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Topic: Birdy Magic...
Message: Posted by: Abacus (Sep 22, 2001 01:56AM)
I was watching a doc on the history of British occupation of India (Iím sick and thereís not much on, ok?) when they showed this Indian guy do a manipulation trick back in the 30ís. He produced a baby chick from his mouth, he then stroked its head once and then it turned into two???

Just thought it was funny :)

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Sep 28, 2001 12:30AM)
That's very common with street magicians in India. I've also seen them use baby chickens in a variation of the cups and balls. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: kingsnqueens (Dec 6, 2001 05:44PM)
Hi Ben,

About thirty years ago I was friends with an old magician who traveled the world. He did this amazing routine that started out like a normal egg bag, but then he vanished the egg, and it appeared in his mouth.

He would repeat this six times, but you would swear he produced a full dozen.

When he went for the seventh egg it changed into a baby chick, and he repeated this until he had twelve chicks running all over his table. Fantastic!

He taught me how to walk out into the audience show a top hat empty, collapse it flat, pop it open and produce a bunny.

Itís magical. Thanks Ben for the memories....

Message: Posted by: Bengi (Dec 7, 2001 09:24AM)
Message: Posted by: piccard (Jan 29, 2002 09:30PM)
I've made a page on my website for anyone interested in Dove magic the URL is: http://members.tripod.com/~pic3666/index9.html
Message: Posted by: amagician (Feb 7, 2002 10:43PM)
Card Mondor told me of following a magician who produced baby chicks around the nightclubs in the USA many years ago.
The other magician wasn't welcome to return to many of them because he disposed of the chicks in the toilet, etc!
Card and Donna, his first wife, used a chihu... small dog and peach-face birds at various times.
I followed his suggestion and got 2 peachfaces but never used them for magic, they live in noisy retirement.