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Topic: False testimonials
Message: Posted by: Gazzo (Jun 6, 2006 11:11PM)
I have been recently informed that Glenn Bishop has posted a testimonial on one of his websites. The testimonial is not signed, so I do not know who the person writing it was. However, it does state that I have recommended Glenn Bishop's dvd for any student.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but I do not recommend Glenn Bishop's work in any category. I only recommend the work of a very select few, and Glenn Bishop does not fit that category- especially peg dealing.

I would like the person who said that to Glenn Bishop to come forward as to clarify this issue. I find it offensive that someone would use my name to sell a product of inferior work.
Message: Posted by: iamslow (Jun 6, 2006 11:19PM)
Glen is a member here and mabee he could shed some light...
Message: Posted by: silverking (Jun 7, 2006 01:16AM)
On 2006-06-07 00:11, Gazzo wrote:
I find it offensive that someone would use my name to sell a product of inferior work.
This look all to personal, and all to much like there's a hidden agenda to carry this type of conversation on here in an open forum, why don't you try email or PM's to resolve your percieved business dispute?
Message: Posted by: bishthemagish (Jun 7, 2006 11:12AM)
Fine Gazzo someone sent me an e-mail and if you want I will remove it.

No Problem.

Poof that e-mail is now gone. But if you have not seen my DVD how would one know if it was inferior work or not?

Very interesting because a lot of people that do card magic and use the punch liked and use my ideas. And perhaps they might inspire them to add to the ideas. And not just do a rehash the ideas that have all ready been published.
Message: Posted by: Gazzo (Jun 7, 2006 11:31AM)
I have seen your work- dvd's you sent me as well as the peg work.
You have used my name before, and though this "testimonial" was sent via an anonymous email, I do not want anyone to think that I have endorsed this work.

This is not a bash at you, I just am not a fan of your work.