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Topic: The Most Visually Stunning Piece Of Magic You Bought
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Apr 25, 2006 06:40AM)

I'm looking for some visual tricks. Please let me know the most visual tricks you own and perform (they must be workable)...also state where they can be obtained from.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: Y2John (Apr 25, 2006 08:16AM)
Ok, here's a list of a couple of the effects I use which I think are visual:

STIGMATA by Wayne Houchin. Ellusionist
Sinful. Most magic retailers.
Liquid Metal. Penguin Magic
Pyro Perception.
Rubber Made (Daniel Garcia project). Penguinmagic, Magictricks.co.uk, various retailers
Ring Thing by Garrett Thomas (learnt it from Gregory Wilson in action) Magictricks.co.uk, various other.
Twisted (Daniel Garcia project). Penguin Magic, Magictricks.co.uk, various other.
Cesaral Melting Point. Hocus-Pocus, various others.
Passing Thru by Kevin Parker. kevinparkerproductions.com

There's a few for you. Most stuff by Daniel Garcia is very visual. What type of tricks are you into?

Posted: Apr 25, 2006 9:19am
Oh, Key Accessory and Ice From Water are both very good also. Ice from water is very visual, and it can be worked into a street performance. Both of these are available from hocus-pocus.com.
Message: Posted by: The Mac (Apr 25, 2006 12:56PM)
These are great- it's a nice list for people who want to see and perform really visual magic.
Message: Posted by: Kipp Sherry (Apr 25, 2006 02:51PM)
Have you checked out my P-PIK Prediction Cards? Check it out and see what you think. Click on the link in my signature. I have an online video that shows the visual portion. If you like it you can purchase it from me, or I provide a list of reputable magic dealers who carry the effect.
Message: Posted by: sirbrad (May 18, 2006 03:39AM)
Misled, one of the most visual effects in magic. There are tons more, but that is always the first one that comes to mind. Watch the melt-thru in the mirror if you need convincing. You will say to yourself, "How did I do that?!"
Message: Posted by: The Mac (May 19, 2006 12:43PM)
I agree with mislead - its simple and elegant
Message: Posted by: therapysessions (May 19, 2006 01:18PM)
I've been using Ring Thing for a while and now that the dvd is out I picked it up and added a few moves to my routine. I keep it short and sweet and it always gets amazing reactions. It's purely visual and looks like trick photography, I highly recommend it. Check the demos. You can see them at ellusionist.com. It's by Garrett Thomas
Message: Posted by: Joe Russell (May 19, 2006 05:43PM)
DIS JOINTED (just joking lol), I really like Garrett Thomas' Ring Thing
Message: Posted by: ALX 2.0 (May 20, 2006 12:20AM)
PUNCTURE (just kidding lol), I also really like Garrett's Ring Thing.
Message: Posted by: The Mac (May 20, 2006 01:49PM)
Whats this david blaine sarcasm...lol..um pulling spectators teeth out..just kidding.. (wtf?)
Message: Posted by: ALX 2.0 (May 20, 2006 03:51PM)
Puncture is my effect. Dis Jointed is Joe's.
Message: Posted by: The Mac (May 20, 2006 04:24PM)
Er..ok then..can I have a freebie copy of both you guys effects? lol (its my birthday ;) )
Message: Posted by: Lee Darrow (May 22, 2006 09:16AM)
Tough call on this because it really, for me, depends on the audience. For some audiences, it's the Chop Cup. One of the greatest inventions of all time - Al Wheatley should be sanctified for it.

For other situations, it's the Mis-Made Bill, which I use in a double bill routine.

And for other audiences, it's the Linking Rings, which is STILL one of the most visually stunning things you can do IF you perform SLOWLY on at least one unlink move.

Lee Darrow, C.H.
Message: Posted by: whoton (May 25, 2006 04:14AM)
Ninja rings very visual and great for street...
Message: Posted by: The Person With A Username (May 25, 2006 07:55PM)
I can also support the linking rings. Chris Capehart's routine is great for street performances, too. The color changing silks is also a practical, visual effect that is very beautiful to the spectators.
Message: Posted by: zing82 (May 26, 2006 02:39AM)
I would agree that Stigmata and Sinful are visual. But are we forgetting about color changes? If done correctly, its the most visual move.
Message: Posted by: MAGISHAUN (May 26, 2006 02:20PM)
Well I just got the download for Passing thru by Kevin Parker and it was very interesting. The illusion is GREAT! One of the best eye catchers that I have come across in a long time. So seemingly impromptu yet baffling because the method in a layperson's (as well as some magicians) eye is that it has to be some new technology or out of this world device but its so simple!!! Its simple yet, and most importantly, creative and that's what I like. Even knowing the method still shocks you when looking down at the "penetration". In my opinion any trick/illusion that mystifies even the performer performing it, is worth the effort and for this item... definitely worth the price. My rating is 9 out of 10.

