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Topic: GoMagicGo Podcasts
Message: Posted by: Piper1973 (Apr 22, 2006 07:33AM)
I am sure this has been brought up before, but I think it is worth bringing up again.

http://www.gomagicgo.com/ has a beginner podcast that is a tutorial through Royal Road to Card Magic. It is a fantastic resource. In addition the the beginner podcasts, there are also weekly podcasts that deal with magic in general. I've been working my way through both and have found them to be a great resource. If you're new to magic they do a good job of building background.
Message: Posted by: Stimpy (Apr 26, 2006 02:59PM)
Cool! Thanks a lot. I am just downloading this stuff. :)
Message: Posted by: Ethan Starkiller (Apr 30, 2006 12:47PM)
Thanks for the tip. I've downloaded these and they're the perfect companion for RLTCM. Within minutes of listening I've cut out some problems I was having with basic card handling.
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Apr 30, 2006 05:22PM)
I am gonna try to get it here... Wish me luck.
Message: Posted by: Cory Gallupe (Apr 30, 2006 06:00PM)
Darn, I don't have quicktime. Is there a way I can listen to them without quicktime? Or will I have to dowload it... Im not sure it works on our computer. If anyone knows of another way to listen to them, let me know. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: ChristianR (Apr 30, 2006 07:35PM)
Knock yourself out!

[b]Title:[/b] Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast
[b]Host(s):[/b] Keith Barber, Andrew Payne
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.gomagicgo.com[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] Magicians Andrew Payne and Keith Barber discuss the art of magic in all its forms. Go Magic Go is totally independent, and it is the web's first magic podcast.

[b]Title:[/b] Magic Interviews
[b]Host(s):[/b] instantpud
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.magicinterviews.blogspot.com/[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] Listen to interviews with noteworthy magicians. Advice for budding magicians and personal histories of magic. No tricks, but the real secrets.

[b]Title:[/b] Performer's Podcast
[b]Host(s):[/b] Tyas Frantz
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.penguinmagic.com/podcasts.php[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] A series of special Podcasts to help performers of all types get to the next level.

[b]Title:[/b] Radio Magic
[b]Host(s):[/b] Jay, Layman Steve and Matthew (Producer)
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.radiomagic.co.uk[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] Live from London every Monday, This is your magic programme where you can have you say! Be part of this new, unique and exciting venture! Broadcast live from our London studio's every Monday at 8pm, Radio Magic is the first magic programme backed by a professional 24 hour radio station! Radio Magic will become your favourite source of information in the magic world. Its Free and easy to listen in without any annual subscription fee! Subscribe to our podcast and you will be kept up to date with the latest news, views and interviews from the magic world.

[b]Title:[/b] The MagicBroadcast Podcast
[b]Host(s):[/b] Ryan
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.magicbroadcast.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=222[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] Radio For Magicians! Now you can carry MagicBroadcast in your pocket, and keep up on the highlights from the live shows on MagicBroadcast.com. Plus "never-before-heard" segments produced exclusively for the podcast!

[b]Title:[/b] MagicTricks.co.uk Podcast
[b]Host(s):[/b] Carl Fraser
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://www.magictricks.co.uk/[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] MagicTricks.co.uk are the UK's leading online magic tricks store. Our regular podcast has the latest details from our website plus magic news from the UK.

[b]Title:[/b] Sleight Club
[b]Host(s):[/b] Chris Wilcox
[b]Website:[/b] [url]http://sleightclubshow.com/index.html[/url]
[b]Description:[/b] Sleight Club is a interview podcast for magicians. Hosted by Chris Wilcox.
Message: Posted by: Ethan Starkiller (May 2, 2006 05:23AM)
Hi magicman101,

If you right click and download the file, it's a regular mp3, which you should be able to play - I think!
Message: Posted by: haulboss007 (May 3, 2006 10:31PM)
GMG is in my mind the BEST magic podcast out there. Keith and Andrew, know what they are talking about when it comes to the craft of magic.
Message: Posted by: RickCastro (May 9, 2006 03:07PM)
I have been listening to Keith and Andrew and they rock! I love the podcast and all the great laughs!