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Topic: SYM events at the national convention
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (May 14, 2006 09:47AM)
I hope some of you may be thinking of going to the convention in Lousivlle this year. My wife and I actively take part in helping out with the youth activities and the SYM events that take place at the convention. This year should be the best yet. there will be plenty of great things going on for all SYM members as well as special lectures just for them.

For those willing or wanting to compete for close-up or junior stage, you weill want to get your tapes in soon to Paul Critelli as he is viewing them and making decisions soon. I wish you all the best of luck.

We also host the annual Stars of Tomorrow show. This is a showcase of the best junior acts this year and if chosen, you become one of about 6 acts from around the world to perform your act ion stage at the national level. You will need to do a tape and get the tapes sent in to Hope Anderson for the slection process. It is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn and get great feedback.

If anyone has any questions about the youth activities or if you plan on being there, please let me know. it would be my pleasure to answer questions for you and I look forward to meeting a lot of you in person.

Message: Posted by: Jizmagic (May 20, 2006 02:33PM)
I just wanted to write a note thanking you and your wife for the SYM events at the conventions. I took my son and daughter to Boston (it was my son's first convention - he just turned 9), and both he and I were blown away by all the great events they had for the kids. We'll be at Louisville this year, and my son can't wait to see what great lectures and "hands on" meetings they'll have. Again thank you both for putting the time and extreme effort into making it so enjoyable for the kids. See you in Louisville! - Joel Zaritsky
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (May 20, 2006 04:17PM)

Thank you so much for the kind words. Kelly and I love helping with the SYM activities at the national convention and will be on hand to help oput again this year. The SYM activities at the national level is certainly not just my wife and I but a staff of a lot of dedicated hard workers who all pitch in their time to really make sure the SYM members have the time of their lives.

We enjoy helping everyone to make it a success and Kelly and I look forward to seeing you and your son at the SYM activities this year. Please make sure to come on over and say hello.