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Topic: Changing Gobos?
Message: Posted by: R2 (Dec 10, 2002 07:53PM)
This question is for anyone with disassembly, manufacture experience in the intelligent lighting area... probably Ryan (reedrc)

I own four Pocket Scan (American Dj brand) and two (Martin brand) dual laser/spot heads... there are 16 Gobos with 16 colours as well...

I know that it is frowned upon by the manufacturer but, is it possible to open them up and change Gobos/patterns/spellings of wording from XL to something else?

I hesitate to call the manufacturers on this but, if I cannot speak with someone who has done this, I hesitate to monkey with them as they are $300 plus each.

I might have just answered my own question?

"Call the manufacturer silly!"
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 10, 2002 10:50PM)
I own the Mojo series which are equivilant to the Pocket Scan by ADJ, just slightly more econmical in price. In fact the Mojo series has been out on the market now for a year and no other company has yet challenged the pricing difference on equally well made and reliable equipment. I suggest anyone who is thinking of purchasing this type of compact Intelligent lighting to look at the Mojo models first before The ADJ models.

ReyRey, Have you looked inside the light yet?
The gobo lenses are so tiny and intricate in its set up, that I personally wouldn't want to mess around with them, and if you do your warranty will not be honoured by American Dj if you try to make custom changes or repairs yourself (even if that's not what breaks down in the future). I know at my sound and lighting company (APEX) that I deal with, can get custom made gobos for you and will install them under their own warranty. I would suggest going that route first, it's not worth it just to save a buck or two unless you know what you are doing.

Message: Posted by: R2 (Dec 10, 2002 11:20PM)
Peter please give me the link for APEX....
I haven't looked inside yet but, I do understand that if the GOBOS are too small then there is a huge problem...

I do also realize about voiding the warranty... thus I haven't removed the shell from the heads.. yet..

I cannot believe MOJO is more cost effective.. where were you earlier this year Peter?

How much money did I overspend?

ADJ Pocket Scan $299.00 before taxes...
Four Scans 1,200 they threw in a free Transportation case and a DMX Controller.

Thanks for your help on this Peter... do you have any more advice for me on intelligent lighting... handling/use/more effective presentations/novel ideas/etc..?
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 11, 2002 12:56AM)
Apex's site is http://www.apexsound.com
however, I don't think they have their lights listed on the site, not sure why, but you can email them, contact either one of the guys named craig (there are two of them)Trust me they have and can get you everything. The mojos are $299.00 in Canadian dollars, which is about 50 cents U.S. ...lol, just joking but no really about $200 dollars American each. You would have save about $400 U.S. (for 4) for lights that are just as good from a professional's point of view. Buying from them in Canadian dollars can save you a fortune.

For instance I bought an American dj DCD-PRO600 dual cd player from them for $800 Canadian, now mind you they gave me a bit of a deal cause I do a lot of business with them, but American dj sells them for $800 U.S. that's a $400.00 Canadian saving for me, and APEX normaly retails it for $999 Canadian which even at that price I would still be saving $200 Canadian rather than buying it direct from ADJ. Anyway....

You should take the casing off of one of your lights (it's easy to do) and take a look at the wheel and mirror setup that's inside, and you will know what I'm talking about. I believe the pocket scans are set up virtualy the same. The gobos and gels are very tiny, probably around half inch square, providing they are the same as the mojos.

You should be able to find a dealer that is closer to you that can make up custom gobos for you and install them, or like you said above, check with Adj, however they will more than likely charge more for their services.

If there is anything in particular you are wondering about regarding presentation and such let me know. Also do you have your Pocket Scans linked, free running (via external mic), through a board etc.?

Next time you go to purchase something contact me first and I'll see what kind of deals I can set up for you to help you save some cash.

Message: Posted by: R2 (Dec 11, 2002 08:23AM)
Yes Peter I have them linked..... At the show start I have them set on a preprogrammed presentation...

I use the DMX-Controller to give me the white spotlights at the finale' which stay focused... and then swing up ....basic stuff.....

I surely appreciate all of your help on this... Peter.. didn't think I would hear from anyone on this.... most magicians say,
"GOBOS?" "Who's that?"

Almost sounds like a great stage name eh?
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Dec 11, 2002 11:18AM)
LOL...The Great GOBOS...