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Topic: Mark Wilson´s: Magic Land of Allakazam -1 - 6 on DVD
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (May 6, 2006 12:49PM)
Wow, I found this DVD set at Wilsons web and it looks like a very interesting dvd set:


What do yo think about Wilsons shows? Is is worth buying?
I can still remember his shows in sweden late 70s, they were fantastic.
Message: Posted by: MopKrayz (May 7, 2006 08:38AM)
Anything from mark wilson is worth it.
if you never saw alakazam, get them now!
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (May 20, 2006 08:45AM)
It was Mark Wilson's Magic Land of Alakazam back in the 60's that hooked me on magic.I was young at the time but it made a huge impact on me.
I would like to get that series myself.
Magic Circus should be good too.
Also his illusion series is excellent to learn from.
Message: Posted by: tbsmith918 (May 21, 2006 01:23PM)
Mark Wilson and his wonderful Saturday morning show provided the spark that ignited the flame for countless future magicians (and magic hobbyists) growing up in the early 60's (of which I was one). For these shows to now be available on DVD is fantastic news. I for one had always assumed they were lost forever.