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Topic: Introduction: What is the S.A.M.?
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (May 27, 2006 06:28PM)

[url=http://www.magicsam.com/]The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.)[/url] is the oldest fraternal organization for magicians in the world. It is open to professional performers and hobbyists alike, as well as magical historians and collectors of books and apparatus.

Founded on May 10, 1902 in the back room of Martinka's famous magic shop in
New York, the S.A.M. has promoted the ideals shared by Kellar, Houdini,
Thurston and over 30,000 others worldwide who have held membership in the
society. These ideals include the elevation of the Art of Magic, the
promotion of harmony among magicians, and opposition to the unnecessary
public exposure of magical effects.

The S.A.M. offers the opportunity to unite and associate with leaders in the
World of Magic. Through its monthly publications, annual conventions, and
with over 250 Assemblies throughout the world, the S.A.M. provides the
necessary forum for the advancement of magic through discussions, lectures,
research, performances, and exchange of magical knowledge within the magic
community. To promote these endeavors the S.A.M. presents awards and
fellowships in recognition of outstanding achievement in the Art of Magic.

Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone Jr., Nate Leipzig, Bert Allerton, Siegfried
& Roy, Lance Burton, Milbourne Christopher and David Copperfield have all
been active in the S.A.M. To take your place surrounded by the tradition of
our magical community, we encourage you to visit the following [url=https://magicsam.com/samshop/join.asp]website page[/url] to find the Assembly nearest you and submit your application for membership: [url=https://magicsam.com/samshop/join.asp]Click here![/url]