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Topic: What should I buy?
Message: Posted by: UndergroundMark (Apr 21, 2006 09:13AM)
Ok I have only, in my entire magic career, spent about $10 on magic. A couple of those little dollar sets from Dollar Tree and I bought the coin bite off the internet. Now over the years I have every 6 months or so bought some cards thought but anyways.

Lets say I finally came into some dough about $100.
What magic items should I buy to get my moneys worth.
Lets say for close up, street, and magic I could do if asked to perform at a party for kids say 13 and older.
Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (Apr 21, 2006 10:16AM)
Mark are you taking a survey here? as to what effects to keep in stock.
Sorry but your profile doesn't make you sound like a person that spent about $10 on magic.

Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Apr 21, 2006 11:36AM)
Buy "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic" and save the rest until you are certain you know what direction you want your magic career to go in. Avoid buying single effects, 9 out of 10 times you will be wasting your money. Stick to the classics and make informed purchases.
Message: Posted by: airship (Apr 21, 2006 11:50AM)
I agree with JackScratch. You're better off learning to do some effects with common objects. Once you have the 'moves' down, then buy some tricks. I'm an amateur, I have spent only about $100 on magic tricks in 40 years, and I seldom use any of them. Most of what I do, I do with objects at the dinner table, cards, and coins. The pros will tell you, most of magic is in the presentation.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Apr 21, 2006 01:05PM)
Books! The Bruce Elliot series (Classic Secrets of Magic, etc.), Bill Tarr's Now You See It Now You Don't #'s 1&2, Henry Hay's Amateur Magicians Handbook, Harry Lorayne's Magic Book, etc. are all GREAT books and relatively inexpensive and readily available through general sources.
Message: Posted by: UndergroundMark (Apr 21, 2006 01:41PM)
I have Mark Wilsons Course (Got it as a present once) :)
Message: Posted by: huffers (Apr 21, 2006 06:00PM)
There appears to be 2 versions of the Mark Wilson book ... a big one and a little one ? Is the content the same in both ?
Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Apr 21, 2006 09:31PM)
No. Get the big one. It has more and they cost about the same.
Message: Posted by: indysmagic (Apr 23, 2006 07:05PM)
Buy Books-
Keep an eye out for a Tarbell Course. I see it often at magic auctions or magic flea markets or online auctions.
Message: Posted by: UndergroundMark (Apr 23, 2006 08:16PM)
OK You guys don't seem to understand. I am talking about individual effects with like props and stuff.
Message: Posted by: sunnydolan (Apr 23, 2006 09:37PM)
And were telling you that that's not the way to go. The best way is with books like Card college, Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic, Tarbells Course in Magic, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, exc.
Message: Posted by: UndergroundMark (Apr 24, 2006 06:41AM)
I have Wilsons COurse and Bobos Coin magic and I have access to Hundreds of different tricks with every day objects like you would do in those books. And I have been studying them for every. I AM ready to perform a professinoal show. All I am asking is your opinion on wich effects to choose. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Apr 24, 2006 10:18AM)

Your question is pretty open ended with the information you have provided. There are so many ways to go. What do you want to do?

There are so many generalized categories:
Close up
Birthday/Corporate Parties
Trade Show
Cruise Ships

You get the picture. There are so many venues which each require a special set of utility devices, specialty props and techniques. If you can tell us what you are interested in then perhaps the advice could be narrowed a little.

Until we appear again,
Kipp Sherry
Message: Posted by: jolyonjenkins (Apr 24, 2006 10:42AM)
I don't understand - as Maro says, your profile and website suggest that you are a magic dealer. Why are you asking this question?
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Apr 24, 2006 11:11AM)

After looking at your web site I think I understand your question.

You seem to be selling effects on your web site that you did not create. Do you have permission from the creators of these effects to sell these items? Are you paying royalties?

It appears to me that you are looking for people to suggest effects that you can rip off, and sell on your web site. BAD IDEA!

I would suggest you re-think what it means to be a professional magician or a respected magic dealer.

Until we appear again,
Kipp Sherry
Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Apr 24, 2006 12:10PM)
Yeah, I think you're missing the point that anyone who is going to give you advise on this subject, in this place, is going under the assumption that you want to be a magician, and not a prop collector. If you want to be a prop collector, you're looking for advise in the wrong place. If you want to be a magician, and you have all the resources you have (and how you got all of those, having spent only $10 I can't imagine, but we will go with it for now) then you need to devote yourself to developing a complete performance, by looking for pretty much everything except what you are looking for in this thread.

If the other guys are right about looking for something to rip off, that's something else you're looking for in the wrong place.

You have been given some of the most spectacular replies you can have recieved, given the question you have asked.
Message: Posted by: JackScratch (Apr 24, 2006 10:41PM)
We shouldn't make assumptions. The observation has been made, but as yet, no one has been convicted.