Message: Posted by: Mayo (May 28, 2006 01:44PM)
2$ Window


Bizzare twist

or amazingly the most stunning reaction out of all the money tricks that I perform the classic bill switch gets them everytime! I have received stronger reactions from the classic switch than I have hundy500.
I have a theory as to why that is, but now is not the time to explain.

Message: Posted by: late night diner (May 29, 2006 02:43AM)
Credit Card (both sides) to playing card (both sides). I bought it online from a store in the UK. Makes for a nice visually change on a video demo.
Message: Posted by: Binary (May 29, 2006 04:57PM)
Leaving Home, Coin in bottle, Spooked, Loops, D'lite... Its hard to choose.

From the sound of people here though, ring thing is going near the top of my buying list :P
Message: Posted by: vad (May 30, 2006 09:32PM)
Mislead and Ghostbills, simple and visual
Message: Posted by: Witness4him (May 31, 2006 01:05PM)
Greetings Everyone,
Good recomendations for single commercial effect. I love magic that is visual. I love them though because like someone else said here, you experience the magic, although you know the method, your eyes see it and are fooled. Many can use simple methods and simple props. I love the vanish and reapearance of a small silk using a thumb tip. David Ginn has a good routine on this in Children Laugh Louder.
There is One thing he discusses also in that book, and I agree with. He had used the effect, not sure of the name, in which a silk appears in a clear box. He put it into the show, but at first found it didn't have big impact. He found he had to have a strong routine and a buildup to the appearance. He had to get everyone focussed on where it was going to happen, and help people anticipate it. Then it got much better response. I think that's true, even with the strongest visual effect. What about you?
Message: Posted by: Lawrens Godon (Jun 1, 2006 05:39AM)

I recently find that a lot of stunning magic could rise from crystal ball...
The purest form of floating ball effect, with no gimmick and no silk!
I'm currently working it out through "personal" moves and video's I can put my hands on...

Did you try it?
Message: Posted by: Mitchell.Stafiej (Jun 3, 2006 10:04PM)
Stigmata, I watched it once and was floored. When I was ready, I performed it, and WOW, the second performance made a girl cry. I highly recommend it for the Initial Prediction version.

Message: Posted by: toomuchmagic (Jun 8, 2006 05:39PM)
On 2006-05-26 03:39, zing82 wrote:
I would agree that Stigmata and Sinful are visual. But are we forgetting about color changes? If done correctly, its the most visual move.

Someone please stab me with a color changing knife or something...
Message: Posted by: Silver_Fang (Jun 12, 2006 08:46PM)
For me it would probably a combination jeff McBrides magic onstage volume 1, 10" linking rings set, and metamorph spots.
Message: Posted by: james333 (Jun 15, 2006 09:45AM)
Nothing in my book beats "here then there" Crash 1 from ellusionist SIMPLE DOSE HIT HARD
Message: Posted by: i_am_fish (Jun 23, 2007 10:54AM)
I gotta say my favorite visual effect is Kevin Parker's Passing Thru. When I saw the demo for it, I was hooked. I immediately bought it and watched the download. When I performed it for my buddy, who is also a magician, he said it looked truly convincing. I am planning to work it into my street routine because of the reactions this effect gets. It's one thing to slam a coin through a bottle, but to slowly see the borrowed coin penetrate a completely solid bottle...it made me believe in magic again. I just want to thank Kevin Parker for his fantastic effects. Passing Thru is one to definitely add to your repertoire if you work street, close-up, or coins. Very visual and very magical. Thanks again, Kevin.
Message: Posted by: Darth Ewok (Jun 24, 2007 08:13AM)
Proffessor's nightmare is a good one. a lot of Paul Harris' stuff is very visual (immaculate connection, unshuffling rebbeca)one thing I love is something from jeff McBride's art of card manipulation vol 1 is the wink change. it always get a good reaction.
Message: Posted by: Gary Kosnitzky (Jun 24, 2007 01:52PM)
I have to vote for "Cigarette Up The Nose" by me.
No need to say one word. Truely pure visual magic at it's best.
Message: Posted by: Matthew St. Cyr (Jun 27, 2007 05:07PM)
Ghost Bills is a great visual effect when working the close-up crowd.
Peanut Butter and Jelly is usually one of the highlights of my kid shows.....I hear more adults gasp then kids!
Message: Posted by: MinnesotaChef (Jun 28, 2007 05:19AM)
The Hot Rod, done well, still gets the money. A good routine is a must, however.
Message: Posted by: shoostergoogle (Jun 28, 2007 01:20PM)
Fearsons floating cigarette.
Message: Posted by: VcosNJ (Jun 28, 2007 05:20PM)
Has WOW been said? Just seeing the card change, it's so visual to the eyes.
Message: Posted by: Barry Daugherty (Jul 13, 2007 12:57PM)
If you're looking for truly visual, I still get amazed every time watching Richard Sander's Fiber Optics DVD. Even though I know how it works, it pleases me every time I see it.
Message: Posted by: Ilya Larionov (Aug 19, 2007 05:11PM)
PK ring, used in Cap Through Glass Bottle
VisiBill by Richard Sanders; all Sanders' tricks are highly visual.
Message: Posted by: Bedford (Aug 19, 2007 09:44PM)
Daniel Garcia's Torn
Wayne Houchin's Sinful
Message: Posted by: JamesTong (Aug 20, 2007 08:06AM)
Chop Cup for me.
Message: Posted by: mellodreams (Sep 5, 2007 12:09AM)
Prohibition and Fraud are both easily donr right in the spectators face. Like you are not even hiding anything.
Message: Posted by: PirateJohn (Sep 6, 2007 11:21PM)
One of my personal faves is Card Warp. Someone taught it to me many years ago and I had performed it for a while but put it away. Not long ago I watched it on a Michael Ammar video and wondered why I put the trick away in the first place. Maybe it was because I was going through too many decks of cards...

