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Topic: Ring in little shoe lace by David Copperfield
Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Dec 7, 2002 04:14AM)
David Copperfield has performed in one of his specials a magic trick where he borrows a finger ring from a lady and made it vanishing... appearing in a baby shoe that was on his trousers pocket.
I would like to know if this trick is being selled somewhere in the internet, and if so, please tell me if it is a good trick.

Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 7, 2002 04:24AM)
Not sure how long you have been into magic but Ring Flight is a great effect. One of my all time faves!

Message: Posted by: femur (Dec 7, 2002 04:45AM)
I never saw this trick advertised on the net. I guess it's a custom made Ring Flight gimmick. If you buy a decent version of this gimmick, it might be possible to build your own?
Message: Posted by: dpe666 (Dec 7, 2002 10:09PM)
The shoe ring flight was an effect that was designed for Copperfield, and has never been on the market. :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Morganite (Dec 8, 2002 04:00AM)
Well, if i make my own gimmicked shoe. I have the rights to present it ?
Message: Posted by: femur (Dec 8, 2002 06:46AM)
Now THAT's a good question...

Depends on how well mr Copperfield protects the illusions he performs... you could get in trouble. It's a thin line you are walking when you're using other people's material, especially if those people can afford expensive laywers.

Then again, and this is my personal opinion, Copperfield did not invent the ring flight and there are dozens of variations on this trick. Buidling exact the same prop can be risky, but no one states that you can't find your own original place to hide the gimmick... so maybe you can come up with an original version of your own?
Message: Posted by: Magic Chris (Dec 8, 2002 07:32AM)
Well I think there's a version on the market.

A german magic dealer sells a "Ring on Baby Shoe" version for several years.


It costs about 100 Euro which is about $100
I don't know if it worths the money. You should have a good reason why you're carrying a baby shoe in your pocket the whole day..

Maybe you try Richard Sander's "On Foot".
In this version spectators ring ends on your own shoe(lace) and there's no use of a reel.


Another special ending for any ring routines could be Robert Baxt's "Ring Flite Gag"


Hope this helps

Magic Chris

Message: Posted by: Joao Miranda (Dec 8, 2002 08:02AM)
Thanks a lot for your help Chris!

Message: Posted by: Ruben Padilla (Dec 9, 2002 08:20PM)
I can't imagine anyone having a beef with a ring ending up on a baby shoe - but if they use Copperfield's exact presentation than I understand complaints. I'd love to hear more thoughts on this potentially sticky situation.
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Dec 10, 2002 10:46AM)
hi all,
in the first place i am very new to magic. in fact DC aspired a lot of people, inculding me. the ring to baby shoe was amazing & of course, very cute. i do want to purchase this trick in the first place. but on deeper thoughts, i think performing this trick is actually cheating myself in the end. cheating of my orignality, cheating myself of thinking i would be the next DC.... in the end i would be living in the shadows of DC & never able to present myself properly to the audience.

& this effect cost 100bucks? wow, i could buy lots of books with hundreds of routines. ring to babyshoe? maybe joao u can think of ring other locations. its your mind after all, not DC
Message: Posted by: Bob Baker (Dec 10, 2002 01:14PM)

This effect is really identified with Copperfield in the public's mind. Are you sure you want to do it?
Message: Posted by: moilima (Feb 4, 2003 04:32AM)
There are some guys that are selling this in Brazil (I'm Brazilian). I think it costs about 50 dollars. They are really well made. There is a guy that I know that performed this in some TV programs and, in spite of his really bad presentation, everyone loved it and it became a kind of trademark for him. If anyone is REALLY interested, I could send it for 60 dollars (10 mine for the job) plus shipping. Ii is not a chep trick, but they did a really good job doing it. And about the rights, there is no problem at all if you don't perform it on TV.

By the way, my e-mail is moisesmoises@globo.com
Message: Posted by: john blaze (Feb 4, 2003 12:22PM)
Why do topics about methods get removed, but topics about STEALING remain?
It's Copperfield's effect. No, he didn't invent it, but he has the rights to do it. No one else does. I don't like these high and mighty posts (like this one :winker: ) but ethically, you're just not allowed to perform it! Just seeing an effect done and rationalizing the method does not permit you to do it!
Why don't you all write to Chris Kenner (who invented the effect) and ask him if he'd mind you performing the effect that he gave to David? Ha Ha.
And sure, it's not a big stretch to put a ring flite gimmick in a baby shoe. Then why didn't any of you think of it before?
Message: Posted by: ixnay66 (Feb 4, 2003 12:28PM)
I like that Ring Flight Gag idea.
Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 4, 2003 02:45PM)
I can't understand why so many people would like to do this effect. I guess because David Copperfield did it. (The same happens with Blaine all the time.)

I would prefer Ring Flight because it makes more sense. Or perhaps On Foot. There is also Rinkey Dinkey, although I heard some negative things about it. The latter will suit me the best when I get the car, because I would never use the wallet that comes with Ring Flight.

Think logically. Why would I be carrying a baby shoe around (unless you have a young child with you)? Because DC performed it, it doesn't mean it is good. Or else it is good for him and not for you. A shoe would fit on stage if the context was right. I mean if there was some kind of presentation where the shoe would fit in.

Just my thoughts.

Message: Posted by: marko (Feb 4, 2003 04:42PM)
I don't know about you people but I ALWAYS carry at least one baby shoe on me at all times. But hey, that's just me and my magical ways. :goof:
Message: Posted by: Kenguru (Feb 5, 2003 05:23AM)
It is his effect (without even talking about the method), he has the right to do it (I refer to DC). You can only do it if you buy the right (by buying a book or a video that describes it, or purchasing a LEGALLY manufactured routine/trick). It is first a moral issue and then a legal one. Don't do it.
Message: Posted by: Logan (Feb 5, 2003 07:53AM)
Honestly, I think DC wants to add a twist to the classic Ring Flite plot, which mostly involves a key pouch or a a pouch of some sorts. Once he whips out a baby shoe, he gets 3 reactions:

Ladies: Awww...

Men: What's goin on? :confused:

Magicians: And that would be....?

But anyway, I think he does this ring flite because it's unique and different - plus you can add a little story to it as well, like he did with the 'Air Coppers', etc.

Bottom line: Do what suits you. I admit, I have DC's style when performing as opposed to DB's style - but it's just my style, so tricks like Esprit (by Jean Pierre Val.) would intrigue me as I can add a story to it. I like adding stories to things so they have meaning - I think that's important in magic - to give an effect meaning, as that sets a basis for the spectator to think on.

But anyway, I'm out of topic here - if you want to do a uniqe ring flite, then go ahead, but personally, as a DC fan (in BOTH ways :shucks: ) I wouldn't do it. I'll just get a Ring Flite and add a story to it. If you want, you could get a ring flite and get the reel and attach it to diapers or on a more serious note: attach it in a baby sweater to make the ring appear on one of the buttons or something.

All the best,

Message: Posted by: jhostler (Feb 5, 2003 05:38PM)
On 2003-02-05 06:23, Kenguru wrote:
It is his effect (without even talking about the method), he has the right to do it (I refer to DC). You can only do it if you buy the right (by buying a book or a video that describes it, or purchasing a LEGALLY manufactured routine/trick). It is first a moral issue and then a legal one. Don't do it.

It's an ethical issue, but not really a legal one. If you want to dance like the Blue Man Group during your gig, feel free to do that as well! One can't be sued for duplicating physical motions in a live environment - but one can be tried in the court of popular opinion...