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Topic: Melting Point
Message: Posted by: steve j (May 18, 2006 04:40PM)
I just wanted to know what people here in the Café think about this trick. It's a coin through glass routine. I bought it recently and I think that it's amazing, the only thing is how often am I near a glass counter. I have come up with an idea of using a picture frame as a portable method to perform this miricle. Anyone else have something to say about this new effect.
Message: Posted by: Paul Wingham (May 19, 2006 01:20PM)
This subject has been discussed loads do a search, I personally have not brought this effect because of the lack of performing opportunites for me. like the frame idea but for me personaly I can do without lugging anymore stuff around when I'm working a restaurant. the other thing is that it is fairly apparent that a table top in a restaurant or wherever you perform is not gimmicked. I wonder if you would have to go through the motions of proving the frame is not gimmicked as it's an unusual item for people to see.
Message: Posted by: matt.magicman (Jun 26, 2006 05:22PM)
How about a window, car window? shop window?
Message: Posted by: Bob Saget Rocks (Jul 15, 2006 05:38PM)
On 2006-06-26 18:22, matt.magicman wrote:
How about a window, car window? shop window?

sorry, this is not John Kennedy's new "coin through window" effect, haha. That couldn't work. But if the the car window was open enough to put your hand through, I'm sure you could work something out :)
Message: Posted by: Aaron Moring (Jul 15, 2006 08:53PM)
If the door was open...I don't know anything about this particular effect, but a lot of coffee tables have glass tops (or at least glass insets). Would it work in a scenario like that?
Message: Posted by: LeeDillingham (Jul 27, 2006 05:33PM)
I carry this trick with me everywhere. However, I switched the 5 cent euros with Steel shim American quarters. It's amazing how often I come upon glass tables here in Vegas. For trade show work, I just went to a local glass shop and them cut me about a 2' x 2' square of glass that I carry in my case. Typically, my case sets on top of a key board stand. I just take the case off and replace it with the glass and do the trick. Afterwards, I place my close up mat right on the glass and keep going with a coin routine.