But I've picked it up again and it's become one of my favorites.
Message: Posted by: james08 (Sep 12, 2007 05:37AM)
Should I say "WOW"?
Message: Posted by: GeorgeSantos (Oct 17, 2007 04:02AM)
Sticky Situation! My audience remembers me for this effect the most.
Message: Posted by: Montethrower (Oct 20, 2007 07:14PM)
Torn by Daniel Garcia. In my book, it is the best T&R card, EVER. Visual, clean, and free flowing. I love it!!

Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Oct 25, 2007 11:21PM)
Quantum Bender 2.0
Message: Posted by: leosx1 (Jul 14, 2009 07:12AM)
Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jul 19, 2009 04:54AM)
Over the last 8 yeasr, the effect that gets the most comments and silent stares is Coin Alchemy, but you need a better lead in that the one offered. It also segues into other coin effects. I have never undestood why it isn't more popular.

PM me if you have it and don't like it ;-)
Message: Posted by: Jamie D (Jul 19, 2009 02:04PM)
Qb 2.0
various dvd's/books on metal bending
I guess it's more Gimicks/methods to for me.

Message: Posted by: tbone81 (Jul 20, 2009 07:53AM)
IT PK/levitation effects.
Message: Posted by: Russell Scoggin (Oct 22, 2009 08:34PM)
Double Back is great! As far as "Piece of magic you bought" goes. Now as far as video or instructional magic. Then "Potholes" by Michael Close is killer, "Slo Motion Bill Transposition" by Roger Klause is also great. And then the old bill levitation by (I'm not sure) is probably the very best. I do the old version. No reels. I have all kinds of reels and devices. But still my favorite is the cheapest method there is. Just plain thread, not elastic, with a hook up (Ball of Scotch tape on one end and wax on the other). I've been doing that version for 28 years when I first discovered IT at a magic shop in Amarillo, TX back in the summer of '81. With the different ideas and things I've come up with and seen, I have people a lot of times asking me how I did my floating bill effect because it's different than the "Thread" method they already know about. They tell me that they know my way of doing it can't be done with thread. LOL! :)
Message: Posted by: eddierush (Oct 24, 2009 12:49AM)
1) Rubberband effects: Crazy man's and I just got Jumper - it's a killer
2) Ring and String: I sleep with my ring and string (I luvz it)
3) Sponge balls: Yes I said sponge balls. It's an oldie but look at it from a spectator's point of view.
4) The coin magic of Eric Jones: The guy is too smooth and his effects hit hard
5) Ambitious Cards: Yeah I still get gasps and wows with variations of this effect.
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Oct 24, 2009 02:41AM)
Richard Sander's Fiber Optics.

