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Topic: Tragic News Re: Charles & Bobbie Peters (The Arlingtons)
Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Dec 8, 2002 07:44PM)
On Dec 4th, Charles and Bobbi Peters, known as The Arlingtons, were involved in a terrible auto accident when their van went off the road. They were on the way from Chino to Kenilwood in Washington as part of a tour. Bobbi Peters was killed - Charles is in the hospital but is in fair yet bruised condition. His brother will be driving him back home to California.

Please pray for Charles, and for his and Bobbi's families. Charles didn't just lose his magic partner, he lost his very sweet and loving wife.

When I get Charles' mailing address, I'll post it here as a follow up. In the mean time, you can always send your cards and letters to:
Charles Peters
c/o The Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Ave
Hollywood CA 90028

For those of you who didn't know them, Charles was one of the Magic Castle managers for many years until he decided to get into magic professionally a few years ago.

Posted with a very sad heart,

Joe Marotta
Message: Posted by: RandyStewart (Jan 5, 2003 04:13PM)
All of us at The Magic Café are deeply saddened to hear that Bobbi Peters died Dec.4. We are all taken by surprise by her sudden tragedy.

Bobbi will be sorely missed by many of us.
And Joe, thank you for the mailing address.


Randy Stewart