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Topic: CAM Membership Information
Message: Posted by: Ben Proudfoot (May 28, 2006 07:25PM)
[b]CAM Membership Information: [/b]

Want to join the ranks of the best magicians in Canada?

If you have an interest – Read on…

What do you get if you join?


When you join, you will receive the Northern Peeks which is published quarterly and written by some of Canada's top performers.

[b]Online Newsletter[/b]

Periodically you will receive our e-zine, Northern Sleights. This updates current information, and lets you know where members are performing.


You will learn all about CAMaraderie, Canada's National Convention. Not only will you learn who will be lecturing and performing, your membership will give you a registration for this 3-day event at reduced rates.

[b]FISM Affiliation and More[/b]

The Canadian Association Of Magicians is the official Canadian member of FISM. We can sponsor Canadian members to compete at FISM, and have a vote about such things as where the next FISM will be held.

You have the opportunity to network with other Canadian magicians through our magazine and our convention.

[i]How much does it cost?[/i]

Membership details can be found at http://www.cammagic.org.

We offer one year and three year memberships with either printed or digital formats of the Northern Peeks.

[i]How can I join?[/i]

Visit http://www.cammagic.org to enrol online or write to:

The Canadian Association of Magicians
21885 River Road,
Maple Ridge, BC
Canada V2X 2B9