I have a single rope routine that I do with a few added bits like a ring on rope part. When I first started to use this I noticed it pulled people in so if I had for people watching at the start ill have at least 5 more at the end. I noticed people saw it from other tables so when I approach they know who iam and are excited about me coming. I also stand in a conner and just play and as it gets people attention I approach. Also I use at the end of my street act as well.
Message: Posted by: eddierush (Oct 24, 2009 07:30PM)
Yellowcustard - Yes! The routines on Fiber Optics Extended are sweet! You are right, the moves are an attention getter on the street. I can simply stand there going through several of the moves (maybe incorporate a ring) and people will stop and stare. At some point when I have enough people I hand the rope out for inspection and move onto some other effects (ring and string). Then I return to the ropes ending clean.

Of course we all know that many of these same routines can be found in the Tarbell books and Daryl's tapes. But hey, Richard adds some of his own twists and puts it into a nice package. Why not.
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Oct 25, 2009 01:14AM)
The Balducci Levitation has been my favorite.(Believe it or not) It's one I rarely perform, but when I do it is usually for only a selected few. I prefer the urban myth of my levitation over the actual thing so I milk it for everything it's worth when I do perform it. I want the persons who see it be the people who our my witnesses to others when telling them about what I did. The stories they tell are always more magicial than what they actually seen.

When I perform the Balducci Levitation for a selected few I always get strong reactions, that's why I reserve it for just special moments. By reserving it for just special moments I allow the myth of what I did spread and grow. I then merely need to keep it alive by feeding it once in a while.

Being that I am a Gospel Magician, most know that what I do is just tricks and illusions, but this is a puzzled mystery that they prefer to be amazed by than frightened by. It is one that I have always got the biggest reactions to. It's the only trick that I've done where I've had to remind a person that I am a master of perception, and not deception. :)
Message: Posted by: insideyourmind (Oct 30, 2009 05:57PM)
If its a small crowd I think paul Harris reality twister everyone can watch provided its not to big a crowd,
simple and amazing
Message: Posted by: Ruldar (Nov 3, 2009 08:49PM)
Very helpful thread. Thanks all.
Message: Posted by: andy3584 (Nov 5, 2009 09:46PM)
Card Warp, as already noted. Professor's Nightmare has always been a hit. Close-up and very visual. Use big, thick rope. Lethal Tender has always been a jaw dropper with my close-up audience.
Message: Posted by: noble1 (Nov 5, 2009 10:43PM)
Cigarette thru Quarter. $100 bill switch.
Message: Posted by: Attan (Nov 19, 2009 06:29PM)
What is the definition of visual here? I'm really surprised with a lot of the answers in this thread, as I thought it would be a perfect list of what I would love to preform. When I think of "The Most Visually Stunning Piece Of Magic" I think Healed and sealed is the first thing that comes to mind. It's a can moving on it's own restoring itself, I can't understand why it hasn't been mentioned yet. Next on the list is probably Frozen by adam grace. Some other good ones are Flow, Water to beer and if you JUST care about visuality and not tecnical problems then the hummer card.

My favorites of the ones mentioned are Torn, and Coin through bottle.s Especially passing thru, but the new Captured by justin miller is also good. Many of the tricks in this thread end up FAAR down on my list. It feels like people are just throwing in their favorite trick, not the most visually stunning ones. A bill change, a coin bend, rope magic etc. all uses some kind of cover, and it's more the result that is important. Don't get me wrong, they are all REALLY great tricks, and they sure are stunning. But when it comes to VISUALLY stunning... then it just isn't at the same level.


Healed and sealed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiDKwn39fNY
Frozen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBswXYg-Mu0
Message: Posted by: Mike.Hankins (Dec 3, 2009 12:22PM)
Twilight Angels - Paul Harris
Anniversary Waltz - Doc Eason
Twizted - Eric Jones
Message: Posted by: MattSconce (Dec 30, 2009 06:55PM)
I think CSI Ring Vanish is incredibly visually shocking.
Message: Posted by: alpha alex (Jan 5, 2010 04:01PM)
Mmmm... anything with flash paper.
It always helps bringing all the eyes in the room to where you are performing.
Message: Posted by: james1234 (Jan 6, 2010 06:15AM)
Thread by Wayne Houchin gets the best reactions out of anything I have ever used. :)
Tagged by Richard Sanders is also very good.
I would also recommend Branded by Tim Trono. :)
Message: Posted by: james_thecanadian_magician (Jan 7, 2010 12:51PM)
One word: "Wow" by Masuda.
Message: Posted by: mr.nemo (Jan 14, 2010 12:21AM)
I second Branded.

