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Topic: Marlo on Vernon........Vernon on Marlo
Message: Posted by: Krumb (May 26, 2006 02:04AM)
Does anyone know of printed record where these two commented on each other?
Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Jun 20, 2006 12:36PM)
Did you ever get the DVD's being produced by Dave Solomon on Marlo (2 DVD set). It is excellent and it has bonus footage of Marlo and Vernon on stage together at the Magic Castle. Great old footage.
Message: Posted by: MagicT (Jul 3, 2006 03:05AM)
Not in print, but as Jimmy Cards said, check out the meeting that Vernon, Marlo, and even Charlie Miller had at the Magic Castle on the "It's All In The Cards" dvd by David Solomon. I have heard MANY stories by Marlo students as well as some Vernon students. They say that they both respected one another for who they were and what they have contributed to Magic. They never had a problem with each other.