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Topic: Wanting to get a nice Viking effect.....
Message: Posted by: DaveM (Apr 28, 2006 05:17AM)
Over the past year or so I've pretty much let the magic fall to the side. Every now and then I check out the Viking site...and those Brass effects keep catching my attention.

I'd like to just carry around one brass effect to show friends. I've narrowed it down to Transmental Gemsation or the Ball thru Hand. Which one would you suggest? Thanks.

Message: Posted by: Julie (Apr 29, 2006 02:30AM)

Transmental Gemsation is more practical to carry with you. It's easy to do, the effect is straight forward and strong> Plus, unlike Ball Through Hand, there's no reset.

If you want to expand the Transmental Gemsation effect, I suggest you take advantage of your knowledge of the hidden color to set up a one-ahead routine.

(The Ball Through Hand is a great piece of apparatus, too. It just has a little more to fiddle with--it's more of a Magician-to-Magician effect.)

Message: Posted by: DaveM (May 2, 2006 04:08AM)
Thanks Julie,

Someone gave me the Gemsation "inspired" effect called SuperSight some time ago, and I got some great reactions from it. I just wanted to get the real thing, and the Viking screams quality.

Message: Posted by: quickhands (May 2, 2006 08:32PM)
Isn't the principle used in Transmental Gemsation similar to the one in Mystic Chips?


Message: Posted by: quickhands (May 11, 2006 10:41PM)
Was that a yes or a no? Does anybody know?