Posted: Jan 14, 2010 1:30am
Or, try Healed and Sealed by Anders Moden. Can be messy, but when you can pull it off, it is a great illusion.
Message: Posted by: InventorRu (Jan 18, 2010 07:36AM)
Got to be EXTREME BURN, available from just about everywhere.
Message: Posted by: DustinFelton (Jan 20, 2010 09:47PM)
I love Jay Sankey's effect In a Flash.
Message: Posted by: Hedberg (Jan 20, 2010 10:08PM)
Liquid Metal by Morgan Strebler
Message: Posted by: rklew64 (Jan 21, 2010 12:51AM)
Scorpion by Outlaw Effects
Doing a coin Matrix with or without cards with real Morgans or Walking Libs,
and I kinda want to say Rising Deck, and I guess lump it with Haunted Deck and Invisible Deck.
And using Inviso Torch when reading a menu at a Mexican restaurant or Thai place is so killer, and you say, "I've heard their food is really spicy!"
Message: Posted by: MarvinWang (Feb 3, 2010 10:19PM)
WOW by Masuda!!
Message: Posted by: JCheng (Feb 7, 2010 02:17PM)
Moving Pips
Pen Thru Bill
Twenty One
Message: Posted by: RodHousley (Feb 9, 2010 10:50PM)
Appearing Pearl Necklace. It is more of a stage/parlor illusion, but it is so beautiful when performed, and the thing I like about it the most is that the appearance happens right in front of the audience's face.
Message: Posted by: The Baldini (Feb 10, 2010 06:46AM)
Not only the most stunning in its effect, but it is a ton of fun for me, and it really gets the most amazing reactions - it is the Solstice note pad.
It all takes place in the spec's hand. I never touch the pad or even glimpse at it until the effect is over, and the spec holds it too, and keeps the paper. They can keep all the paper, since it is so easy to do. I have all the time I need to throw in a ton of comedy stints or, in some cases, I have done some spooky routines using a living dead test, but mostly I use the comedy fun angle.
Message: Posted by: magicjackson (Feb 12, 2010 02:29PM)
Another vote here for Extreme Burn, but I don't have very much.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Mar 16, 2010 10:06AM)
Try Jay Sankey's "Hyper Visual" DVD. Everything on there is geared to be visual to the max.
Message: Posted by: Mr.Crebar (Jun 18, 2010 02:40AM)
The first time I watched FRAUD by Daniel Garcia on the computer, my heart went into my stomach.
I also like Prohibition.
Message: Posted by: insight (Jun 22, 2010 07:32AM)
Mr. Crebar,

Yes, FRAUD by DG is visually powerful!

Message: Posted by: jove (Jun 28, 2010 10:03PM)
Reconstruction by Jay Sankey. You visibly peal the pip off of a card. (www.sankeymagic.com)
Smashed by Jay Sankey
WOW by Masuda (www.elmwoodmagic.com)
Message: Posted by: steez (Jun 29, 2010 02:22PM)
Before it became popular, the "bite" coin was best. Now I'd probably have to give it to Masuda's WOW, or perhaps the good ole' fashion Raven.
Message: Posted by: lemonjug (Jun 29, 2010 06:18PM)
I like the bottle production Michael Ammar teaches in his notes.
Message: Posted by: Jboeskin (Aug 8, 2010 04:10AM)
I really like Healed and Sealed soda because it seems so impromptu, and I always get great responses. I've also recently been using Self Tying Shoelaces, too...

Posted: Aug 8, 2010 5:14am
I don't own Wow by Masuda, but it looks really cool!

Posted: Aug 8, 2010 5:15am
Can you actually hand the clear plastic card to a spectator?
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Aug 8, 2010 09:09AM)
Hundy500, WOW, and Branded are 3 of the most highly visual pieces of magic you can do, IMO.
Message: Posted by: mycoolwould (Aug 23, 2010 08:09PM)
Wow is simply incredible. It is POSSIBLE to hand the clear card to the spectator. It completely slays the laymen when presented properly. Other than that, I am partial to Twilight Angels; such a great effect.
Message: Posted by: bwarren3 (Aug 23, 2010 11:02PM)
Coin Matrix, either with or without cards, chop cup, 3CM.
Message: Posted by: MitchellMac (Sep 14, 2010 08:57AM)
Hmmm If I were you, I would close with Card on Ceiling, sold from Penguin Magic... I would do this just because everyone loves a card through window or a card on shoelace, and this is good because the card doesn't start on the ceiling.
Message: Posted by: Gary Kosnitzky (Sep 16, 2010 10:06AM)
Gary Kosnitzky's Cigarette Up The Nose. It's so good, I personally bought thousands of them.
Message: Posted by: toph (Sep 16, 2010 06:43PM)
On 2010-09-16 11:06, Gary Kosnitzky wrote:
Gary Kosnitzky's Cigarette Up The Nose. It's so good, I personally bought thousands of them.

