, it's pretty boring. Sorry if that's blasphemy but it's true.

Then check out my handling. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Vaderbreath (Jun 25, 2006 10:14AM)
I just learned John Bannon's Degrees of Freedom (as mentioned earlier) and I freaked myself out so bad I threw my cards. Amazing trick. In fact, it's the kind that you'll do over and over again for yourself because it seems to impossible.

Message: Posted by: Mago Gregorio (Jun 25, 2006 10:58AM)
Also very recommended Prediction a la Kuskal, from Mnemonica p68. 3 predictions made, spect cut the deck and deal the number of cards coresponding othe card at the cut till finding the 3 predictions !
Message: Posted by: Rossolim0z (Jun 25, 2006 03:40PM)
Out of this world is a classic. I don't know if anyone remembers Thought stealer from Royal Road To Card Magic but that is an excellent mind reading impromptu effect. Also Gary's spelling trick is an amazing self-working effect.
Message: Posted by: adgnyc (Jun 26, 2006 07:37AM)
There are more impromptu self-workers than you can shake a stick at in Lewis Jones's superb "Seventh Heaven." I cannot reccomend this book highly enough.
Message: Posted by: waltsal (Jun 26, 2006 09:53AM)
Seventh Heaven gets a lot of kudos but is not available in the US. Perhaps it will be released as an ebook. That is certainly the future of magic publishing.
Message: Posted by: Philippe (Jun 26, 2006 09:53AM)
Dpe666, I looked on your site but can not see 'impossible'?
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Jun 26, 2006 05:18PM)
On 2006-06-26 10:53, Philippe wrote:
Dpe666, I looked on your site but can not see 'impossible'?

It is right here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=92225&forum=37 :devilish:
Message: Posted by: nique (Jun 27, 2006 10:06AM)
Jack Carpenter's "A Potent Presage" is a hot favourite of mine... strong, self-working.
Message: Posted by: nique (Jun 27, 2006 10:08AM)
Jack Carpenter's "A Potent Presage" is a hot favourite of mine... strong, self-working.
Message: Posted by: apple123 (Sep 13, 2006 11:41AM)
A trick I really like is one I call "Prediction". It can be found in Martin Gardners book Mathematics Magic and Mystery P5 "Estimated cut". It is a great self working card trick provided you have more cards to start with than the person you're doing the trick for. And the best thing about it you can repeat it. The more you do it, the more baffling they get. I learned it many years ago and it's still one of my fav.