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Topic: Head roll
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (May 7, 2006 08:47AM)
Hi, I seen someone doing this and it just looked amazing, I don't have any money at the minute so I was wondering if anyone had any good sources for learning on the internet or if any of you could help?
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (May 7, 2006 10:03AM)
Practice baby practice. You start with the neck catch, then proceed to the spine roll, before you are ready to start practicing the head roll.
Al Angello
Message: Posted by: itshim (May 7, 2006 03:14PM)
Al's right.

Use a heavier rather than light ball (not beanbag). Practice, practice more, repeat.


Did I mention that you need to practice?
Message: Posted by: Arkadia (May 7, 2006 03:46PM)
I am practising that right now. I am solid at the neck catch with five balls and am now workin on a fore head catch. I transfer the balls from forehead to neck, but I admite, I am using bean bags. And, ***, it is difficult. Any other advice than practise (which I do a lot already) would be nice. But I do understand that juggling is more about practising than "thinking" and analysing things.

Message: Posted by: Al Angello (May 7, 2006 04:08PM)
Arkadia has hit on the reason why we do it. juggling is a calling that you growup with like a musician, and we do it because there is a fire in our belly that compels us to practice. At a juggling meeting when you see little boys doing the impossible, you know that if you practice enough it is do able. My wife for the longest time thought that I had to be going to juggling meetings for sex, which never entered my mind. She now realizes that although she has no idea what the attraction is I am not breaking any laws, and there is no other woman involved. Yes folks juggling is just good clean fun.
Arkadia I wish you success my friend
Al Angello
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (May 8, 2006 10:12AM)
But when I try the neck catch I sometimes hit my head and it really hurts, what type of ball should I use?
Message: Posted by: esther_scheffer (May 8, 2006 01:48PM)
Well, NOT a bowling ball...
I am sorry, couldn't resist. What kind of ball are you using that really hurts your head?
I would say a beanbag is easier for the neck catch, 'cause it lays still easier. But possibly a disadvantage for the head roll? I don't know, why do you say not a beanbag itshim?
Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (May 8, 2006 02:37PM)
The neck catch...I believe you're supposed to follow the ball down as opposed to letting hit your neck.

Dick Franco's Three Ball Digest has a very nice explanation of the headroll. (Actually, the section is called "Mastering the Headroll".) He recommends using something with a bit of weight to it, the best being a lacrosse ball.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: joker 55 (May 8, 2006 02:37PM)
Well the ball I am using is a grass hockey ball, I think I am going to use a beard though,
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (May 8, 2006 03:03PM)
Try a tennis ball half full of pennies. Yes your neck is suppose to meet the gently tossed ball, with your head arched, and your shoulder blades pushed thogther. Did you buy any of those books we recomended?
Message: Posted by: rplanet (May 8, 2006 08:44PM)
You shouldn't have to throw the ball up very high for a neck catch...your head and neck should be traveling down, and your arms out and up (think baseball umpire calling "Safe") as you make the catch.
I use to do it with a cue ball all the time.
However I think you could just learn the forehead catch, then the roll to the temple, and eventually from temple to temple.
Just my opinion of course. :)
Message: Posted by: itshim (May 9, 2006 09:48AM)
A forehead catch has virtually no force from the ball as you are throwing to the top of the flight. It is easier to catch a beanbag but then it doesn't roll true. I've had reasonable success with stage balls and no success at all with beanbags with the head roll.

Message: Posted by: jcigam (May 9, 2006 11:00PM)
I juggle lacross balls all the time, I really like their size and weight (and price); however, my buddy has the really nice silicone balls which are about the same size and weight but don't have such a solid feel to them; the silicone balls are sweet but expensive. If you can afford them they are definetely the way to go. Great for the neck catch and headroll.

Message: Posted by: joker 55 (May 16, 2006 03:50PM)
I would prefer to learn that what you said rplanet, but I am very short for money at the minute so..
Message: Posted by: rplanet (May 16, 2006 04:35PM)
Joker 55, What does money have to do with it?
I feel like you may have misinterpreted something I said.
You don't need a cue ball if that's what you mean, I was just saying that the ball can be hard and not hurt you. Use any ball you can get your hands on! It's all about practice!
Message: Posted by: Juggler (Aug 22, 2006 11:29AM)
Sorry for bringing this topic back up, but I had one question.

When you can eventualy go from: one temple; to the forehead; to the other temple,

Are you then supposed to work on having the ball go from one temple, then roll over your head (the top of your head, not the forehead )then stop at the other temple?

I think the second way looks better, and I've seen it done both ways, but which way is the REAL headroll?

If someone could answer this I'd really appreciate it.

Message: Posted by: Juggler (Aug 24, 2006 04:49PM)
Message: Posted by: Juggler (Aug 28, 2006 03:06PM)
Message: Posted by: redheadjuggler (Sep 16, 2006 02:20AM)
Do what you think looks good. I say that if it's rolling on your head, than its a HEAD ROLL. Whatever you end up doing, do it with style and it'll look good.
Happy Juggling
Message: Posted by: fingerflinger (Oct 20, 2015 03:54PM)
Most jugglers do the head roll from one temple, over the forehead, to the other temple. Some also go from a neck catch to one temple, over the forehead, to the other temple, and then back to the neck catch, or in reverse, if starting with a forehead balance.

I learned from Dick Franco's book. I found first learning to balance the ball on my temple, and also my forehead, then walking around the room with the ball balanced in each position, was a good prerequisite for learning the head roll.

I first learned with a 2 3/4" silicone ball, but now use a 3 1/2" hollow stage ball..