Message: Posted by: auriuspd (Sep 19, 2010 04:33PM)
Extreme Burn or Ultracinese for my vote.
Message: Posted by: Magic Alaskan (Nov 11, 2010 11:04PM)
Ultracinese and WOW...
Message: Posted by: rklew64 (Nov 13, 2010 11:27PM)
Scorpion - Outlaw Effects
Charming Chinese Challenge - Troy Hooser/Vanishing Magic Inc.
Mullica Wallet - any place
Jenning's The Visitor, card sandwich trick - learned from book, classic Jennings.
Fantasma's Buddha chop cup
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 21, 2010 01:23PM)
The Floating Sunglasses Is Awesome - nothing like walking out, taking your glasses off and floating right in front of people.
Message: Posted by: volto (Nov 22, 2010 08:09AM)
Four normal, solid red billiard balls and one normal, solid white billiard ball. No gimmicks. 1 3/4". Produce one from empty hands (changeover palm), color change it to white, color change it back to red, endless production (Tommy Wonder/Levent), multiplication into four red balls (Cardini, Levent). You don't need a dropper, you can do it with just a coat. They can examine the balls afterward. I'd love to see someone *really* good do this with pool balls; I'm not at that level yet. I've found the 1 3/4" balls are a good size for keeping the angles easy.

Heavy, solid stuff appearing from nowhere seems to freak people out when you do it close-up. Carrying five real balls around is a bit of a drag on the coat, though.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Nov 22, 2010 08:54AM)
I, too, would put in my vote for Wow by Masuda. Lethal Tender is also a really nice effect, and it really floored me the first time I saw it. Foreign Affair by Gregory Wilson is fantastic, and I'm loving Awakening by Dan Harlan.
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 26, 2010 10:09AM)
Lethal Tender is a good effect.
Message: Posted by: trouser (Nov 26, 2010 07:51PM)
On 2010-11-22 09:54, Andrewzuber wrote:
...and I'm loving Awakening by Dan Harlan.

Where can this be purchased?
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 27, 2010 09:35AM)
Google search it online; seems to work for me. lol
Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Nov 27, 2010 10:21AM)
Trouser - just shoot Dan an email!
He's a great guy and will be happy to send one off to you.
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 27, 2010 11:18AM)
Is it a great effect?
Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Nov 27, 2010 11:23AM)
It's quite nice, especially for people familiar with a traditional Professor's Nightmare routine.
Here's Dan doing it in a lecture:

(The clip, incidentally, is one I found using a Google search. Just saying :) )
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 27, 2010 12:13PM)
That is very good; thanks for the site.

Posted: Nov 27, 2010 1:19pm
Google helps a lot. lol And that is a very good routine with this, as well.

Posted: Nov 27, 2010 1:22pm
I like how he kind of lets people know how Professor's Nightmare is done.
Message: Posted by: Andrew Zuber (Nov 27, 2010 12:24PM)
Some people aren't as crazy about that particular sequence. I personally don't use it in my presentation, but it doesn't really fit my patter anyway.
Message: Posted by: aaronharp88 (Nov 27, 2010 06:39PM)
I think in a way it's good, but then again, if someone sees this show and turns around and watches the Professor's Nightmare, well then, I'd be upset. lol
Message: Posted by: volto (Nov 30, 2010 04:25AM)
I think this kind of thing is the most visually stunning magic; solid objects appearing and disappearing, close up or at a distance.
The amazing Jimmy Talksalot and his magic hat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93S8QhJD-qo
Pure awesome.
Message: Posted by: voh002 (Dec 7, 2010 08:24PM)
Get Sharky
Message: Posted by: amsmagic (Dec 16, 2010 01:09AM)
Though I am not known to be a fan, most of Dan and Dave's card effects are highly flashy and visual.

Though my favorite effect of visual magic would have to be the linking rings. They have worked wonders for magicians for decades, and even though they are a classic, they still work wonders today.

Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Dec 25, 2010 09:39PM)
The Most Visually Stunning Piece Of Magic I Bought?

My wife's diamond wedding ring. :)
Message: Posted by: DoctorCognos (Jan 28, 2011 12:58PM)
Sankey's paperclipped is great for effect, and for building a pitch.

