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Topic: Fandemoium by John Moyer
Message: Posted by: eb02 (Jun 7, 2006 08:25AM)
I saw this new illusion on Tilford web site.
Does anyone saw this illusion in action?

Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jun 7, 2006 02:29PM)
Tilford Magic commissioned me to manufacture John's new idea. The current photos in the ad don't do justice to this wonderful effect.(They were photos of John's prototype) New photos will be upcoming soon. I have totally redesigned the fan, and made a fold down front cover with two cloth flaps. A hole in the middle allows the audience to see the spinning fan. I've also made some vast improvements in the mechanics. The fan can be shown on all sides while spinning. You close the front cover and turn the back of the fan around so the audience can see the ENTIRE fan spinning. Turn it to the front and raise one of the cloth flaps, still showing the fan spinning. Immediately push your REAL hand thru the spinning blade and remove it. With no hesitation you can raise the flap and show the fan spinning, and immediately turn it around and show the complete opened back of the fan spinning.

All I can say is that this is a mechanical marvel and will amaze you as to how it works. John Moyer came up with a clever idea and we were able to perfect and improve the mechanics. I wish I had thought of the original idea but Moyer did. This is a new method and litterly fools anyone it is shown too.

I've also added a new presentation where you can shine a small flash light from behind so the audience can see the shadow of the spinning fan, you immediately push the flashlight and your hand thru fan and the cloth flap. When the hand is removed along with the flashlight, the light immediately shows the edge of the spinning fan shadow!

I recommend this highly. You will amaze yourself each time you do it. Kudos to John Moyer for this briliant idea.

Devin Knight
Message: Posted by: eb02 (Jun 8, 2006 12:25AM)
Dear Devin

Thanks for the comments.
Is there a movie?

Message: Posted by: Christopher Starr (Jul 2, 2006 05:34PM)

I love the concept for this illusion, but I am disappointed with it's extremely small size. A 10" fan is tiny. Is there a design reason why this thing couldn't be made with a standard 20" box fan? From a stage perspective, the little bitty fan just doesn't seem to generate much suspense or anticipation.

I really do believe that it is a fantastic idea, I just wish that it were bigger!
Message: Posted by: eb02 (Jul 3, 2006 01:55AM)
I agree with your comments.
Does anyone use this illusion and can give his comments?
Message: Posted by: Devin Knight (Jul 5, 2006 09:01PM)
Hi guys, since this isn't really a stage illusion, the thread has a new discussion over here:

There you will find comments by others who have bought this.
I can attest I have used this lately in all of my shows and the reaction of the audience has been unbelievable. If you haven't read the latest ad you will see the new effects possible at the above thread.

The reason for the 10 inch fan is because it is the PERFECT size to pass your hand thru. This was not designed for passing a body thru. The audience sees a dangerous spinning blade and your hand goes thru it. Since you are only passing your hand thru a large 20 inch fan is a bit of an overkill, why not just go a bit larger 24" and you could have your girl assistant crawl thru it. Really we could do that if I wanted to.

However this was not designed as a stage illusion. It is designed as an alternative to a HAND CHOPPER. Your normal handchopper isn't 20 inches square.(well maybe the french arm chopper is) If the chopper is that big, then you'd be using a person's head.

This is an amazing new concept designed to be similar to the guillotine effect using a hand. After much experimentation we found that the 10 inch square fan fit the bill perfectly. As you will see in the above thread. ONE GUY GOT A TV BOOKING after a producer saw him do this trick. Yes the 10 inch fan is that strong!