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Topic: Straight From The Sunshine State In Floridas Best Kept Secret
Message: Posted by: MAGISHAUN (May 1, 2006 01:13PM)
Hello everyone. This is my first post and believe me, thereís many more to come. Well Iíll tell you a little bit about myself because just like everything else, who I am is also a secret. Iíll give you all a little bit of my ideas and inventions and hope that it inspires everyone to use their creative side and progress with my ideas until we all develop something that revolutionizes magic and its art. Its legacy is always changing with the times and because of sites like this it catapults future ideas to the new generations. So Iím happy to be here and be a part of this learning and sharing experience. In contrast, if you are not a magician I will be talking in code so it may be hard for you to understand, but if youíre interested in becoming a member of the magic society thereís several groups you can become a member in and may then be able to understand magicians lingo.

Now I will tell you a little bit about myself, Iím 25 years old. Been into magic since I was 3 years old. Been performing since I was 5 and professionally since I was 16. Iíve won dozens of local awards and talent shows growing up and have done several things underground. I don't really like contests but will do it if I have a point to prove. My style is much of my own as Iím proud to say. Thereís a lot of magicians who do the same things or styles as other magicians. Iíve taken things that I like from other performers and added it to my style creating something unique for myself. The one who got me started as well as many others is of course David Copperfield. My uncle was a good friend of his and did magic as well but more for parties and more of a prankster while Copperfield went and got famous. My uncle never liked the spotlight but had many great ideas so when I was young he asked me if I wanted to see some magic and I was like sure. Now granted I was 3 years old so anything to me was magic but we were in the backseat of my motherís car and he started pulling things from the air, cards, silks, sponge balls, a giant ear, even a dove, with no shirt on. I was amazed and wanted every magic toy I could get my hands on. He saw I was interested so he began to teach me and help me develop my hand and eye coordination for the art at a young age.

By the time I was 5, I was performing on the board walk and in some casino lobbies in Atlantic City. At a fair I performed, it was my first show, and got hooked. It was then that I was bit by the magic bug and never stopped progressing and learning as much as I could since. I grew up in rough areas in N.J. and went through lots of hard times but the one thing that always kept my head up was entertaining people and amazing them. Itís definitely a cultural barrier breaker and an uplifting art.

The first time I really took magic for more than a trick was when a kid that hung out in my neighborhood had just lost someone special to him and was down all the time. He was at a park where we all used to play basketball and hockey and was just sitting by himself depressed. So being the un-shy and full of hope kid that I was I approached him and wanted to see if he wanted to join the game but he was in his own world, so I decided to levitate a rock near his feet to my hands and I had his attention. So he wanted to see more, so I performed a few more things for him which drew a crowd but the look in his eyes after I was done was amazing because no matter what he was going through or went through he had forgotten about it all for that moment and was happy, and to know that something I did was the cause of it took my ideas and attitude towards magic in a whole new and uplifting direction. So ever since then I take my magic and illusions and put direction and feeling behind it which makes it uplifting for the audience. The one who does it best in my opinion is D.C.. He has swaggered a little bit in my opinion but is still the greatest no matter what anyone says and has taken magic further than most people in his profession, but don't get me wrong there are a great deal of magicians and conjurors that have contributed along the way and many underground performers and inventors who continue to take it to a different level so that's why I love this art and cant wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

Until my next posting or reply....

Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (May 1, 2006 05:02PM)
Welcome to the Magic Cafť Shaun,
Hope to see your post around the forum.


Message: Posted by: Cody Fisher (May 1, 2006 05:17PM)
Welcome to the Cafť Shaun.

Hope to see a bunch of your posts.

Message: Posted by: Jeff_Mash (May 3, 2006 11:16AM)
Welcome to the Cafť!
Message: Posted by: MAGISHAUN (May 3, 2006 01:56PM)
Thanks Jeff
Message: Posted by: Terry Harris (Jan 28, 2007 06:44PM)
What part of florida??Terry
Message: Posted by: MagiCanada (Jan 28, 2007 08:34PM)
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Message: Posted by: MAGISHAUN (Jan 30, 2007 11:28PM)
Message: Posted by: mark1991 (Feb 6, 2007 10:17AM)
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Magical Mark Watson