You can do it in a minute, or draw it out for 5 minutes...

aka The Doctor
Message: Posted by: Fez (Apr 7, 2011 08:30PM)
I don't know if this was said or not, but I personally think BioKinesis by Berk Eratay is a VERY VERY visual trick. Pretty much you can change your eye color on command. It goes really well with some mentalism! Tell me what you think!
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Apr 24, 2011 01:45AM)
Coin through Coin and Miracle Money are very visual and the Ball DVD has plenty of real-world magic that can be performed under ANY conditions.
Thank you
Message: Posted by: William B (Apr 24, 2011 12:43PM)
Invisible deck is fantastic. You can get this from pretty much every magc dealer. I would also suggest keymaster by Craig Petty which I use all the time and I love along with behaviour patterns, both of which you can get at world magic store. A great place to dicover god tricks is the wizard product review which is on the world magic store website and it also has its own website; wizardfx.tv. If you have not already check it out. David Penn and Craig petty just basically sit down and review products and it is always very funny.
Message: Posted by: Damian (May 15, 2011 07:28AM)
Card Warp
Your favorite $500 bill change
Linking Rings
Color changes
Coin flurries

When I look at the last 4 items on this list, I realize that in these cases how "visually stunning" the magic is depends heavily on your skill (I have seen many linking ring routines that are not visually stunning. Shoot Ogawa's Ninja rings routine--visually stunning).
Message: Posted by: ranilperera (May 20, 2011 04:38AM)
!Warning is definitely a crowd pleaser. Recommended. :)
Message: Posted by: John Taylor (May 25, 2011 05:13PM)
Fearson's Floating Cigarette is one of the most powerful effects I've even performed!
Message: Posted by: hakz (Jun 1, 2011 11:42PM)
On 2006-06-15 10:45, james333 wrote:
Nothing in my book beats "here then there" Crash 1 from ellusionist SIMPLE DOSE HIT HARD

absolutely true. the concept is very simple, with the missing link making it hit hard, everytime.
Message: Posted by: CardC (Jun 23, 2011 01:37PM)
Color fusion
Message: Posted by: GlenD (Jun 28, 2011 03:55PM)
Well if you don't mind the price tag.. haha (still glad its as pricey as it is) there's always this jaw dropper - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LY7mf49l5k


P.s- The hardest part about performing this is not grinning too much!
Message: Posted by: ThinkThurston (Aug 28, 2011 11:18PM)
Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
Scorpion by Outlaw Effects

This is a great thread, thanks everyone.
Message: Posted by: Ekuth (Aug 30, 2011 10:59PM)
Another vote for Fearson's Floating Cigarette.

UFO Coin
Coin through silk (yeah, I know, but it still KILLS for some reason)
Message: Posted by: bowers (Sep 6, 2011 11:45AM)
Silk to cane with a mahka tendo cane
it is so quick and highly visual.
I use it for a opener in my shows
Message: Posted by: j100taylor (Sep 6, 2011 01:15PM)
Message: Posted by: Sascha Lucas (Sep 6, 2011 03:17PM)
Don't know if they were mentioned before in this thread, but Loops can be really stunning. I like to carry one around, just in case...
Message: Posted by: mpicard (Sep 7, 2011 01:37PM)
When it comes to visual sponge balls as well as silk routine. one TT, one blue 12inch and a red 12 inch. start with acolour change , then to a test condituion vanish with one spectator holding wrist and then appearance of vaniched silks in mouth. Great visual street magic perfect for busking impromptu etc. after these the audience is on your side and that way you can do your favourite effects to kick it up a notch so to speak. Too many forget that you are entertaining an audience of people not out to fool magicians.
Message: Posted by: Dale J. O'Neill (Sep 7, 2011 02:43PM)
I would say the "Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube" from Viking is the most visual I have purchased.
Message: Posted by: Dale J. O'Neill (Sep 7, 2011 02:48PM)
Or maybe the "Vanishing Cane" I also use a homemade appearing pole that is 8 feet long. People really can't believe it can appear from my hat, jacket pocket, paper bag, etc..
Message: Posted by: theinternetguru (Sep 15, 2011 12:31PM)
Extreme Burn 2.0. A handful of bills of any denomination attracts attention. Turning a bunch of ones into hundreds in about one second is pretty stunning.
Message: Posted by: khuzhai (Sep 29, 2011 05:45AM)
Smoke by Alan Rorrison is kinda amazing. Was blown away when I first saw it!
Message: Posted by: JeremyTan (Oct 14, 2011 05:44AM)
On 2006-06-01 06:39, lawrens wrote:

I recently find that a lot of stunning magic could rise from crystal ball...
The purest form of floating ball effect, with no gimmick and no silk!
I'm currently working it out through "personal" moves and video's I can put my hands on...

