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Topic: Inviso Torch not working
Message: Posted by: mergardmagic (Apr 28, 2006 06:17AM)
I purchased Inviso Torch about 2 months ago, and during that time have sent it back to the store I got it from twice. This third one still isn't working. I don't know if it's me, or what, but this is getting annoying. I don't know if you can help me out because of exposure, but just wondering.

Message: Posted by: CasualSoul (Apr 29, 2006 02:16AM)
I would send an e-mail to Jim Pace directly describing the problem you are having. Every post I've read on here by Jim leads me to believe he's a great guy that cares about his products and customers.

Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jun 3, 2006 10:15PM)
I had the same problem. The dealer said they would replace it..I just haven't had the time to send it back yet.

But you aren't alone.

Jim is a good guy from what I hear so Casual is right in that area.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 4, 2006 01:05PM)
Can anyone vouch for a reliable Inviso Torch ?
Message: Posted by: swtrocks (Jun 4, 2006 08:55PM)
My Inviso Torch works fine, apart from the plastic that holds the flint in place popping out from time to time. What do you mean when you say it doesn't work?

From my experiences with Jim, he's a good guy and returns emails promptly.

Message: Posted by: Rob Johnston (Jun 6, 2006 06:07PM)
Well mine just never lit. The dealer said I got a malfunctioning one....who knows.
Message: Posted by: haywire (Jun 6, 2006 07:13PM)
The flint/strikers in mine would pop apart all the time. I replaced it with a metal kinda flint wheel and striker from a burnt beyond use fire wallet, works great now.

Seems to be a common problem, I was buying them way too much till I figured out this fix, and I have used this one for months now. Also interestingly, it ALWAYS lights on the first strike now.

The problem I suppose is that you really need a strong push on that plastic wheel to get it to ignite well, that wears it out rather quickly.

If your interested in replacing yours like I did mine, you can find a metal type on most fire wallets, or on one of those "FLASH SILK VANISHERS"

Look around for a used one and just rip out the wheel/stem flash making part, it fits nicely on an invisio torch and can be held strongly in place with some gorilla glue and I finished mine off with shrink wrap...

I love the product but I was breaking way too many of them. I beleive I bought something like 8 of them (plus a few of the knockoff inferno units which had the same problem) before figuring out this fix.

Those newer plastic parted lighter tops just can't stand up to the rigors of constant use as well as the old school all metal part ones can.

Message: Posted by: magicguy67 (Jun 12, 2006 01:18PM)
Mine wont start either becuase the flint instnt sparking.Also its hard to egt started.
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Jul 10, 2006 01:39PM)
Did you open the valve before you tried it? It is shipped with the main valve closed, then you turn it 2 times to open.
I thought mine wasn't working either, now I love it!
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Jul 13, 2006 07:04PM)
I've never had that much trouble with the two of mine.
Well, one now.. I lost the other one.

Jim recommends putting a little electrical tape on the bottom of the tab where you replace the flints, just to make sure it doesn't get knocked loose when the thing snaps back.
It may help to change the wheel too, but the wheels and flints in mine have always been good, that may be a more recent development ?

It was the Sparkle Flash I had that had a crappy wheel, I just swapped it out with a better one from a disposable lighter - problem solved.
Message: Posted by: swtrocks (Jul 28, 2006 03:40PM)
Have you tried replacing the flint? I put one of those Zippo flints on my Inviso Torch and it creates a BIG spark upon spinning the flint wheel. However, if you push the flint too high, it'll wear out very fast, so you should set the spring-activated-plastic-that-holds-the-flint-in-place to the lower notch.
Message: Posted by: MagicMan93 (Aug 17, 2006 10:45PM)
Listen to GSIDHE (three comments above mine). Mine didn't work forever, but I felt like an idiot not trying to losen the valve! JUST LOOSEN THE VALVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youvery much gsidhe. your a life saver!
Message: Posted by: gsidhe (Aug 18, 2006 07:38AM)
Message: Posted by: Mystician (Aug 18, 2006 03:47PM)
On 2006-08-17 23:45, MagicMan93 wrote:
Listen to GSIDHE (three comments above mine). Mine didn't work forever, but I felt like an idiot not trying to losen the valve! JUST LOOSEN THE VALVE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youvery much gsidhe. your a life saver!

As well you should have..
Read the darn directions, people, sheesh.. Invisotorch comes with the directions that you must do that first.
I'm not too keen on the notion that somebody bought and is using a fire effect and can't be bothered to read two small paragraphs worth of instructions.
Message: Posted by: Tony Chapparo (Oct 11, 2006 03:25PM)
Inviso torch rocks! Well... after I replaced the flint it does.

The flints that come with it wear out quickly, but it's not too hard to replace them with a metal one.