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Topic: Can Anybody Help/Answer This Question?
Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 3, 2006 09:47PM)
I attended Magi-fest in Columbus back in February. There was a guy that performed a rope routine in both the stage and close-up contests. It was quite good, in my opinion. Now I have three questions:

1) Is there anybody that reads this that attended Magi-fest and may have seen the routine I am talking about?

2) If so, do you know what the routine might be called and/or who does it?

3) Where can you find a dvd that might possibly teach a routine such as what was performed by this guy at Magi-fest?

I am not familiar with any professional rope routines such as Fiber Optics. Perhaps this is what the routine was, and I don't know that. I would be interested in finding out about this routine, and possibly explore learning it.

Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, or suggestions you might have.

Message: Posted by: John Long (Jun 3, 2006 09:58PM)
If you post a description of the effect, others may be able to help

Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 4, 2006 06:39AM)
One guy. One rope. I think the rope became a solid loop, he had a knot go from his pocket to the rope. It was more involved than that, and it was quite good. My mistake in waiting so long to ask about it.

I even think he used scissors in the routine at some point.

I know that helps a lot. Not really. It was just a very good rope routine that I would like to find more out about.
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jun 4, 2006 08:49AM)
Being that it was for contests, it could be that the routine was a combination of moves from a couple different sources. Originality is one of those things judges look for.
Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jun 4, 2006 09:47AM)
Jaz is probably correct (as usual). You might want to check out George Sands' material and some of the knot items in Tarbell 2 (some of the silk items in this volume are applicable to rope, as well). I'm also a big fan of Shigeo Takagi's rope routine (I recently discovered that the VHS is still available in limited supply) which is a combination of the Sands material and some original pieces. Your best bet is to piece together your own routine from the vast collection of material available. If you don't already have books with rope routines, or have access to Sands' Rope-sational, or Tarbell, you might want to start out with a copy of Stewart James' Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks. The newest collected edition is terrific, but if you find it too pricey you can always start out with the older Dover paperback of volume 1.

Best of luck!
Message: Posted by: Al Angello (Jun 4, 2006 09:55AM)
With very little information to go on it is hard to figure out what you actually saw, but there are 22 different moves to fiber optics and many magicians adapt just a few of them, mixed in with other tricks to create their own routine, so that being said why don't you Google "fiber optics", watch the demo, and make your own informed decision.
Al Angello
Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 4, 2006 02:31PM)
Al and all, sorry to be so vague, but I can't remember the specifics of the entire routine, but I thought it was good.

The one thing that does stick in my mind is that he took a knot, put that end of the rope in his pocket and then proceeded to make the knot jump from his pocket to the other end of the rope. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Message: Posted by: Magiguy (Jun 4, 2006 02:45PM)
This particular part of the effect does sound like a variation on Christopher's Jumping Knot, from Tarbell #2.
Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 4, 2006 09:36PM)
Are there any commercial routines out there that are worth checking out? I know of Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders. Any others? I prefer dvds over books...
Message: Posted by: Jaz (Jun 5, 2006 06:12AM)
Here are some discussions on this.


Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 5, 2006 08:43AM)
Thanks, Jaz!
Message: Posted by: mstick85 (Jun 5, 2006 09:22AM)
I checked out the Sands dvd. Does anybody have that? If so, do you like it?

Message: Posted by: John Long (Jun 5, 2006 08:48PM)
As Al mentioned, you should be able to find video clips of Fiber Optics on the web. You could do a search on the Magic video depot. You should also search there for the rope routines of Roland Henning's (also on the Café).