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Topic: Question for a friend: Anyone own a PA system by Hisonic?
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Jun 10, 2006 10:26AM)
I have a friend of mine in New York that is looking at getting a new PA system for his school and hypnosis shows. He has his eye on 2 systems made by HiSonic. I have heard of these but have no experience with them at all. He wants something that he can use either a headset or handheld mic. in and the HiSonic has both.

They look like they are very cheap but who knows, maybe not? The price is good at $299.95 and $499.95 but are you getting what you pay for?

He is not a member on the Café' which he needs to be but I told him that I would ask the following questions for him...

1. Any problems with feedback?
2. Does the system cut out during the show like some cheap systems on the market

The models he is interested in are HS321 and HS322

You can go to http://www.hisonic.net for more info.

Any help would be appreciated!
Message: Posted by: boppies2 (Jun 10, 2006 01:26PM)
I have a HSGA10C-Hisonic. Small and inexpensive, I use mine in homes where I perform in a large living rooms, or similar roon. It does the job, but not like my larger systems. I am glad I have it. It is very portable.
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (Jun 15, 2006 08:12PM)
The best system for what you are describing would be a fender passport for around the same amount of money and it is of great quality.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 17, 2006 12:43AM)
I have one and it works fine. Paid about $224 for it and only use a handheld mic.
Use it for audiences 100 or more also. Mine is rated at 35 watts per channel.
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (Jun 17, 2006 05:31AM)
35 watts per channel is only good for a small room possibly 30-45 people. Not bad if you are only doing small gigs.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jun 18, 2006 01:59AM)
I disagree, esepecially the small room part. I could blow people out of a small room if I wanted to. It works fine for me and Ive used it for huge auditorium. No complaints and tested it before performance.

That being said, I would go for better quality for auditoriums with a 150 watt system. The sound goes out with my Hisonic but doesn't have the bass I want.
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Jun 18, 2006 08:47AM)
Thanks for the replies! I passed on what you all have said so far. All I know is that he wants something lightweight and small. I have tried to sell him on the idea of getting the Portable Buddy system that I currently use. He likes it but always wants to look at others as well before making a decision.
Message: Posted by: todd75 (Jun 18, 2006 04:41PM)
Anyone know anything about Califone systems?
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Jul 13, 2006 07:59AM)
On 2006-06-17 06:31, hypnoman1 wrote:
35 watts per channel is only good for a small room possibly 30-45 people. Not bad if you are only doing small gigs.
I fill a room with sound, with my Crate Limo, and there are 120 people in the audience. Besides, I'm only using one speaker and the acoustics in the room are terrible. Not bad for a 50 watt amp, with the volume control on 2.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Apr 15, 2007 06:26AM)
I found this [url=http://www.amazon.com/s.html/102-3902314-8044968?ie=UTF8&node=11965861&brand=Hisonic][b]Hisonic link[/b][/url] very interesting and some good prices.

My research on the Califone systems, appear to be high quality and pricy systems used a lot by schools.
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Apr 3, 2008 03:24PM)
I recently bought a Hisonic AUR210 Amplifier and AUT210 transmitter/mic combo. I'm still in the process of testing it out, but I gotta say, from initial tests it's working out to be the best deal for the $ (under 200$us with shipping) I've seen in a long time.

The specs:
Rechrgable DC 12v. 1.9 amp battery (probably about 8 hours service)
weight: 2.6kg -very portable
AF Output power: 20 watt
32 channel uhf reception Pll synthesized (integrated IR signal lock with the thansmitter)
effective range 200' +/-

The fidelity is good, very little problem with feedback. I'm certainly no techie, and I just use this PA for my street performance- but so far I'm loving it and would recomend this one to anyone who does street performance in a sidewalk show or a circle.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 25, 2008 04:01PM)
After years of my Hisonic 35 watt portable, I noticed that some rooms I get too much feedback and distortion and have to turn it off and go without amplification.

I change the battery in the mic, ensure I do not stand close to amp etc.

I usually use the house mic so I find it hard to justify the expense of buying a new system only to have distortion again. Anyone have any suggestions? Hisonic has served me well (when no distortion if found).

I will not give up on Hisonic. It may be Im doing something wrong. I am playing with it in the house right now and I turned the VOLUME down, it seemed to stop the distortion. Does this make sense?

See I am always running late and when I test it out at a show, it seems to work fine at the time but when I do hear distortion, its too late to keep messing with it once the show has begun. I will arrive early, start to set up, a quick mic check and go on. Guess I need to spend more time with the mic. Perhaps it is toying with me. Pretending to work before the show then dissing me during the performance.
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Jul 27, 2008 12:15AM)
Well tonight I set it up in a 1200 sq ft room at a fancy hotel and it worked wonderfully. I kept the mic volume low but probably could have turned it up louder. I had it set up on the opposite side of the room.