Did you try it?

a big fan of your work on contact. Greetings from Singapore!
Message: Posted by: Jeff Christensen (Oct 15, 2011 10:30PM)
Kevin James - Bowlarama or Axtell's Remote Controlled Drawing Board.
Message: Posted by: TheMagicOfDean (Oct 16, 2011 12:10AM)
Watermark by Mathieu Bich. Really Visual!
Message: Posted by: whiteoakcanyon (Oct 16, 2011 07:52AM)
In A Flash by Jay Sankey

Floating Ring using ITR: Magick Balay is one source to learn this effect

Invisible Deck: I pulled mine out yesterday after years of sitting in a drawer. What a fool I have been. I just forgot how strong that simple little effect really can be.
Message: Posted by: cchesmark (Jun 11, 2012 03:15PM)
Banachek's PK Pen!!!
Message: Posted by: MerlinCrow (Sep 4, 2012 02:55PM)
I only use Cards, Magnet, and Thread in my magic.
I have to admit, the magnets and Thread nowadays are almost Alien Technologies.
Super strong, and incredible thin.
Magical on there self.

Message: Posted by: kimwizard (Apr 2, 2018 10:40AM)
The Turbo Stick. Not just a trick but a routine. Available from Richard Sanders or most magic suppliers.
Message: Posted by: How (Apr 10, 2018 09:32PM)
I am going to go with double cross. So visual and happens in the spec hands! Amazing
Message: Posted by: How (Apr 10, 2018 09:33PM)
[quote]On Sep 15, 2011, theinternetguru wrote:
Extreme Burn 2.0. A handful of bills of any denomination attracts attention. Turning a bunch of ones into hundreds in about one second is pretty stunning. [/quote]

Extreme burn 2.0 is extremely powerful. The only issue I have with it is itís little angle problematic from the side.
Message: Posted by: paulalpha (Apr 17, 2018 03:29AM)
Right now my most favorite visual trick is Jay Sankeys Holy Moley. The hole in the washer disappears, and the hole is added to another washer held tightly in their hands.
Message: Posted by: donny (Aug 2, 2018 09:01PM)
Street and visually stunning as per OP (attention getters, visual,gags, ambush magic). Just the tricks, and mostly unmentioned, also no cards here:

IBALANCE - Hypnotic coin (kids, gag) - Judy the mouse - Little Hand - Appearing giant straw - D'lites to Sponge - Bright Flash tip - Coin Bite - Two Dollar Window - Karate Coin - Toll Free - Pointless - Self Tying Shoelace - Silk from TT rolled dollar - Mis Made Bill - Levitation of rubber band and straw - Recapped - Nun - Coin through plexiglass - The Thing - Prismatic Pencil - Double Cross - CHOP - OX Bender - Re-volution bolt/nut - Odyssey ring - Coin from Pencap - Ignition key
Message: Posted by: Ubernutz (Aug 7, 2018 07:42PM)
Fiber optics by richard sanders
Message: Posted by: debjit (Aug 14, 2018 08:05AM)
Here are few of the visual effects I perform:

1. Animation with Invisible Thread/Loops (floating dollar bill and the like)
2. Coin into Bottle with PK ring
3. Transformations using a thumbtip
4. Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson
5. Dresscode by Calen Morelli
6. Fire Wallet
7. Self Tying Shoelaces
8. Multiple Card Productions
9. Appearing Wand
10. Extreme Burn 2.0
Message: Posted by: John7 (Nov 17, 2018 09:24AM)
Diminishing Returns by Mike Powers. First time I saw it I thought my eyes were deceiving me.
Message: Posted by: magicianbrady (Mar 16, 2019 08:17PM)
[quote]On Aug 14, 2018, debjit wrote:
Here are few of the visual effects I perform:

1. Animation with Invisible Thread/Loops (floating dollar bill and the like)
2. Coin into Bottle with PK ring
3. Transformations using a thumbtip
4. Ring Leader by Gregory Wilson
5. Dresscode by Calen Morelli
6. Fire Wallet
7. Self Tying Shoelaces
8. Multiple Card Productions
9. Appearing Wand
10. Extreme Burn 2.0 [/quote]

Haha this was a well thought out list. Thanks I'll definitely check some of these out. My favorites are -
Appearing Wand, Silk vanish n Appear and Flash paper productions
Message: Posted by: The Gold Coin (Apr 21, 2019 02:48PM)
John Jurney's casino chip coin set is really visual. One of the phases changes three coins into three different colored poker chips. It's a great effect.
Message: Posted by: Magikgym (May 9, 2019 08:37AM)
Because it gets the best reaction for me....double cross.