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Topic: Comedy Ambtious Card Routine
Message: Posted by: Jonathan R (Dec 7, 2002 04:45PM)
Hi, hope all is well. I am after some comedy patter for an ambitious card routine. Does anyone have any lines or patter for me? I don't want little gags here and there, and I don't want weak silly comedy. I want clever witty humour. I know this sounds a bit demanding, but anything will help.
Many thanks,
Maverick :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Dec 7, 2002 06:41PM)
In my book, "Powerful Magic," I have a comedy ambitious card routine, "The Mother in Law Who Would Not Die." It is filled with gags and has worked very well for me. In fact, I'm going to do it at the comedy club tonight.

PM me if you're interested.
Message: Posted by: Zorak (Dec 7, 2002 09:53PM)
I ask my girlfriend to select a card. She picked the ace of diamonds, she signed her name across its face. Encourage your spectator to play the part and sign the card. (Women love it when you involve them in role playing.) I told her that it was the one card we couldn't us, than buried it in the deck. "Let us use any other card, say this top card." Show the ace of diamonds. Act surprised. Bury it again. It rises once again to the top of the deck. (A nervous giggle here is effective).

"I don't understand this", you exclaim.
I absolutely cannot use your ace of diamonds
for this next trick." Bury it once more, this time she sees it go face up into the middle of the deck. (I use Bert Allerton's
"Transcent" move her, explained in his booklet "Close-up Magic. A great booklet!)

Slap the deck together with comic exasperation. The Card rises again to the top.

Place the card (?) face down in front of your spectator. drop the deck on top of it saying, "There is one thing I don't understand about this..."

Point to your right trouser pocket, (Do the invisible insertion move (I think it is Marlo's. This is where your hand never enters your pocket, but merely taps the outside of it with your fingertips.

Continue, "the thing I don't understand is how this card that has been in my pocket,"
have her lift her hands. (Do not remove the card from your pocket yet. This give you a time lapse.

Turn the cards face up spread them showing the ace of diamonds is gone. Finish your statement. "happens to be ...the ace of diamonds, with your signature on it." Now remove the card from your pocket, making sure they see your empty hand go in your pocket.

"Do you know what my girlfriend said?"
"That's simple," she said in her best Marilyn voice, "Anyone knows that Diamonds are a girls best friend!"

To that I can only add, my girl loves the quite things in life, like the folding of a hundred dollar bill. (Orben)

Hope you like this presentation. :spinningcoin: :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Jonathan R (Dec 8, 2002 12:11AM)
thanks for taking the time to reply, I think your presentation is good. But I would like a bit more humour and funny lines througout the routine.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Dec 8, 2002 05:20PM)

The problem with humor is that it is so personal. What one person sees as funny and can carry off, is quite different than another.

Maybe if you shared a bit more about the style and depth, or even the type and topic of humor that you seek, someone could be more specific about it.

Message: Posted by: Chris Berry (Feb 5, 2003 06:02PM)
My ACR is kinda dumb but I work it up to be funny.

I will do it for guys but I perform it mainly for girls. I have the girls write their phone number down as well as their name (I only perform this for people I know and the phone number thing is for girls only!) During the whole thing I joke about how I am trying to memorize her number when it comes to the top.

Full of corny jokes and gags. Not the best but hey...I've gotten a few numbers with it :nose:

Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Feb 22, 2003 08:42AM)
Have the spectator select a different card at some point in your routine (force the same card on them).
Then pause and give them a chance to realize it's the same card. Say: "We'll use the same card. It's easier that way".
Message: Posted by: Sanj Singh (Oct 20, 2012 09:17PM)
Forcing the same card, telling them not to pick the signed one, always gets a laugh.
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Oct 22, 2012 06:33AM)
Rich Mc Dougal had a nice routine where he told a long joke unconnected with the card trick... the card trick acted almost as an interruption of the joke... it worked really well as the action of the trick was slowed down and given a trivial role by the magician while in contrast that was where all the action was actually happening.

Just goes to show there are no rules and going against the grain, if done masterfully can produce some great results.