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Topic: Strange Travelers-video clip?
Message: Posted by: EvanSparts (May 24, 2006 12:38PM)
I got this a few days ago and in the booklet there is a website that you can check out to see it performed. But the clip isn't up yet. For those who have this will know what I'm talking about, its not essential in learning or performing it. Just wanted to see someone perform it.

Has anyone had luck with that site ?
Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (May 25, 2006 04:48AM)
As it is just a performance clip , couldn't you post a link because I am really curious what this trick is about. I didn't see the show. everything I know about this , is what I have read at online magic shops.
I would really like to see this in action

Message: Posted by: Binary (May 25, 2006 08:02AM)
/ Same here matt. The effect sounds amazing, but I feel that there has to be something they arn't telling us, ill see it when I believe it ;)
Message: Posted by: zing82 (May 29, 2006 05:56AM)
The clip is up already.

Download the mpeg version. It's much clearer and no voice lag, comparing to the rest.
Message: Posted by: Illucifer (Jun 3, 2006 11:43AM)
Where is the clip posted?
I've been to the link provided in the booklet and it's a static page that says video clip coming soon.
Message: Posted by: Jimmy Y (Jun 3, 2006 04:56PM)
The clip was up but now put down due to....http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=165151&forum=109&13
Message: Posted by: RC4MAG (Jun 4, 2006 06:44AM)
The effect seems very close to a trick called (I think) Sankey's Astral Projection.
Message: Posted by: phase27 (Jun 9, 2006 08:13PM)
Hey for anyone interested in seeing a clip of this effect head over to ellusionist. Theres a video of Johnathan Bayme performing it.
Message: Posted by: niva (Jun 11, 2006 03:05AM)
What a blatant lie on that clip. "100% examinable". I would say 50% examinable unless... The way he makes it sound, it'slike it uses normal cards.

It's quite neat though. I liked it.
Message: Posted by: Kelvin W Sherlock (Jun 11, 2006 03:26AM)
The spectator ends up with 11 cards which are 100% examinable.
Message: Posted by: niva (Jun 11, 2006 11:44AM)
That's not what I understood - "All the cards are 100% examinable"

Don't get me wrong, I like the effect and the audience can be easily managed, but I hate misleading ads.
Message: Posted by: tunafish (Jun 11, 2006 03:01PM)
Yes, its's not 100% examinable, but you can start clean and end clean, and mix this in with effects that use a normal deck.
Message: Posted by: tunafish (Jun 11, 2006 03:04PM)
I didn't see anything in the add that says 100% examinable.

Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.
Message: Posted by: Cody Fisher (Jun 12, 2006 01:46AM)
Phase, were is that video? I canīt seem to find it on Ellusionist. Did they take it down or something?
Message: Posted by: jbayme (Jun 13, 2006 07:37PM)

Removed the previous video as I shot a performance vid of the effect yesterday that shows it much better-- should be up soon. Figured it'd be good to see how the effect plays for spectators.

Regarding it being examinable-- the cards that are left in the spectator's hands are all examinable. You end with those cards in their hands-- absolutely clean.

// j.bayme
Message: Posted by: Cody Fisher (Jun 14, 2006 05:43PM)
Thank you for that clarification Jonathan. Looking forward to the new video.

Message: Posted by: Matt Malinas (Jun 17, 2006 04:50AM)
Still no link for that clip? :(

Message: Posted by: Cody Fisher (Jun 17, 2006 08:12AM)
Jonathan said itīd be up soon. Still not up. Hopefully up soon. I have yet to see this effect. Jonathan, any updates on the vid?